Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Valenzuela 3 Day Mega Trade Fair: April 17-19, 2012

It is my second time to go to the Valenzuela 3 Day Mega Trade Fair. After work, I visited the trade fair at the New City Government Complex Parking Grounds. 

Since I know that there will be quite a handful of food choices in the fair, I made sure to have my tummy ready for some merienda. Once there, I got my fill with a couple of hotdogs and a shawarma. I gulped some refreshing calamansi juice (15 pesos a bottle) to beat the summer heat.

There are lots of things to see and buy at the event: furniture, clothing, shoes and sandals, recycled products, plants, home decorations, and food, food, food (did I mention food?).

The trade fair runs until tomorrow, April 19 (Thursday). 

Trade Fair at the New City Government Complex 

Fresh honey in the bucket (100 pesos per bottle)

Huge pork rind cracklings / chicharon (L: 300 pesos; R: 230 pesos)

Denim pants and shorts for 100 bucks!?! I bought 3 pairs last time and they are all still okidoki. 

These  aprons are made from sewed plastic vinegar and soy sauce pouches (which are, by the way, ingredients found in most Pinoy kitchens and tables). Go green and recycle! 

Children's shirts go for 49 pesos a piece.

I tried the hotdog (6 pesos) and chicken longganisa (10 pesos). Yummy snack!

Stalls where you can buy discounted products.

I love shawarma, so I cannot resist buying one from the Hashish stall.

Samahang Pangkababaihan ng Marulas in Valenzuela City

Let us support greening with these paper products. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Malunggay Pan de Sal

Pan de Sal, or bread with salt, is a staple in Filipinos' breakfast. Some fill it with jams and spreads and some dunk it in their coffee, but it can be eaten as is-- especially if it is freshly baked.

Let me share with you one of the bakeries where I get my pan de sal in Valenzuela: Menard's Tinapayan. They sell their pan de sal at two pesos a piece.

I am pretty happy that this bakery opted to go to the next level by adding fresh malunggay leaves in their pan de sal. They crush the leaves with a blender. It is also great that they are located a few meters from a public elementary school. I hope that children on their way to school in the morning will buy some pieces of malunggay pan de sal for their recess.

I tried to buy some pan de sal on my way to the office. I kept two pieces for my merienda in the afternoon and unlike other pan de sal which becomes tough when cold, Menard's pan de sal remained soft.

Location: Menard's Tinapayan is near Malinta Elementary School which is along A. Pablo Street in Barangay Malinta.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

SM Valenzuela 3 day sale: April 13-15, 2012

It is a staple for my family to buy goods from SM Valenzuela. We sometimes catch a movie there, play that catch-the-fish game and Metal Slug in Quantum, or get our school supplies in National Bookstore. Last Saturday, lots of people flocked the mall for the 3 day sale.

A few of the stores that I like there: Juana (blouses for 150 and dresses for 250 a piece if on sale), Copy Pacific for their friendly motto, and Bibingkinitan for that refreshing calamansi juice.

Directions: SM Valenzuela is along McArthur Hiway, near Karuhatan market and beside Novo Department store. If you are from Monumento in Caloocan, ride a jeepney bound to Malinta or Malanday.

Juana: one of the stores that I like

Second floor has the hypermarket

Go boom, boom, boom with the band!

Thought this is a donut (hehe, well done glasses). But it is a new chewable vitamin mascot: Scottsie. 

New restaurant to try out.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Going around Quezon City Circle

Brought my gang to Quezon City Circle on a Sunday for a short escape from our usual weekend morning. Unlike before, Quezon City Circle has a lot more to offer nowadays from picnic areas, biking, and boating to fish spa, massages, and zipline! ( yep, the place already have one). 

For the fitness buff, you can always jog in the area. If you are early on a Sunday, join their aerobics. You can also bring your badminton set and play with your buddy. Renting a bike and going around their bike lane is another option (Bring an ID- you will need it when you rent bikes).

Since I am a fan of tiangge and ever curious of stuff here and there, I sneaked in some time to look at their stalls.

We tagged along my darling lil teddy,  Shane. By twelve noon, we are home bound.

From Malinta, Valenzuela:
Ride a bus bound to Cubao or Alabang if you are along McArthur Hi-way (any bus which will pass by SM North EDSA). This will cost you around 23 pesos. Go down SM North EDSA and ride a jeepney at the mall's terminal enroute to Philcoa or UP Campus (8.50 minimum fare). Notify the jeepney driver that you are going to Quezon City Circle. Use the underpass to reach the place. 

It is better if you visit the place earlier, around 5 a.m. Do not forget to bring extra towels and food (if you are working with a tight budget). 
Picnic anyone!?!

Colorful slippers
Shane on a bike

QC Circle zipline
Pancit Habhab of Quezon for sale 

Playground for tots
Cotton candy please?


Tuguegarao's Pancit Batil-Patong
Fish spa

Shane enjoying a sit

Piaya with muscovado sugar
(6 pesos each) Yummy!

Horticulture show
We ate here and got loaded!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chow Time in Binondo

It's been quite a loooong while since my last post. Today, I just want to share a few clicks about my whereabouts. I have been particularly fascinated with Binondo, Manila. I have been there thrice (my first trip was after a software orientation; second trip was with a friend after a great seminar with the Alitaptap Storytellers; and my third trip was with hubby).

Having your own Binondo food trip is quite easy since the place can be reached by jeepney or through LRT. Coming from Valenzuela, I suggest you take a jeepney going to Monumento and ride the LRT up to Carriedo Station. Lots of write ups are also written on dining in Binondo so make sure you check out such articles.

I hope to get hold of Ivan Dy's Big Binondo Food Wok Map and have another food adventure. For now, I use my foodie instincts.

Tasty Dumplings is near Delicious and Eng Bee Tin. You better have some of their dumplings. Their porkchops are also bestsellers.
Tasty Dumplings: pork dumplings + kuchay dumplings + hongma and silver bread roll + spareribs rice

With all these, we had to take home some!
Hongma is good with rice or bread. For 120 pesos, it's good for two.
It was a rainy day but we still moved forward and reached Cafe Mezzanine (which is atop Delicious).
Cafe Mezzanine: The Volunteer Fireman Coffee Shop

Part of one's payment is donated to the Binondo Volunteer Fire, Search, & Rescue Brigade

Love the Kiampong rice (48 pesos)