Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cheesy Donuts at Michael's Bakery

One Valenzuela usually walks on her way home so that she can burn some calories that she has stored the whole day. But before reaching home, One Valenzuela passes by Michael's Bakery once in a while to purchase some bread.
Bread, bread,bread

Kuya Michael, the baker
What is her ultimate favorite? The bakery's cheesy donuts. Each piece costs Php5.00 pesos. A simple and sweet treat after a day of work.  

Cheesy inside. Little Valenzuela likes the bakery's Spanish bread.
How to get there:
When in front of the new City Hall Complex, go to the street at the right. When you reach the end of the street, turn right. You will see Michael's Bakery at your right adjacent to a small store. It is along A. Pablo Street.

The bakery is open as early as 5 a.m. and closes at 8p.m.

Update: As of  January 15, 2015, Michael's Bakery is renamed as Mic-Mic & My-My Bakery (Kuya Michael is still the baker.)
Valenzuelanos, let us support entrepreneurs in our city! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 2013 Events at Valenzuela City

After a meeting at a nearby university, One Valenzuela decided to walk her way to SM Valenzuela. When she reached a Community Bulletin Board at the Dambana, she chanced upon a schedule of events posted there.
A bit late to post for Feb. 14 but still there are events for tomorrow.

Wandering inside SM Valenzuela, One Valenzuela also saw a booth set up near Hypermarket. It is a fun run for a cause spearheaded by the Disaster CAMANAVA Response Network. Here are some details of the fun run:

CAMANAVA Run for a Cause: First Leg

Be involved and run!

Gun Start: SM Valenzuela
Finish Line: Polo Park
There will be a guest show program by 7a.m. at the Polo Park.

The flyer asks everyone to be involved in the community activity. Our participation will help in acquiring ropes, life rings, life vests, solar lights, and other flood related gadgets. One can run with their school or church organization’s uniform. Interested participants may buy their mandatory Bib Number at SM Valenzuela Hypermarket Entrance for Php50.00; t-shirts are priced at Php250.00 (optional).
Contact numbers given: (02)345-2697 / (0949)504-9885.

(Fun Run posting approved by individual assigned at the booth).

Saturday, February 9, 2013

One Valenzuela bound to Palawan: Day 3 on a City Tour

Every travel has an end. On the third day, the group pursued the City Tour where in they visited various places in the city. But before they ride the van, they took photos at Balay Inato.
One more tour to go!
 Tiangge Tiangge
Go to Cora Palawan Pearl and Souvenir Shop for cheap cultured pearls(freshwater pearls-small pearl earrings: 3 sets for Php20), South Sea pearls (pricy, One Valenzuela asked for brown colored ones and the pair costs around two thousand pesos, but well worth it), kasuy (Php45-390, depends on weight), dried fish, and shirts (range from Php90 and up).

One Valenzuela also bought a few boxes of Love Pearls at Php80.00 each. Here, the one who receives the box will have to make a wish and then get the pearl directly from a clam! The color of the pearl were given meaning (i.e. white for health, cream for happiness, peach for love, lavender for wisdom, and gold for wealth). After that, the pearl is then placed inside a pendant necklace. Great gift idea.

Yeah, One Valenzuela bought one ref magnet.

Sets of pearl earrings and necklaces
Strings of pearls will delight your eyes

The Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center
Previously known as the Crocodile Farm. Learn more about crocodiles. Take a photo op with a baby crocodile. Check out other animals such as porcupines and birds.

Smile like a a crocodile! ^_^

The biggest so far in the center is Mac mac.

Learn more about crocodiles with this guy as your guide.

Baker’s Hill
Buy Hopia (Php40-45 a box). Their cheese bread is also very soft and of course, cheesy. Take fun photos in their mini park.
One Valenzuela likes the hopia mongo better. But better buy the two flavors for pasalubong.

Baker's Hill statues are fun to take photos with

A staff told us that they put fresh flowers here daily.

Sit and say "oh"!

Small monkey decorations are all over Baker's Hill

Hopia, hopia

Mitra’s Ranch
See the islands of Honda Bay. Zipline and other activities available.
Activities at Mitra's Ranch

View the islands of Honda Bay.

Mitra was fond of roosters that is why this structure
looks like a cockpit.
Great location for photo shoots. :)

Binuatan Weaving
Learn how to weave. Buy weaved bags, wallets, etc.
Aya trying her hand on weaving.

Beautifully colored bags adorn the Binuatan Creations shop.

Plaza Cuartel
Here a statue is erected to commemorate slain American soldiers.

Relax and feel the breeze among trees. Visit the cathedral across the street.
The trees give ample shade in the plaza.

Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral beside Plaza Cuartel

The group also passed by Ka Lui, Palawan City Hall, and Palawan's Baywalk. The van later on dropped the group near the airport terminal. From there, they ate and waited for their flight back home.
Baywalk at Puerto Princesa
Trying on bracelets at a store near the Puerto Princesa airport
And we hope to be back soon Palawan!

Appreciation Box:
This trip is heaven sent, thank you Tita Neneng for making this trip happen. The whole group had fun (under the sun) and it is an experience which will always be remembered. Thank you for your tips regarding airport conduct, funny stories, life enriching moments, and a lot more.

Thank you for being a great Tita to us all. Hoping for more adventures with you and Aya in the near future. Domo arigato gozaimasu!

Tita Neneng and Aya: Ride to Palawan.
 Thank you so much!
To Aya, Feb, Tita Merdel, Tito Nonoth, my sister, Little One Valenzuela: One Valenzuela had a great time bonding with you guys. Sa uulitin!

To Tito Vic, salamat po sa sundo at hatid sa airport.

To Rebecca Arbolado of Marianne Home Inn, salamat sa asikaso. Kuya Bodjie and the van drivers, thank you for the great tours. To our boatmen, thank you for sailing and swimming with us.

Thank God for being with us in the whole trip. ^_^

Salamat Palawan. It is indeed more fun in the Philippines!
Valenzuelanos, One Valenzuela hopes that you get to visit Palawan soon. Here are some of her suggestions on your future Palawan trip:
  • What to bring for the Palawan trip: light shirts, shorts, slippers, sunblock,swimwear, extra stash of cash for pasalubong, ziplock. Wide brimmed hats are for sale at several areas in the docks and pasalubong center so you may just buy there. Start saving for a waterproof, shockproof, freeze proof camera (note again and again to self)--hehe. When bringing your camera, always have your charger with you since you will surely be taking a lot of photos.
  • For a comfortable trip, go with tour packages. But if you are working on a tight budget, a DIY tour is for you. Make sure that you get permits for the Underground River on your first day since there are times when it is fully booked.
  • Environmental fees (Php40 at the time of writing) and snorkeling gears (Php150) are not included in tour packages.
  • There are more activities in store for everyone other than the Underground River, Honda Bay, and City tour. Someday, One Valenzuela hopes to go firefly watching at night, visit the museum, try out scuba diving, and eat at some of the local restaurants.
  • Tricycle transportation here is fairly easy. As of this writing, a ride in the city will cost you Php 10.00 per person.
  • The group never had an issue on missing belongings on their stay here in Palawan. Yet it is advised that you bring a sling bag so you can put your important belongings in front of you.
  • When buying in Tiangge Tiangge, go to Cora's. It is cheaper to buy here than in non-air conditioned stalls.
  • Useful websites (The ones One Valenzuela used which are reliable. You may check out other sites too.):
    Marianne Home Inn
    Balay Inato
    Airphil Express (under Philippine Airlines)

One Valenzuela bound to Palawan: Day 2 at Honda Bay

Everyone was so giddy and excited to go swimming and snorkeling today. One Valenzuela's group first had their complimentary breakfast at Balay Inato. The breakfast look unappealing when One Valenzuela saw it at a website but after eating the whole meal, she felt so full and ready to conquer the day.

Balay Inato's longsilog

Little One Valenzuela's Mahi-mahi
Again, they were picked up by Kuya Bodjie and the van. It took them 30 minutes to reach the Honda Bay docks. They rode a bigger boat now and again wore life vests. They are going to visit three spots: Pambato Reef, Pandan Island, and Cowrie Island.
Yey, Tita Neneng! We are off to an adventure on Day 2.

Pambato Reef

One Valenzuela's group saw several giant clams and various kinds of corals. The boatmen also doubled as their guide underwater. The boatmen shared with them facts about marine life.
Pambato Reef
Tita Merdel getting ready to snorkel.
Tito Nonoth on the go.

Pandan Island

One thing that One Valenzuela will never forget here are the numerous fishes that they saw underwater. Marami talaga! One Valenzuela bought a couple of Skyflakes biscuit packs and they fed the fishes there. The boatman also guided them to an area where they can find clown fishes. He also showed them some poisonous corals and a spider starfish. Since One Valenzuela does not own a waterproof camera, she has to be content with beach photos (Note AGAIN to self: Start saving for a waterproof, shockproof, freeze proof camera).

Just buy packs of biscuits and
you are good to go fish feeding

Aya and Patrick Star: the people at the island reminds us always that after taking pictures,
we should put the starfishes back in the water.

I love you too, sistah!
Little One Valenzuela loves the water!
See the sand, Ma? Like sugar!

One Valenzuela's group also had grilled lunch on this island. Just imagining the food table again makes her drool.
Taob ang pinggan: grilled porkchop and fish, fresh lato seaweed, steamed lady fingers, squid,
fresh cucumber-tomato salad and rice.

Peddled by locals: fresh Nangaranga(?)
for Php200/ tray.
Steamed Nangaranga(?)

Take note that there are no trashcans in this island. You have to take your trash with you back to the mainland.

Cowrie Island

Named after the cowrie shell, the said seashells at the island are already very rare. You will see a massage area, bar, several tables and chairs here on this island. Trees give shade to island visitors. At around 4 p.m., the group took a bath to wash off the saltwater and sand before heading back to the port.
Cowrie Island: You won't miss it because of this signage

Trees serve as shade near the beach of Cowrie Island

Cowrie Island Bar and Restaurant
What you can buy at the Cowrie Island Bar and Restaurant

Cowrie Island amenities and perks

The gang went back to Balay Inato, satisfied with their day. Rebecca Arbolado of Marianne Home Inn came over and One Valenzuela settled their payment with her. Ms. Becca gave us Wild Honey as a souvenir to take home from our Palawan trip.
Pawi, the pawikan and some Wild Honey to take home

Together, the group ate dinner at one of Balay Inato's huts. They kept on discussing the highlights of their day. Tomorrow is their last day and they will be on a City Tour

For the details of this trip (tips, contact numbers,etc.) and One Valenzuela's appreciation box, go to Day 3.

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