Monday, August 27, 2012

Visiting Museo Valenzuela

The forum on Mga Kwento ng Kabayanihan, a Heroes Day Forum just this afternoon (August 27, 2012), gave me the chance to visit the main gallery of Museo Valenzuela. I have been wanting to see the place and, well, this is it.

The forum was well attended. I have learned a lot about Narcisa Rizal (from Amy Yulo), Paciano Rizal (from Ester Azurin), Pio Valenzuela ( from Arch. Arturo Valenzuela), and Teresa Magbanua (from Dr. Sonia Zaide). The forum featured descendants sharing anecdotes and stories about these heroes. If my memory serves me right, here are a few stuff I learned:

  • Sisa from Rizal's famous novel was taken after Narcisa's name. He even asked for Narcisa's permission before naming the character.  
  • Paciano does not want to have his photo taken. He only has two existing images: (1) side shot photo and (2) when he was already in the coffin. He reasons out that it is for security purposes. 
  • Pio has to sell part of his land to pay a lawyer to prove that he won as Gobernador of Bulacan. 
  • Teresa, or Nay Isa (Isa, instead of Esa, because of the way it is uttered by Ilonggos), is a school teacher. She is the Joan of Arc of the Visayas. 
Other than that I got to reminisce on the qualities that these individuals have: doing something out of duty, not expecting anything in return, matipid (frugality), hard working, honest, and living in simplicity. Qualities that we should all be working at.

A short reading of poems from Rizalfabeto, a book collaboration of the poet Vim Nadera and artist Elmer Borlongan, was done afterwards.

Many thanks to the curator, Jonathan Balsamo, for the invite.  

Valenzuelanos must go to Museo Valenzuela to know our roots. The museum is located at Marulas, Valenzuela which is a few minutes away from Monumento Circle via MacArthur Highway. It is adjacent to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima (Dambana). Here are some photos I took while inside the gallery:

Tarpaulin at the community board

Front entrance of Museo Valenzuela

Old photo of San Miguel Beer Brewery. BBB is short for Balintawak Beer Brewery.  Coming from Monumento, you will definitely pass by BBB on your way to Museo.

Some of Pio's belongings

The forum is full of people. 

From L to R: Jonathan Balsamo, Vim Nadera, Ester Azurin, Amy Yulo,  Arturo Valenzuela, Dr. Sonia Zaide, a relative of Ester, and a relative of Arturo.