Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sa Maricopa! Maricopa!

Just this week, my family and I are mindlessly browsing the television program. Seeing Eddie Garcia in an old film Tigasin (1999) made us stop switching channels. In one scene, he was interrogating a villain. And when Eddie Garcia was about to aim at his 'most treasured part', the villain blurted "Maricopa! Maricopa!". The successive scenes showed Eddie and his partner Victor Neri driving to Maricopa.

Uhm, not a very significant part of the film. But us dining there, almost everyday for the past weeks, and seeing it on screen made me say: Whoa! Astig.

Thus, I learned later on from a staff that the restaurant has been popular since the 1970s. Other actors have also been there like Dolphy.

Good food. Yeah, I love their so called home cooked meals. They now even have student meals during lunch time. Their beef caldereta is so good. For dessert, their sweet banana (or what we call saba con yelo) is a must try. Their drinking water also has a taste of pandan, making every gulp refreshing.

The restaurant is also spacious where one can even hold events. 

Location: Maricopa is along Maysan Road and is adjacent to St. Louis College of Valenzuela
Front of Maricopa

Some interesting art adorn the walls.

The people here are friendly. There is this one particular server who always assist us. Thank you, Ate.

Ordered sweet and sour tilapia with rice. The sauce beside the rice is caldereta.  

We have some sweet banana every time we go there.