Friday, February 17, 2017

Cool Things at Daiso Japan - One Mall Valenzuela

One Valenzuela would exclaim at the back of her mind, "Oo nga noh! (Ah yes!). This item makes doing this work a bit more easier!" or "This is a really cool twist!" when she finds herself big-eyed looking at the stuff you can buy at Daiso Japan. Other than being budget-friendly to an average Juana consumer like her, Daiso Japan has always amazed her mind with things that it offer on its shelves. And so seeing a Daiso Japan shop at the third floor of One Mall Valenzuela made her happy (insert *dancing Happy Feet*). 

Daiso Japan - One Mall Valenzuela 

So what might you find interesting? Scroll down the photos below for some stuff worth checking out at Daiso Japan-One Mall Valenzuela branch:

Here are some water dumbbells to help you start exercising.

This Pretzel at the Sale Corner was recommended by the cashier. Yep, it's good!

This egg timer will help you know if the eggs you are boiling are already soft, medium cooked, or hard boiled. Genius!

Massaging with the Scalp Point Tool

Blind cleaner with microfiber may help you clean those blinds faster.

Two-in-one: walking seat and cane

Very handy poop bag dispenser. Having one of these when you go out with your dog will make poop cleanup easier. 

Toilet bubble cleaner to keep your private throne free from dirt

Multicolored muddlers to help you mix drinks

White blocks of erasers which you can also carve to make personalized stamps.
Since you might find a lot of things really useful, kawaii, and quite affordable here, always remind the little-shopper-in-you to purchase the needs before the wants. But... it won't hurt to buy a stuff or two of those things which are not in your need-to-buy list, especially if it is a treat for one's little successes, right? Happy shopping, Valenzuelanos!

Daiso Japan - One Mall Valenzuela
Address: 3rd Floor One Mall Valenzuela
Gen. T. De Leon Road, Brgy. Gen. T. De Leon,
Valenzuela City (near Gen. T. De Leon National High School)
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