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Al fresco merienda at a local barbecue stand.
Sometimes, One Valenzuela would just pop out a question to a fellow Valenzuelano during a joy ride break.  
Salamat po sa inyong pagbisita sa blog! (Thank you for visiting the blog!)
One Valenzuela’s main objective is to promote the various activities and places in Valenzuela City, Philippines. At times, the blog features sites outside the city which also include details on how Valenzuelanos can reach them. Ultimately, this blog is maintained as the author’s tribute to her hometown.   

Posts. The author is also given an alias, "Happy Feet" (after that sweet penguin in the famous movie), by her hubby because she loves to check out places she has not been to. Admittedly, she has visited a number of spots outside Valenzuela but has not explored what her city of origin has to offer. Realizing it soon enough, she made a promise to go around the various barangays in the city to know more about her roots, the people, and the culture which made Valenzuela a unique and lovable city to live in. 

Unless otherwise stated, One Valenzuela finances her escapades and (mis)adventures with her own hard earned money.
Giveaways. The author sets up giveaway promotions to say “Thank you!” to the visitors of the blog who has shown steady support through time. One Valenzuela will gladly host contests and giveaways for the benefit of the blog readers.

Putong Polo and Pancit Malabon giveaway
Advertisements. The blog has progressively received page views from its inception and it is growing through time. This blog accepts relevant advertisements at its sidebar from establishments within and around the city. 
Invitations. One Valenzuela warmly welcomes invitations to events and activities as long as (1) these meet the objectives of the blog and (2) that these fit her daily schedule (she works full time and studies part-time). 
One Valenzuela talked about her experiences as a #hungryvalenzuelano blogger.
One Valenzuela was invited by SM Valenzuela for their Malabon Pancit Festival.
Donations. Admittedly, the author was able to maintain this blog through her monthly paycheck and through the help of some very kind friends who lend her their precious time and gadgets (Salamat po!). Exploring the blog, you will see how it has evolved, including the quality of the photos and videos. By being a sponsor of the One Valenzuela blog, you help the author pay for the gas fuel, blog domain registration, and the internet connection fees that come with maintaining this blog. Sponsors who would like to support the One Valenzuela blog may contact the author through e-mail. Alternatively, you may donate using PayPal below. 

Terms of UseAll posts and images in this blog belong to the author of One Valenzuela. Please notify the blogger at the e-mail given below to express your interests on the use of any content from the blog. If you are given express consent, (1) indicate that it came from One Valenzuela, and (2) provide a link back to this site.
Kindly e-mail your queries and concerns at onevalenzuelano@gmail.com. 
Again, thank you very much for your interest in the One Valenzuela blog. 

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Updated: October 2017


  1. Nice blog page kababayang Valenzuelano. Keep it up and more power to you!! -Kites