Sunday, June 23, 2013

Golden Crown Food Center at Marulas, Valenzuela City

Hubby and One Valenzuela usually go on quick dates. This time, they went out for some good old favorites at Golden Crown.

Golden Crown at Marulas, Valenzuela City
Golden Crown's Main Dining Area
Can't wait to chow on this! 

BBQ Chicken with Fried Rice (Php100)

Fresh calamansi (Php20)

When One Valenzuela goes to Golden Crown, Camaron Rellenado (Php90) is always included in her order.
One Valenzuela thinks that the restaurant has a lot of space for improvement, like refurnishing the interiors and a change of dishware. Good thing, they already placed back a signage outside to mark the place.

To sum up, Golden Crown offers cheap yet pretty tasty Chinese food. A wide variety of food specialties are on the menu which will definitely make one try various viands on different occasions.
Here are some information about Golden Crown that One Valenzuela got from their menu:

"We serve Chinese dishes at reasonable prices. Accepts reservations for weddings, birthdays, baptismal (celebrations), and parties. (Plus) take home orders."

Address: #51 McArthur Hiway, Marulas, Valenzuela City
Golden Crown Contact Numbers: (02)291-6652 
Golden Crown can be easily seen at BBB along McArthur Hiway (beside Honda). 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Remembering a Visit to Manila Zoo with Little One Valenzuela

On a hot summer day, One Valenzuela and Little One Valenzuela went to Quirino Avenue. Since Manila Zoo is quite near from the store that they got some of their fishing supplies, they made a short trip to the place before going back home. Here are a few photos from their most recent visit.

Welcome to Manila Zoo
An elephant statue, a blue heart, and some toy monkeys greeted One Valenzuela and Little One Valenzuela as they enter Manila Zoo
Fees/Rates of Manila Zoo 
Here are the tickets!

These stuff make children tug on their parents sleeves and say "I want one, please!
Ice cream and toy vendors can be seen all over the zoo.
The playground of the zoo is an instant attraction to kids.
Aside from the general entrance you paid for entering Manila Zoo,  you will have to pay  Php100 if you want to enter Kinder Zoo.
Kinder Zoo offers more activities in Manila Zoo. One Valenzuela already went there before with Little One Valenzuela. Here, they held some animals (birds, snake, small crocodile, monkey, tortoise, pot belly pig) and fed some of them (birds, fishes). Little One Valenzuela also rode a horse and a wooden bicycle.

Kinder Zoo's Super Sulit Offer
The much talked about elephant, Mali. Yeah, One Valenzuela also thinks she needs more space.
There are some stores which sell food and drinks inside the zoo.
Have a photo with the colorful birds in this booth
The animals also feel the heat. Most of the animals were under the trees for some shade.
After about an hour, Little One Valenzuela got hungry and so the duo already went out of the zoo  to buy some fast food meals before their trip home. Just a tip, bring lots of water (for hydration) and towels (for your perspiration, hehe) when going to the zoo. 
How to reach Manila Zoo from Valenzuela City (via Public Transportation):
From Malinta, Valenzuela City, ride a jeepney along McArthur Hi-way going to Monumento (Php10.00). Go down at LRT Monumento Station. Ride the train up to Quirino Station (Php15.00).
Go down Quirino Station
Once you go down Quirino Station (right exit of the station), you will see jeepneys parked there which pass by Manila Zoo (Php8.00) or you can also walk along Quirino Avenue and reach the zoo in around 10 minutes.
When walking, Manila Zoo is just at the corner of M. Adriatico Street and Pres. Quirino Avenue.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gotta Walk the Dog: One Valenzuela and Bell! at the Valenzuela City Hall Complex

One Valenzuela's love for animals can be traced back to her childhood days. A run down on the various pets she had before will include dogs, a barangay of cats, fishes, chicks and ducks from palabunutan, spiders, a pair of turtles, pigeons, and lots of dagang costa.   

Many years later, One Valenzuela is now blessed with two furkids. It is a sunny weekend and Bell!, One Valenzuela's ball of energy, enjoyed some doggie running and walking at the Valenzuela City Hall grounds.

One happy Valenzuelana furball
What's that? It's a leaf, Bell!.
Enough of the coffee drinking, come on!
This is the result after the 30 minute walk.
Can we do it again next time? Yes, Bell!
One Valenzuela has been seeing quite a handful of Valenzuelanos walking, playing badminton, and exercising at the City Hall Grounds. She has also seen some cute chihuahuas running with their owner.

Thank God for this pretty neat haven.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mc Domeng in Obando, Bulacan: A Burgerrific Experience!

What makes Mc Domeng's burger ever so popular? 

After a day of fishing at Coloong last summer (hot but fun filled summer!), One Valenzuela's group decided to try out the burger of Mc Domeng. The road leading to Mc Domeng is closed then because of the ongoing construction. They had to take a different route which is a bit farther. 

After a very bumpy ride, One Valenzuela's group quickly proceeded to Mc Domeng's cashier and placed their orders.
Front of Mc Domeng in Obando, Bulacan
Mc Domeng Tel. No. 294-2064
Address: 20 P. Sevilla St., Catanghalan, Obando, Bulacan
Sandwiches, Rice meals, and Short Orders at Mc Domeng
Took photos while waiting for our order of tapsilog and cheeseburgers
The cashier gladly answered our queries. 
Mc Domeng's a simple dining place to munch on a good tasting burger.
One Valenzuela's order of Tapsilog
A staff told us that the Mc Domeng's burger patties are home made.  Apologies for not taking photos of the burgers. Ate them up as soon as they are served. 
The burgers that they had have slices of tomatoes, onions, and cucumber. One Valenzuela's uber sister commented that the taste is "natural na natural". Although she wished that there were french fries too, she said that the cheeseburger is quite big. It filled her very hungry tummy. One Valenzuela's order of tapsilog is also satisfying.

Uber Sister on Mc Domeng's
To answer the question "What makes Mc Domeng's burger ever so popular?", visit and dine at the place. The answer lies within you (One Valenzuela winks while typing the last sentence). 
How to get to Mc Domeng in Catanghalan, Obando, Bulacan:
There were several road constructions when One Valenzuela's group went to Mc Domeng's in Catanghalan, Obando, Bulacan. She was not able to figure out the lefts and rights of the vehicle but she did take a photo of a certain landmark that the locals call "Rebulto".

Note: Mc Domeng is so popular in Obando, almost all the individuals One Valenzuela asked for instructions while in the vehicle know where it is located.
Rebulto of Kap. Delfin Velilla
Visiting the Facebook page of Mc Domeng's, here is the instruction that was given when one is coming from Monumento, Caloocan City:
"Pag galing po kayo ng Monumento, mayroon pong jeepney sa likuran ng Victory Mall. Maaari po kayong magtanong doon ng sakayan papunta sa Obando, Bulacan. Sabihin lang po sa driver na Mc Domeng o kaya Petron sa Catanghalan." (Translation: If you are coming from Monumento, there are jeepneys at the back of Victory Mall. Ask there where you can ride a jeepney bound to Obando, Bulacan. Kindly tell the driver to drop you at Mc Domeng or at Petron in Catanghalan.)

Thank you for reading this article! 
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