Sunday, December 30, 2012

Part 1: One Valenzuela goes to Nasugbu, Batangas and Tagaytay

December 24, 2012- The day before, One Valenzuela asked hubby if she can have some "Me Time" and he nods for his approval. She was surfing the web about Laguna for some hot spring dipping but then she eventually decided to visit Tagaytay once more. 

Well, One Valenzuela went on this trip ala  backpacking style with her ever trusty Hawk backpack. She only brought a few stuff such as a shawl, powder and lipstick (iwas haggardness maximum level), cash stash, towel, white shirt and shorts, my phone (if ever reality wants to contact her) and a bottle of water. Travel light and make lots of space for pasalubong! 

So early the next morning, at around 4am, off One Valenzuela went to JAM Terminal near GMA. It was a quick ride since the roads are not yet congested. By 7a.m., she is already at the Tagaytay Rotunda. 

Hello Taal!
Mmmm... Eventually, One Valenzuela observed the traffic flow and found jeepneys going to Nasugbu. Since this is a road trip, she jumped in. She asked the driver if ever there are nearby beaches there. He said "Ahhhh, eh, meron." Well, with that answer One Valenzuela prayed for divine intervention. 

After like dozens of are-we-there-yet questions in her mind, the jeepney reached a bend and all passengers went down. She guessed the travel took almost two hours since the jeepney kept on stopping to take in passengers.

You will find Andoks, Jollibee, and 7-Eleven at this area of Nasugbu, Batangas. The Nasugbu-Tagaytay jeepney route ends here.
Hesitant to ask tricycle drivers, One Valenzuela went to a nearby church to use their comfort room and ask vendors there for some much needed directions. She did not see directions or signs that there are nearby beaches which can be reached by foot.

According to a candle vendor, all One Valenzuela has to do is ride a tricycle near Jollibee. "Walang bayad pag nagawi ka sa beach ha. Pwera nalang kung mago-overnight ka sa resort", she even said (No entrance fee is needed to get to the beach. Unless you are staying there overnight in a resort). Thank God for angels. :)

Parokya ng San Francisco Javier: You will see the church's upper portion as you approach Mang Inasal. One Valenzuela also saw a BSC Bus terminal (Pasay route according to a signage)as she walked towards the church.
After about 10 minutes, One Valenzuela is now at the beach! Hello water, hello sand!

Beach at Brgy. Wawa, Nasugbu, Batangas
There were a few people in the area and One Valenzuela would love to swim since it is quite hot despite the December breeze. But due to time constraints, she just strolled and collected shells by the beach. One Valenzuela also rode a horse for fifty pesos. 

Being a water baby, One Valenzuela hopes that the trash along the beach be collected regularly.  

Ya tigidig! The owner of the horse is very friendly. Thanks for the photo op, Kuya!
Inquisitive One Valenzuela asked the overnight rate of a nearby resort for future reference. Maryland Resort's non-aircon room starts at Php 1,500.00 and their air conditioned rooms are pegged at Php 3,000.00 to 3,500.00. They also have a swimming pool.

Maryland Resort at Brgy. Wawa, Nasugbu, Batangas

Tongue twister: She has sandy shoes with seashells by the seashore.
One Valenzuela got a bit hungry before 11 a.m. Goodbye South China Sea! After brushing off the sand, she went to Bag of Beans (read Part 2: One Valenzuela goes to Nasugbu, Batangas and Tagaytay).

Valenzuelanos, here is a table of One Valenzuela's transportation expenses going to Nasugbu, Batangas via Tagaytay:

       Malinta, Valenzuela City-JAM Bus Terminal: Php 25.00
       JAM Bus terminal to Balibago: Php 67.00
       Balibago-Tagaytay jeepney: Php 40.00
       Tagaytay palengke-Olivarez Plaza jeepney: Php 8.00
       Olivarez-Nasugbu jeepney: Php 65.00
       Tricycle to the beach: Php 20.00 (10/person if you can wait for another commuter)
       Total: Php225.00

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Valenzuela City Astrodome and the Valenzuela City Emergency Hospital

December 21, 2012 marks the yearly LGU Christmas Party. It is also One Valenzuela's first time to visit the Astrodome after it has been recently renovated. One Valenzuela wandered around before the evening program started. 

Astrodome: "The City of Valenzuela is committed to its advocacy of providing an avenue for the development of holistic teamwork and self-discipline, through promoting physical education and encouraging sports programs and competitions towards healthy and productive Valenzuelanos." (words seen at the Astrodome entrance)

Two thumbs up for (1) the well-lit name of the sports venue, (2) the comfortable chairs wherein the colors are taken from the Philippine flag, (3) clean comfort room, and (4) good wall color combination. One Valenzuela believes the air conditioning system is soon to follow.

Emergency Hospital: "The City Government of Valenzuela is indeed high in continually working towards the realization of building a new home for medical care facilities to serve the people better by making it more accessible and affordable to our underprivileged constituents." (words seen at the Hospital entrance)

One Valenzuela went to the lobby and at first glance she can say it is spacious, clean, and organized. Happy to have another health  facility which will cater Valenzuelanos. 

Both venues were inaugurated last November 16, 2012. 

How to get there: Both the Astrodome and Emergency Hospital are located at Brgy. Dalandanan. Coming from Monumento, ride a jeepney/bus with signages which go beyond Malinta such as Malanday and IS Bangkal. You will pass by Puregold Valenzuela and an Iglesia ni Cristo Church. Along that side of the road, you will eventually see a 7-Eleven store. Traverse the street beside it (Lazaro St.). You may ride a tricycle especially if it is 12nn but if you are used to walking, like me, it will only take 5-10 minutes and you will soon be there.

Beside the Valenzuela Astrodome and Emergency Hospital is Dalandanan High School.

New look!

One Valenzuela will never forget the unique Bring Me game (Bring me....2 live ants!)

The comfort rooms are good smelling too. 

Although we now have a new hospital, One Valenzuela still hopes that Valenzuelanos take good care of their health. Remember, prevention is still better than cure.

Yep, moving around is easy.

Sarap ng puto bumbong ng mga Balderama 

Some fast puto bumbong action!
Available Contact Number of  Valenzuela City Emergency Hospital from the Valenzuela City Official Website: (02)352-6000 (See website here)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sa Maricopa! Maricopa!

Just this week, my family and I are mindlessly browsing the television program. Seeing Eddie Garcia in an old film Tigasin (1999) made us stop switching channels. In one scene, he was interrogating a villain. And when Eddie Garcia was about to aim at his 'most treasured part', the villain blurted "Maricopa! Maricopa!". The successive scenes showed Eddie and his partner Victor Neri driving to Maricopa.

Uhm, not a very significant part of the film. But us dining there, almost everyday for the past weeks, and seeing it on screen made me say: Whoa! Astig.

Thus, I learned later on from a staff that the restaurant has been popular since the 1970s. Other actors have also been there like Dolphy.

Good food. Yeah, I love their so called home cooked meals. They now even have student meals during lunch time. Their beef caldereta is so good. For dessert, their sweet banana (or what we call saba con yelo) is a must try. Their drinking water also has a taste of pandan, making every gulp refreshing.

The restaurant is also spacious where one can even hold events. 

Location: Maricopa is along Maysan Road and is adjacent to St. Louis College of Valenzuela
Front of Maricopa

Some interesting art adorn the walls.

The people here are friendly. There is this one particular server who always assist us. Thank you, Ate.

Ordered sweet and sour tilapia with rice. The sauce beside the rice is caldereta.  

We have some sweet banana every time we go there.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Visiting Museo Valenzuela

The forum on Mga Kwento ng Kabayanihan, a Heroes Day Forum just this afternoon (August 27, 2012), gave me the chance to visit the main gallery of Museo Valenzuela. I have been wanting to see the place and, well, this is it.

The forum was well attended. I have learned a lot about Narcisa Rizal (from Amy Yulo), Paciano Rizal (from Ester Azurin), Pio Valenzuela ( from Arch. Arturo Valenzuela), and Teresa Magbanua (from Dr. Sonia Zaide). The forum featured descendants sharing anecdotes and stories about these heroes. If my memory serves me right, here are a few stuff I learned:

  • Sisa from Rizal's famous novel was taken after Narcisa's name. He even asked for Narcisa's permission before naming the character.  
  • Paciano does not want to have his photo taken. He only has two existing images: (1) side shot photo and (2) when he was already in the coffin. He reasons out that it is for security purposes. 
  • Pio has to sell part of his land to pay a lawyer to prove that he won as Gobernador of Bulacan. 
  • Teresa, or Nay Isa (Isa, instead of Esa, because of the way it is uttered by Ilonggos), is a school teacher. She is the Joan of Arc of the Visayas. 
Other than that I got to reminisce on the qualities that these individuals have: doing something out of duty, not expecting anything in return, matipid (frugality), hard working, honest, and living in simplicity. Qualities that we should all be working at.

A short reading of poems from Rizalfabeto, a book collaboration of the poet Vim Nadera and artist Elmer Borlongan, was done afterwards.

Many thanks to the curator, Jonathan Balsamo, for the invite.  

Valenzuelanos must go to Museo Valenzuela to know our roots. The museum is located at Marulas, Valenzuela which is a few minutes away from Monumento Circle via MacArthur Highway. It is adjacent to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima (Dambana). Here are some photos I took while inside the gallery:

Tarpaulin at the community board

Front entrance of Museo Valenzuela

Old photo of San Miguel Beer Brewery. BBB is short for Balintawak Beer Brewery.  Coming from Monumento, you will definitely pass by BBB on your way to Museo.

Some of Pio's belongings

The forum is full of people. 

From L to R: Jonathan Balsamo, Vim Nadera, Ester Azurin, Amy Yulo,  Arturo Valenzuela, Dr. Sonia Zaide, a relative of Ester, and a relative of Arturo. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Valenzuela 3 Day Mega Trade Fair: April 17-19, 2012

It is my second time to go to the Valenzuela 3 Day Mega Trade Fair. After work, I visited the trade fair at the New City Government Complex Parking Grounds. 

Since I know that there will be quite a handful of food choices in the fair, I made sure to have my tummy ready for some merienda. Once there, I got my fill with a couple of hotdogs and a shawarma. I gulped some refreshing calamansi juice (15 pesos a bottle) to beat the summer heat.

There are lots of things to see and buy at the event: furniture, clothing, shoes and sandals, recycled products, plants, home decorations, and food, food, food (did I mention food?).

The trade fair runs until tomorrow, April 19 (Thursday). 

Trade Fair at the New City Government Complex 

Fresh honey in the bucket (100 pesos per bottle)

Huge pork rind cracklings / chicharon (L: 300 pesos; R: 230 pesos)

Denim pants and shorts for 100 bucks!?! I bought 3 pairs last time and they are all still okidoki. 

These  aprons are made from sewed plastic vinegar and soy sauce pouches (which are, by the way, ingredients found in most Pinoy kitchens and tables). Go green and recycle! 

Children's shirts go for 49 pesos a piece.

I tried the hotdog (6 pesos) and chicken longganisa (10 pesos). Yummy snack!

Stalls where you can buy discounted products.

I love shawarma, so I cannot resist buying one from the Hashish stall.

Samahang Pangkababaihan ng Marulas in Valenzuela City

Let us support greening with these paper products. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Malunggay Pan de Sal

Pan de Sal, or bread with salt, is a staple in Filipinos' breakfast. Some fill it with jams and spreads and some dunk it in their coffee, but it can be eaten as is-- especially if it is freshly baked.

Let me share with you one of the bakeries where I get my pan de sal in Valenzuela: Menard's Tinapayan. They sell their pan de sal at two pesos a piece.

I am pretty happy that this bakery opted to go to the next level by adding fresh malunggay leaves in their pan de sal. They crush the leaves with a blender. It is also great that they are located a few meters from a public elementary school. I hope that children on their way to school in the morning will buy some pieces of malunggay pan de sal for their recess.

I tried to buy some pan de sal on my way to the office. I kept two pieces for my merienda in the afternoon and unlike other pan de sal which becomes tough when cold, Menard's pan de sal remained soft.

Location: Menard's Tinapayan is near Malinta Elementary School which is along A. Pablo Street in Barangay Malinta.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

SM Valenzuela 3 day sale: April 13-15, 2012

It is a staple for my family to buy goods from SM Valenzuela. We sometimes catch a movie there, play that catch-the-fish game and Metal Slug in Quantum, or get our school supplies in National Bookstore. Last Saturday, lots of people flocked the mall for the 3 day sale.

A few of the stores that I like there: Juana (blouses for 150 and dresses for 250 a piece if on sale), Copy Pacific for their friendly motto, and Bibingkinitan for that refreshing calamansi juice.

Directions: SM Valenzuela is along McArthur Hiway, near Karuhatan market and beside Novo Department store. If you are from Monumento in Caloocan, ride a jeepney bound to Malinta or Malanday.

Juana: one of the stores that I like

Second floor has the hypermarket

Go boom, boom, boom with the band!

Thought this is a donut (hehe, well done glasses). But it is a new chewable vitamin mascot: Scottsie. 

New restaurant to try out.