Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tully's Coffee: the soft opening

It was already past 5 p.m. and One Valenzuela is on her way home after a busy day at the office. She was so happy to see that Tully's Coffee, located in front of Valenzuela City Hall, is already open!

Since she does not have ample time to lounge inside the very cozy coffee shop, One Valenzuela decided to buy one tall mocha (Php 135.00) and a macha (Php 165.00) for hubby.

Thanks Tully's!

The place got wifi as well as very comfortable tables and chairs. At last, one decent coffee shop in Malinta! For sure, One Valenzuela will be spending a lot of time here soon. 

Upon asking, One Valenzuela learned that the shop is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Grand opening is on Monday, January 28, 2013.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Jogging at Tierra Santa

Well, yeah, it might seem odd for a few to jog in a cemetery.

The grave of One Valenzuela's mom is at Tierra Santa. And every time she goes there with her family, they see a lot of people walking and running around the cemetery's pathways. And so after a while, visiting Nanay there also doubles as exercise time.

Sometimes cows graze in the grassy area at Tierra Santa.
Morning jog at Tierra Santa

Tierra Santa is located along Maysan Road. It can be reached in around 10 minutes via jeepney (Signage: Malinta Exit or Novaliches Bayan. Ride at the jeepney terminal near Mister Donut) from South Supermarket along McArthur Hiway.

"Tumatakbo sa paligid ng mga patay upang mabuhay (ng mas matagal)."
UPDATE, February 2, 2014: A woman who regularly joins the aerobics activity in San Isidro told me that there are aerobics sessions here from Monday to Saturday at 6 a.m.

Monday, January 7, 2013

One Valenzuela wants her Chocolate Kiss

One Valenzuela has been caught up with too much work load last year- teaching at her alma mater and working full time as a college librarian at her home city while trying her best on mommyhood. Okay, Valenzuelana, you have to make your blog mooooore active this year. You have to write!

Drawing inspiration from sweets, One Valenzuela headed to The Chocolate Kiss Cafe after her teaching stint today. The cafe is nestled inside University of the Philippines Diliman Campus. It is almost lunchtime when she got there and the place is teeming with people, making it a bit noisy. Since she is still quite full from her brunch, One Valenzuela ordered iced cappuccino (Php 85.00) and a chocolate chip cheesecake (Php 120.00). She is an avid fan of their cheesecakes!

Excuse the crumbs, ate the other side already. J
Last year, hubby and One Valenzuela ate breakfast at Chocolate Kiss. Their food servings there are quite big. She has tried their Chicken Kiev, Hainanese Chicken, and Baked Potato with Sour Cream. All these are yum, yum, yum!

Chocolate Kiss is very popular for their cakes and coffee. They also serve rice and pasta dishes. It is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Live music every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night.

How to reach Chocolate Kiss from Malinta, Valenzuela: Along McArthur Hiway, ride a bus going to Quezon City. Go down SM North EDSA (Php 23.00) and ride a jeepney with the signage UP campus (Php 12.00). Ask the driver to drop you at Bahay ng Alumni along Magsaysay Street. 
"Family life is like chocolate. It comes best with a few nuts."

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Infinima at Maysan Road, Valenzuela City

After so much travelling this December, One Valenzuela's family of three decided to visit Infinima at Maysan Road. One Valenzuela has availed their services before and she can say that she feel relaxed after each visit.

Once one enters the area, your body easily tells you that it is time to wind down because of that wondrous spa scent and the dim light. 

Stolen shot! While waiting for their massage, they spotted a couple of friends who will be having their massages too.
What a small world. :)
Infinima offers various massages and scrubs. Hubby opted to have the one and a half Signature Infinima massage (Php 350.00) while One Valenzuela got her usual Swedish massage (one hour, Php 280.00). Little One Valenzuela had the Pediatric massage (one hour, Php 280.00).

We'll be having our massage soon after this.
After each massage, the customer is given some warm tea and a small brownie. If you really liked the massage, you can give the massage therapist a tip. 

One Valenzuela's family has not tried Infinima's other branch along McArthur Hiway since they are very much satisfied with their almost regular visit at Infinima Maysan Branch. They'll be back soon!

How to reach Infinima's Maysan Branch: From Monumento Circle, ride a jeepney/bus going to Malinta/Malanday (Php 10.00 (jeepney); Php 12.00 (bus)). Ask the driver to drop you at South Supermarket. From South Supermarket, pass by Inasal and then turn right. Once you reach 7-Eleven, turn right again. You will see the Infinima sign at Funaki Bldg. The building is just near Landbank.

You may opt to have a massage at their Malabon branch if you are coming from Caloocan since it is nearer. Available contact numbers that One Valenzuela found on the web: (02) 4423713 and 0917-966-62-96. Blog:

Part 2: Little and Big One Valenzuela's Day Out at Residence Inn and Rowena's at Tagaytay

After an afternoon of zoo fun at Residence Inn, One Valenzuela and Little One Valenzuela went to Rowena's to buy pasalubong and have a little merienda before setting back to their city. From Residence Inn, they rode a bus upto Tagaytay Rotunda (it is the first vehicle that they saw with empty seats; you may ride a jeepney  to the Rotunda too). After that they hailed and rode a tricycle all the way to Rowena's for Php40.00.

A lot of people were buying sweets and pies when they came. 

Lots of people line up to pay at Rowena's
After seeing too many people in the store, One Valenzuela and Little One Valenzuela wandered in the place for a while. They drank some coffee and chocolate drinks. They also ordered small mango and chocolate tarts. quiet.

Mango and chocolate tarts.

One Valenzuela's coffee 
After their quick snack, One Valenzuela and Little One Valenzuela headed back to the shop to buy buko and apple pies. They also bought some milk pastillas and fried spicy salmon skin.

Rowena's apple pie at Php 180.00/box. It has big chunks of apples. Yum!

Here are some photos that One Valenzuela took during her January 2012 visit at Rowena's:
Clean pool adorn the place.

If she remembers it right, the waiter told her that the place can be rented during daytime.

It was a bit cold so One Valenzuela opted to stay in the restaurant to eat.

Since she was at Rowena's on a morning, One Valenzuela had her big breakfast there before heading back to Valenzuela City.

Part 1: Little and Big One Valenzuela's Day Out at Residence Inn and Rowena's at Tagaytay

December 29, 2012- On One Valenzuela's last trip to Tagaytay just this 24th, she passed by Residence Inn's Zoo. After just a few days, off she went to Tagaytay again to have a date with Little One Valenzuela.

Take note that traffic along the roads when they went there is just bad since most people are taking breaks from their usual office/business routine.  

They reached Bag of Beans at around 10:30 a.m. and ate before going to Residence Inn. Little One Valenzuela ordered a kid's meal, Bacon with Egg (Php 195.00), while Big One Valenzuela had the Mr. Bean's Burger with fries (Php 295.00 ?). They also ordered Bag of Beans' Iced Coffee Macchiato (Php 115.00) and a Kiddie Sundae (Php 60.00).
Another performance by the Children's Joy Foundation.
One of the children made a solo violin performance.

It's a date!

Thick burger patty and crispy fries

For a kid's meal, this plate of bacon and egg is a big serving.

Buffet Area

While waiting for a jeepney to go to Residence Inn, they saw a store which sells antiques and other house decorations.

Country Western got a variety of decorations.

Sunflower set
Mooooo set

Christmas decorations

See what's dangling on the other side of the road...monkeys!

Upon reaching Residence Inn, One Valenzuela saw the packages that they offer (i.e. Residence Inn + Paradizoo + Zipline) but the staff near the cashier advised them that they just pay the entrance fee (Php 249.00 for adults and Php 199.00 for kids) since it is already 1 p.m.

Horseback riding at Residence Inn

Residence Inn Tagaytay.
Room rates are at around 2,478.00/night on a weekday and 3,186.00/night on a weekend (as of this writing).. 

The rates at Residence Inn. Some packages include shuttle service, a trip to Paradizoo, and  zipline.

Tatang here just did his own version of Gangnam Style in one of Residence Inn's shows. Watch it below.

Photo op with tigers

One bag of feeds costs Php 20.00 


Uber friendly birds at Residence Inn Tagaytay

Visitors participate in one of the shows at the zoo: rat race!

Hello racer!

Zipline and cable car fee: Php 150.00 per person (2 way)


Zoovenir Shop
One Valenzuela and Little One Valenzuela might check out Paradizoo at Mendez next time they visit Tagaytay. :)

How to get there: If you are coming from Tagaytay Rotunda, you will see Residence Inn at the left side of the road. It can easily be located since it is just a few minutes away from Bag of Beans. View One Valenzuela's other write up at (Part 1: One Valenzuela goes to Nasugbu, Batangas and Tagaytay) to check out the commuting expenses.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Part 2: One Valenzuela goes to Nasugbu, Batangas and Tagaytay

One Valenzuela rode a tricycle again to reach the bend where the Nasugbu-Tagaytay jeepney stopped. She went inside the 7-Eleven store to buy a donut and asked the cashier where she can find jeepneys bound to Tagaytay. He said that One Valenzuela should take another jeepney (i.e. Lian signage) and go down Bayot (One Valenzuela does not know if she got the right spelling) which is near a Metrobank branch.

The directions given by the cashier were correct and One Valenzuela's travel to Bag of Beans is much faster. By 12nn, she is already at the restaurant. 

Bag of Beans is near Mendez crossing. 

Bag of Beans Menu. Food range is Php 200-300++ while coffee and drinks play around
Php 100++

Bag of Beans buffet area. Their buffet is at Php 400++

Bag of Beans open area for customers. You can really feel the cold breeze here.

One Valenzuela is not fond of buffets that much these days so she opted to eat Blue Marlin with Garlic Rice (Php 350.00). She also ordered Iced Coffee Mocha (Php 115.00) to wake her up. Oh, and an apple pie (Php 120.00 single serve) for take out because she love apple pies. 

By the way, Bag of Beans is very popular for their Philippine civet coffee or what they call Coffee Alamid. It also goes by the name Kopi Luwak which is a general term for coffee beans excreted by civets, which are cat-like nocturnal mammals.

The paper bag over at the left is apple pie. 

Children's Joy Foundation made a great performance

Their comfort room is just pretty that One Valenzuela have to take a photo.
The curtain at the middle separates the male and female area.
The food was great. After paying her bill, One Valenzuela went to the store to look for some bread and bags of coffee.

Goodbye Taal! Til we meet again. (Got home by 5 p.m.)

      Including the transportation costs from Malinta, Valenzuela to Nasugbu, Batangas: Php 225.00
      Tricycle ride from the beach back to jeepney terminal: Php 20.00
      Jeepney ride to Bayot, Nasugbu, Batangas: Php 8.00
      Jeepney ride from Bayot, Nasugbu, Batangas to Bag of Beans: Php 45.00
      Jeepney ride from Bag of Beans to Tagaytay Rotunda: Php 10.00
      Tricycle ride from Tagaytay Rotunda to Palengke: Php 10.00 (with other commuters)
      Jeepney ride from Palengke to Balibago: Php 40.00
      Bus ride (JAC liner) from Balibago to Cubao / Kamias: Php 69.00
      Bus ride from Kamias to Malinta, Valenzuela City (non air-conditioned bus): Php 20.00

      Bag of Beans: Php 631.50 (Take note that there are many fast food chains in Tagaytay where you can eat especially if your working on a shoestring budget (a.k.a. tipid mode))

Total: Php 1078.50