Saturday, August 6, 2011

Palengke fare: Market in Malinta, Valenzuela

After One Valenzuela's exercise ritual, she usually drops by the market in Malinta to restock their fridge. It is near Dulong Tangke. Like any typical market or what Filipinos call palengke in the Philippines, it is somewhat divided into two areas:  dry and wet section. You will find rice, eggs, canned goods together while your meat, poultry and fish are in another area. One can also cruise along the street  and you can find sellers of fruits, veggies and fish. On a Sunday morning, the street market is brimming with various stuff from flowers to dog collars and linoleum. And since more goods come on a Sunday, expect more people buying here and there.
Malinta Market
Before going to the fish section, One Valenzuela always makes her way at the stand which sells coconut and buko juice. Here, Mang Tony serves cold buko juice at five pesos per cup. Sometimes they use macapuno in their buko juice and that may have been the reason why One Valenzuela so, so, sooo love their buko juice. Sometimes, she buys freshly grated coconut there when she have the time to make palitaw, a native delicacy made of glutinuous rice flour.

Cold buko at Php5.00 a cup
Mang Fred
Because milkfish a.k.a. bangus is also a main staple on the family's table, a trip to Mang Fred De Guzman's stand at the Green Leaf is a must. Sometimes, One Valenzuela also finds his son, Michael, selling milkfish to customers. Both of them are very friendly and it is such a joy to buy milkfish there. Their fish is from Dagupan. One Valenzuela makes paksiw out of the head part of the bangus. Mang Fred debones the tail part of the milkfish and cuts it into smaller pieces. One Valenzuela then marinates the tail part in soy sauce and calamansi for frying. Yummy fish steak!

More scenes at the Malinta Market:

Appreciate, appreciate!: Many thanks to Mang Tony and Mang Fred for allowing me to take snapshots. To Michael, congratulations to your new bundle of joy!