Where to Eat in Valenzuela

Gutom? Provided below are links of previous eatsploring adventures of One Valenzuela. She compiled this guide to help Valenzuelanos and city visitors in choosing where to eat next. This list shall be updated from time to time since there is still a lot to discover. Tara, eatsplore po tayo!

Edit: Just this 2015, One Valenzuela has seen that more and more food establishments are already opening in the city and this is definitely a good sign for eatsplorers and foodies.Yey! And so to update you guys of the latest food spots, One Valenzuela shall be including the subtopic "More Food Places to Eatsplore in Valenzuela City" which you will see below as you scroll down. Links towards the establishments' Facebook pages and websites will be placed for your reference. One Valenzuela has been to some of the said restaurants, cafe, food parks, and food stands and will include brief comments. Studies are still up, so please bear with this blogger (apologies and thank you for understanding). A good spot not yet on the list? Drop a comment below or a message to One Valenzuela on Facebook here.

LAST UPDATE: October 2017

Eatsploring in Valenzuela City:
Abe San Japanese Resto (Malinta-closed) (See post here)
Aki Oishi (Coloong II; now in Captains Yard-closed) (See post here) (See Facebook for updates)
BakeEat (Malinta)(See post here)
Balanlay Seafood and Steak House (Marulas-closed; now Quarry Bay) (See post here)
Bhoogle MacFoods, McDomeng Branch (Palasan) (See post here)
Bullseye Steakhouse (Gen. T. De Leon-closed) (See post here)
Coal Spot(Marulas) (See post here)
Coffee, Tea & Symphony
Coffee, Tea & Symphony (Marulas; Boxyard Food Park) (See post here)
Colette's Buko Pie (Malinta) (See post here)
D' Cream Coffee and Tea (Marulas; SM Valenzuela) (See post here)
Dr. Tapsi (Veinte Reales) (See post here)
Ednor Isdaking
Ednor Isdaking (Malinta-closed, Malanday) (See post here)
Ersao Valenzuela (Marulas-closed; now Algeorge Diner-closed) (See post here)
Gary's Lugawan and Tapsilogan (Pasolo) (to be posted)

Golden Crown Food Center
Golden Crown Food Center (Marulas) (See post here)
Ilocos Empanada (See post here)
JE Hapag-Kainan (Marulas-closed) (See post here)
Jhun Native Lechon
Jhun Native Lechon (South Supermarket-Karuhatan) (See post here)
JL's Cebu Lechon Belly (Karuhatan-closed; now Yellow Cab) (See post here)
Jollibee (Malinta) (See post here)
Kalborger's Burger (Malinta-closed; Malanday; Gen. T. De Leon-closed; Marulas) (See post here)
Kopi Corner
Kopi Corner (Dalandanan-closed) (See post 1) (See post 2)
Ilocos Empanada (Maysan) (See post)
La Sam's Diner (Polo Branch) (See post here)
Lee Hong Kong Panciteria (Mabolo) (See post here)
Lemon Square Bakery Treats (Malinta) (See post here)
Little Beijing Chinese Cuisine
Little Beijing Chinese Cuisine (Karuhatan) (See post here)
Lucky Garage Grilled Burger (Pariancillo Villa; Boxyard Food Park; Captains Yard) (See post here) 
Lugawan sa Balubaran (Malinta) (See post here)
Malinta Market (See post here)
Mang Delfin's Putong Polo
Mang Delfin's Putong Polo (South Supermarket, Karuhatan Branch; now bigger!) (See post here)
Maricopa Restaurant (Maysan) (See post here) (See post 2)
Max's Restaurant (Dalandanan) (See post here)
McDonald's South Supermarket (Karuhatan) (See post here)
Michael's Bakery (now MicMic & My-My Bakery) (Malinta) (See post here)
Mirage Cakes
Mirage Cakes (Marulas) (See post here)
Mr. T's Inasal (Marulas) (See post here)
Nancy's Lugawan (Rincon) (to be posted)
North Park (South Supermarket Karuhatan) (See post here)
Papito's Food House (Rincon) (See post here)
Papito's Food House
Ree Chichie Special Cassava (Karuhatan Branch) (See post here)
Resonance Cafe (Maysan-closed; now a burger shop) (See post here)
Robredo's (Karuhatan-closed) (See post here)
Roots and Herbs Coffee (Marulas-closed; now Healot House) (See post here)
SN'P & Roll (Polo; Boxyard Food Park) (See post 1) (See post 2) 
Shakey's Valenzuela (Karuhatan) (See post here)
Tea 101 Taiwan's No. 1 Drink (SM-Karuhatan-closed)(See post here)
Tea-Pop (Polo; Gen. T. De Leon) (See post here)
The Real Grill Burger (Lingunan; Dalandanan) (See post here) Lingunan's Pride!
Inside-Out Burger by The Real Grill Burger
Tully's Coffee (Malinta) (See post here) (See post 2: Heaven Cafe)
3N Bakery (Marulas, Karuhatan, Malinta) (See post)
Tully's Valenzuela

Food Parks in Valenzuela City:
**Check out One Valenzuela's post here.**
Arca Yard (Karuhatan) (See Facebook page here)
Box Yard Food Park (Karuhatan)(See Facebook page here) 
Captains Yard (Dalandanan) (See post here) (See Facebook page here)

District Alley (Paso de Blas) (See Facebook page here)
Jaedels Food Park (Maysan; near Old City Hall)
North Side Food Strip (Paso de Blas; Indoor Food Strip) (See Facebook page here)
More Food Places to Eatsplore in Valenzuela City:
Allyana's Food House (Paso de Blas) (See Facebook page here)
Algeorge Diner (Marulas-closed) (See Facebook page here)
Arra's BBQ / Barbecue (Pasolo)
Barneys Burger Valenzuela (Marulas) (See Facebook page here)
           Sample their burgers on your first trip.
Big Bad Burgers (Malinta) (See Facebook page here)
BlackSmith (Malinta) (See Facebook page here)
Blockbuster by REDD (Marulas; near OLFU) (See Facebook page here)
Bossing's Buffet (SM Valenzuela) (See Facebook page here)
Burger Club (Maysan; near CMIC) (See Facebook page here)
Caffe La Tea (Malinta; across San Isidro Labrador Church)(See Facebook page here)
            Their Okinawa Salad is a must try. Fresh and so good.
Calda Pizza (Malinta; across San Isidro Labrador Church; beside Caffe La Tea)
           (See Facebook page here
           Huge 36" pizza! Also order their chicken. They deliver!
Cedro's Cafe (Paso de Blas) (See Facebook page here)
Churva's Sizzling Place (Lingunan; Parada)(See Facebook page here) 
Crust and Craft Pizza Pasta (Beehive Plaza; Gen. T. de Leon; See Facebook page here)
Ethan's Cafe (Marulas)(See Facebook page here)
            Try Adobong dilaw ni Lualhati, paella, and chocolate de batirol.
Farm House Bar and Restaurant (Balangkas) (See Facebook page here)
Food sa Hut (Punturin) (See Facebook page here)
Gerry's Grill (Valenzuela Town Center)
Gilligan's (SM Valenzuela, Karuhatan)
Grenny's Kitchen (Santolan) (See Facebook page here)
Gryn Wasabi Sushi Bar (BBB, Marulas) (See Facebook page here)
             Grab some california maki for take out here.
Hap Chan (Karuhatan) (See Facebook page here)
Inda Pink Juice House (Karuhatan)(See Facebook page here) 
Infinity Meals (See Facebook page here)
Juancibo (Palasan) (See Facebook page here)
KaBro's Pancit Mejo-mejo (Malinta-closed)(See Facebook page here)
KBoo's Biryani Kitchenette (Marulas; near OLFU)
L. Hizon's Cafe (Valenzuela Town Center; now in Captain's Yard) (See Facebook page here)
La Mesa de Mikay (Captains Yard, Dalandanan branch)(See Facebook page here)
Papa Froi Grill and Resto Bar (Karuhatan) (See Facebook page here)
Pearl-Chee Express Buffet (Maysan) (See Facebook page here) Korean food stopover!
Pixels Hobby Cafe (Malanday) (See Facebook page here)
Pomodoro Pizza (Dalandanan) (See Facebook page here)
Quarry Bay Chinese Cuisine (Marulas) (See Facebook page here)
Reyes Patty Burger (Malinta; near Old City Hall-closed)(See Facebook page here)
            It's that pink burger house!
RM Grill Burger Hauz (Pariancillo Villa; also in Jaedels Food Park-closed) (See Facebook page here)
Seattle's Best (Valenzuela Town Center, Malinta)
Selfieburger (Gen. T. De Leon)(SeeFacebook page here)
Sugar Cravings (Valenzuela Town Center) (See Facebook page here)
Starbucks (SM Valenzuela)
Tables Food Hub (Valenzuela Town Center; closed) 
Tapa King (Valenzuela Town Center)
Tatay Isko Ihawan (Parada) (See Facebook page here)
Teacup Zone (Marulas) (See website here) (See Facebook page here)
That Cake Dough Cafe (Malanday) (See Facebook page)
The Long Gun is a Burger Joint (See Instagram here; closed)
Uptown Buffet Bistro Bar (Valenzuela Town Center-Karuhatan)(See Facebook page here)
Vivre Food and Wellness Center (Dalandanan) (See Facebook page here)
V-Migs Bulalo-Tapsi Pares (Mabolo) (See Facebook page here)
Yellow Cab (front of SM Valenzuela, Karuhatan) (See Facebook page)
Wennie's Bibingka at Puto Bumbong (Coloong; Palasan)
What the Tea (Marulas-closed) (See Facebook page here) 

Eatsploring Beyond Valenzuela City:
Aling Simang's Quekiam (Divisoria) (See post here)
Bag of Beans (Tagaytay) (See post here)
Cafe Nenzo's Stone Baked Pizza
Cafe Nenzo (Meycauayan, Bulacan) (See post here)
Coffee Tea Library(Potrero, Malabon) (See post here)
Chinatown (Binondo, Manila) (See post here)
Chocolate Kiss (Diliman, Quezon City) (See post here)
Dong Bei Dumplings
Dong Bei Dumplings (Binondo, Manila) (See post here)
Mc Domeng (Obando, Bulacan) (See post here) - also has a branch in Palasan
Ms. Fortune Cookie (Davao)(See post here)
Rowena's (Tagaytay)(See post here)
Know of a place that serves good food in Valenzuela City which is not yet in the list? Send One Valenzuela an e-mail at onevalenzuelano@gmail.com, a message at the One Valenzuela Facebook page, or by leaving a comment below. Salamat po! (Thank you!)

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  1. Hala, graaabe! Panay ang hanap ko nang makakainan... Lumalabas pa ako ng Valenzuela, ang dami pala dito. Your blog is going to be my list. Thanks One Valenzuela!

    1. Welcome, ElyseJonas! Marami pang dapat idagdag. ^_^

  2. Okey po ba yung bagong tayo na Biryani Restaurant (Indian) sa may bandang Fatima?

    1. Sige, minsan silipin ko. May Figaro na nga rin banda dun eh. Andami na rin talagang bago banda sa area na un. ^_^

  3. Hi One Valenzuela :) Try Teapop in Polo, Valenzuela. ok din dun :)

    1. Visited na po. To be posted soon. Nagpunta na rin sa Lucky Garage, SN'P and Roll, etc. Salamat sa heads up!

  4. Try to review what the tea valenzuela also :)

  5. HI One Valenzuela!:)
    Try I love Milktea along CJ Santos & Paso de BLas.. sobra sarap dun,, :)

  6. Hi One Valenzuela! :)
    try I Love milktea in cj santos & paso de blas,,
    sarap ng food and drinks nila dun very affordable pa :)

    1. Been to I Love milktea-CJ Santos Malinta branch several times and the crew are worth mentioning! May milk tea na, happy ka pa. ^_^

  7. Hi One Valenzuela, try Sueños Restobar and Grill in Marulas. Sarap din ng food dun and ang fun ng ambiance! :)

  8. HI one valenzuela!

    can we list down CALDA PIZZA?
    the home of 36" PIZZA IN VALENZUELA!!! :)

    1. Hi, Kester! Added Calda Pizza. Thanks for dropping by!

  9. There's a new Food Park in Brgy Paso de Blas! Its called "District Alley". They recently had their soft launch on September 8. Check the place out :)

  10. Hi. There's a new pizza place along Gen. T. de Leon, it's Crust and Craft Pizza Pasta Snacks at the 2nd Floor of B-hive Plaza. Nice food and ambiance. =)