Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Real Grill Burger: Barangay Lingunan's Homegrown Pride Makes it Big

Valenzuela City witnessed the grand opening of a homegrown burger joint's second branch just last October 26. It can be recalled that The Real Grill Burger (TRG) began as a weekend go-to place for those who want some satisfying burgers to end the demanding work week. Tucked in Barangay Lingunan, many would find their way to the humble garage of the Delesmos to have their well known burgers with equally clever names like Inside-Out Cheese, BJ Binurger ni Jack Daniels, and Baconstroyer grilled burgers.
The Real Grill Burger's opening on October 26, 2017. (Photo by The Real Grill)
Engr. Lester Delesmo recollects that together with a friend who knows his way in the kitchen, "Three months kaming nag-try-out ng mga patty, kung paano makukuha ung perfect patty para sa amin. Nag-market study kami. Then yun na, nagstart na kaming magtayo ng isang maliit na burger joint sa garahe. It started with four tables." The demand for their burgers grew through time, having diners from various places even beyond Valenzuela City. Thus, getting a commercial place to serve more people eventually came to the plan.
The Real Grill Burger's owner, Engr. John Lester Delesmo, relates his experience in establishing the local restaurant. He shared that he works as an employee on weekdays and opens TRG on weekends at Brgy. Lingunan.
One Valenzuela was glad to be invited to witness the opening of TRG's second branch. It is now easier for everyone to grab a TRG burger or two, being located at the Arca Strip Building beside Puregold Dalandanan and being just a few meters walk away from McArthur Highway. The second branch of The Real Grill Burger has a trendy industrial lay-out, providing a welcoming and modern ambiance to the diners.
Here's a snapshot of The Real Grill Burger's dining area.
The Real Grill team (Photo credit: Jane Frades)
While waiting for the food to come, a plate of putong pulo was served (only for the Grand Opening day). Who wouldn't love TRG? It's supporting local!
Other than the grilled burger mainstays, solid followers of TRG as well as newcomers are encouraged to try out the new menu items in the full restaurant. The must try's are the Spicy Everwing (Php175, 6-piece Buffalo wings, inspired by the Facebook game), Peppa Pork BBQ (Php130, 3 sticks of barbecue with rice), Carbonara (Php150.00), Tequila Lime Chicken (Php155.00), The Real Fried Chicken (Php320, one whole chicken), and the smoothies.
The first to come on the table are the side dishes: Kesodilla (Php95) and Beef Kesodilla (Php150). Each plate has a salsa dip for sharing. 
Carbonara (Php150) with grilled chicken on top. It was sooo creamy. 
Lasagna lovers, you might want this. The TRG lasagna has loads of savory sauce (Php80).
Inside-Out Cheese Grilled Burger (Php110) is a bestseller! Bite into the patty and you'll see the mozzarella stretch! Add Php35 for the fries and drinks. Better yet, if you want to try all the patties, get the TRG All-In (Php270). It has the Inside-Out, Baconstroyer, and Jack Daniels patties in one serving!  
Sausage Party (Php120). Grilled spicy sausage with lots of ground beef toppings on a bun. 
One Valenzuela visited The Real Grill Burger again, this time, together with her family and siblings to celebrate their father's birthday yesterday (Thank you for the treat, Tatay!). Other than the burger meals and pasta, they also ordered Keso Frito (Php110.00) and Tequilla Lime Chicken (Php155.00). These two are both new additions to the menu and are worth your money because they are good. Masarap, period. 
If you want to eat rice, pair it with a plate of Tequilla Lime Chicken (Php155.00). Will try the The Real Fried Chicken with a bigger group next time. 
Check out the complete menu over here (from TRG's Facebook page):

So what do you do when a homegrown burger joint joins the bigger restaurant pool? Gather up your family and friends to dine there. Giving support is just as simple as that. #eatlocal #supportlocal #valenzuelacity

The Real Grill Burger - Arca Strip Branch 
Address:  G/F Arca Strip Commercial Center, No. 32 McArthur Highway, Brgy. Dalandanan, Valenzuela City (beside Puregold Dalandanan and Valenzuela Action Center)
Open Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm, daily (initial open hours)
Contact Number: 0917-838-1276
Like The Real Grill Burger on Facebook here.

The Lingunan branch remains open on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), 3:00pm to 11:00pm.
Address: 143 P. Gregorio Street, Barangay Lingunan, Valenzuela City

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