Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ville Martha Resort at Marulas, Valenzuela City

It is hot, it is indeed summer! This prompted One Valenzuela to go to Brgy. Marulas and visit two resorts there. Posted here are some photos and the rates of Ville Martha.

Front of Ville Martha Resort

Ville Martha Resort Rates: Adult-Php100; Child-Php60. 
Big Table- Php250; Small Table-150
Rates as of March 2013. One Valenzuela hopes that this article be of help to Valenzuelanos' summer swimming plans. Resort amenities are not included since she is still waiting for the owner's permission. 

Have a great summer ahead, Valenzuelanos!
How to get there:
Coming from Monumento, ride a jeepney or bus bound to Malinta/Malanday. Ask the driver to drop you off at BBB. Walk along the street near 7-Eleven. You will eventually see a tricycle terminal (blue). Ride a tricycle and ask the driver to bring you to Ville Martha. Estimated travel time: 30-40 minutes.

Tel. No. (02) 443-7934, look for Emy. (From Facebook)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

History in One Valenzuela's Day: Dr. Ambeth Ocampo on Rizal and a War Relic from the Battle of Malinta

The City Government of Valenzuela, Order of the Knights of Rizal, Museo Valenzuela Foundation, and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela held a symposium on "Rizal, Education, and Nation Building" last Monday afternoon, April 22. Since One Valenzuela was quite busy on that day, cataloging and organizing materials in the Library (Yes, Librarians have a lot of work even on summers), she just attended part of the said activity at the Valenzuela City Center for Performing Arts (VCCPA) Auditorium. 
Symposium on Rizal, Education, and Nation-Building
With divine intervention, One Valenzuela got just right in time to see and hear Dr. Ambeth R. Ocampo. He was talking about Rizal. Never thought the subject could be discussed in a very light and lively manner! Well, the Rizal class One Valenzuela took back in her college days was also great-- she made a paper on the various drinks and food that you can find in Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo with the corresponding recipes (Unleashing the foodie in her! Thank you National Library and UP Main Library-Filipiniana Section)
Dr. Ambeth Ocampo talks about Jose Rizal's calling cards

One Valenzuela has to go back to the office after the sneak peek (Hayayay!). The symposium ended at around 5 p.m. But wait! One Valenzuela was so lucky she got one of the library books (Meaning and History) and a book she just bought (Looking Back 2: Dirty Dancing) signed by Dr. Ocampo after clocking out.

"Dirty Dancing": Here, One Valenzuela was amazed to know that Apolinario Mabini once tried to learn how to dance!

Dr. Ambeth Ocampo signing One Valenzuela's book

And here it is!
While walking home, she passed by a recently restored war relic, a 9-ton cannon, which was unearthed in an area near Valenzuela City Hall. According to the inscription on the cannon, it was made in Trubia on the year 1859. More information is revealed on the writings found on the cannon "In memory of Col. Harry Clay Egbert, U.S. Army, Brigadier General-U.S. Vols. who was mortally wounded on this spot while leading his regiment, 22nd U.S. Infantry, 26th March 1899". It serves as a reminder to every Valenzuelano about the  "Labanan sa Malinta" (Battle of Malinta). 
The cannon can be seen beside the Social Hall in the New Valenzuela City Hall Complex

English Translation: Battle of Malinta (26 March 1899) The battle happened between Filipino and American  soldiers not far from the church of Malinta. Some of the soldiers from the 22nd U.S. Infantry Brigade, including Col. Harry C. Egbert, were slain on 26 March 1899. Although the Filipinos in Malinta have maintained their defense on the first part of the battle, they have to eventually move north because of the increase in number of the American soldiers.
The historical marker was unveiled in the morning before the symposium. More can be read about it in a 2012 Philippine Daily Inquirer article: "History goes boom in Valenzuela; Slums yield massive war artifact"

Thanks for the heads up, Jonathan Balsamo of Museo Valenzuela!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

5th Fun Fishing Tournament at Kap. Larry's Pond in Coloong I, Valenzuela City

Beginning One Valenzuela's Day of Fishing
As early as 4:30 in the morning, One Valenzuela is already at the back seat of the family car with her father and siblings. They woke up and started their day early in time for the 5th Fun Fishing Tournament at Kap. Larry's Pond. They were rushing for the walk in registration because her  Tatay and two brothers have not signed up yet. One Valenzuela and her sister already got their names listed at the Cultural Affairs and Tourism Development Office located at the New Valenzuela City Hall Complex.

There were already many private cars and vans parked at the provided area for vehicles. The registration area was full of anglers waiting for their names to be called. A sticker with a number was given to each participant.

Anglers waiting for their names to be called
One Valenzuela's Number is 165
Good thing, Tatay and her two brothers came just in time for the registration. That was indeed a great relief! Striped plastic bags were then given after. It contained a red long sleeved shirt, a sandwich, binalot (rice with chicken and red egg wrapped in banana leaves and paper), and a bottle of water. Not bad at all for a Php100 registration fee.
Show me your back!
Little sister helping a group take their photo
After getting their kits, One Valenzuela's group proceeded to the holding area to wait for the boat ride. Kap. Larry's Pond is quite big. Several stations are like small islands.
One Valenzuela's group is next in line.
See that!?!
 On their way to "Back to Back"

What's the Catch?

One Valenzuela's group got down at a place they call "Back To Back". It is among the "islands" in the pond. Here, they set up their gears and waited for the gun start.

Almost everyone is catching the right fish for the competition: bangus (Milk fish) and tilapia (St. Peter's fish). One Valenzuela saw the much experienced anglers reel in big milk fiishes and quite a number of medium sized St. Peter's fishes.They use masa as bait since the fishes there were used to eating that.
Some milk fish / bangus action!

Well, One Valenzuela tried both masa and worms. She is a bit luckier with worms--but caught biya/bia and ayungin instead. Oh, and one juvy tilapia.

Last time, One Valenzuela got 2 tilapias in one line.
Now it is time for some hooked ayungin!
One Valenzuela's Biya catch / Long Finned Goby. She is quite proud of this one.
Tatay's photo op with the first catch at "Back to Back"
 One Valenzuela's brother got a bit lucky and caught a medium sized milk fish. Hooray!

It's hot but they still managed to smile for the shot.
Who Won the 5th Fun Fishing Tournament?

At around 1 p.m., One Valenzuela and her group proceeded back to Station 1/ Base of Kap. Larry's Pond because of the scorching heat of the sun (hallucinations of halo-halo are already filling One Valenzuela's mind). As time went on, other anglers came also with their catch for the day. The big St. Peter's fishes as well as the milk fishes were weighed after.

Returning to Station 1

Weigh In
While watching the exciting weigh in of big fishes, One Valenzuela roamed around and took pictures. Never knew she would finally meet Coloong's Legend, Kap. Larry.
Coloong Bikers

Kap. Larry (in blue)
A draw was done before the awarding of winners.
The prizes of the biggest catch are as follows: 1st-Php5,000.00; 2nd-Php3,000.00; 3rd-Php2,000.00. Each angler who won also got a trophy and a gift pack.
Laid down my other cellphone for comparison in size.
The winners of the Biggest Bangus Catch: Antero Antonio, Ipe Soriano, Sanny Cruz
The winners of the Biggest Tilapia Catch: Jun Duplon, Teng Reyes, Abraham Tantingco

Cool trophies

1st Place - Milk fish Category

1st Place - Tilapia Category

The winners of the Milk Fish Category with Cong. Rexlon Gatchalian
The winners of the Tilapia Category with Cong. Rexlon Gatchalian
Congratulations to all the winners! And to every Valenzuelano, have fun fishing in the city!

How to reach Kap. Larry's Pond at Coloong I, Valenzuela City:

Kindly read the article "Kap. Larry's Pond at Brgy. Coloong, Valenzuela City: One Valenzuela's First Fishy Visit" for the instructions via public transportation.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DZUP 1602: One Valenzuela's LibRadio Experience

Today, One Valenzuela was invited to be a guest speaker in LibRadio: Librarians sa Radyo. The topic is about "Making your Library Eco-Friendly". She was accompanied by the radio show's uber classmates-  Ms. Eimee Lagrama, Mr. Elijah Dar Juan, and Ms. Annie Lim. (Note: Ms. Eimee Lagrama is a resident archivist of the University of the Philippines. On the other hand, Mr. Elijah Dar Juan topped the board examination for librarians. And, uhum, they are both Valenzuelanos!)

LibRadio: Librarians sa Radyo airs every Wednesday, 12nn-1pm.

Again, thank you for the opportunity, LibRadio!

Classmates natin sa LibRadio: Annie, Elijah, and Eimee

One Valenzuela with Elijah Dar Juan

Thank you for the photo, Ms. Annie! And thank you guys for the DZUP 1602 mug. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kap. Larry's Pond at Brgy. Coloong, Valenzuela City: Baits, Hooks, Fishing Rods and More

One Valenzuela went to Kap. Larry's Pond to practice fishing with a rod and reel last Tuesday and this Saturday. Hubby accompanied her on Tuesday (Fish Tally-Hubby: 2, One Valenzuela: 3) while her Tatay, siblings, and Marjon were with her on the second trip (Fish Tally- Tatay: 2, Little Brother:0, Little Sister: 1, Marjon: 3, One Valenzuela: 5). Take note that most of the fishes that they caught were young adults/juvies. For beginners like One Valenzuela, one hooked fish is more than enough to keep her casting.

Here are a few photos and videos she took on those two days:

Patiently waiting for the bite
This guy got a big one. No rod, no reel!
An ayungin! (Silver fish)

Tilapia catch
A boat

Putting bait on a hook

Some grilling action

Worm fishing

Paolo-Jhay C Tandem

Masa made of hopia


Tatay's photo opportunity with a milkfish

This guy got the milkfish above
Two fishes on one line!

My baby bia. Released after the photo op.
Tatay on fishing at Kap. Larry's

Half a kilo of Tilapia (Php40)

Looking all positive for a catch

A Few Fishy Learnings:
  • Patience is the key to a successful fishing experience.
  • Know your rod and reel parts. 
  • When casting a line, do not throw your rod like a pitching baseball player (180 degrees). Someone advised One Valenzuela to cast the line up to the 12 o'clock position.
  • It is not unusual for a beginner to hook grass, tree leaves, and yourself on your first fishing try out.
  • Different sizes of hooks, different types of catch.
  • Bring a net for your catch. One Valenzuela and hubby used a plastic bag as an improvised net but the tilapia moved around and bore some holes on the plastic, thus draining the water inside.
  • Bring baits for the fish but also bring something for your tummy.
  • Bring extra hooks, line, and swivels.
  • Ask experience individuals on fishing. 
  • And then again, patience is the key to a successful fishing experience. 
Have fun fishing!

How to reach Kap. Larry's Pond: 
Kindly read the article "Kap. Larry's Pond at Brgy. Coloong, Valenzuela City: One Valenzuela's First Fishy Visit" for the instructions via public transportation.

Thank you for reading this article!
Saan pa kaya dadalhin si One Valenzuela ng kanyang mga paa? 
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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kap. Larry's Pond at Brgy. Coloong, Valenzuela City: One Valenzuela's First Fishy Visit

The signage about the 5th Fun Fishing Tournament on the community bulletin board definitely tickled One Valenzuela's "Happy Feet" instinct. She has never been to Coloong and the generic invitation of the tournament seemed to be the sign she has been waiting for from the heavens.

5th Fun Fishing Tournament at Coloong, Valenzuela City
From Malinta, she rode a jeepney going to Malanday at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. From Malanday, Kap. Larry's Pond is just a quick tricycle ride away. 

Almost there!
Since One Valenzuela does not own a fishing rod (Translation: She has never tried fishing before.), she courteously asked the person in charge that afternoon if she can just take a look at the place, snapping photos here and there. Gladly, he said "Opo, Ma'am" (Yes, Ma'am). Later on, One Valenzuela learned that the person she has spoken to is JC Montemayor (Jhay C/JC, hope the spelling is right), a graduate of Valenzuela City's local university.

Kap. Larry's Fish Pond Rates
Upon entry, One Valenzuela saw several cottages by the pond's bank (pilapil). There were many trees which offer shade to those patiently luring fishes with their worm and masa baits. And yes, the gentle breeze definitely gave coolness against the hot summer heat.

Cottages at Kap. Larry's Pond
A shot from one of the cottages. Cottage rate: Php300-500.

 The pavilion can be seen from a far
Breezy day at Kap. Larry's Pond

There were a few individuals casting their lines on a pond near the entrance of Kap Larry's. The area where bigger fishes can be caught is closed in time for the tournament which will take place on the 20th this April.
Casting a line
Masa,a type of bait, can be seen in this photo as a lump of dough on the bamboo end.
The fishes that you catch will later on be weighed. They got an ayungin here.
So serene
According to Paolo, he sometimes sees some individuals selling masa, a type of bait made of flour and bread, at Php30 and cups of worms at Php20. JC said that one can rent their pavilion for special events. You can also grill your catch from the pond at the available grilling stations. 

Grill your catch!

Regie, Melanie, Faith, Jen, Paolo, and JC

One Valenzuela would like to thank a group of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela graduates (see photo above) for making her visit more lively and fun. She is already thinking of trying her hand on fishing soon after the many stories they have shared.
How to reach Kap. Larry's Fish Pond (via public transportation):
From Malanday, McArthur Hiway, ride a tricycle (red) at the COTODA/Malanday Terminal (Php12 per head; Php36 special ride). 

Brgy. Malanday. The terminal of tricycles going to Coloong is just at the right of  7-Eleven.
Tricycles at the terminal.
Photo is quite dim since One Valenzuela took the shot when she  was on her way home.

The tricycle will be traversing M.H. Del Pilar Road and will turn right at Coloong I Road.
Coloong 1 Road, Valenzuela City
The 5th Fun Fishing Tournament will take place on the 20th of April 2013, Saturday. Directly quoting from the announcement in Valenzuela City's Official Website: 

"Download Registration Forms at Forms also available at the CULTURAL AFFAIRS & TOURISM DEVELOPMENT OFFICE Ground Floor, Executive Building, Valenzuela City Hall For Inquiries, contact 352.1000 local 1825 or 293.8486 Look for Mr. Gerry Malabanan or Ms. Eunice Serrano FUN FISHING TOURNAMENT 2013 April 20, 2013, Saturday, 6:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. Kap. Larry’s Pond, Barangay Coloong It’s more FUN Fishing in Valenzuela!"
Thank you for reading this article! For more photos and videos, kindly read another article about One Valenzuela's second and third trips at Kap. Larry's Pond.
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