Sunday, July 28, 2013

One Valenzuela's Thoughts on Growers Nutribar

One Valenzuela buys her daily office snack reserves from 7-Eleven. Her “burp” supplies include biscuits, bananas, and coffee sticks. As always, Growers Nutribar Apple Cinnamon is in the bag. Well, if you have been following this blog, you will know that apple pie is among One Valenzuela’s comfort foods to crave for.

Upon further assessment of the goods that she bought, reading the Nutrition Facts Table and ingredients, One Valenzuela glanced upon the manufacturer information of Nutribar. Manufactured by: G.F.I. Enterprises which is located in Valenzuela City. Cool! Well, yeah, not all would be as ecstatic as One Valenzuela. Knowing that what she eat is just produced nearby makes her want to see how it is made (wish,wish).
Growers Nutribar Apple Cinnamon
Nutribar Nutrition Facts (Apple Cinnamon):
Serving size 30g
Servings 1
Calories 120
Fat Cal. 10

What does One Valenzuela like about Nutribar? The flavor of Nutribar is Apple Cinnamon which is like eating apple pie in a bar form. Growers Nutribar has another variant, Chocolate Chips, but the former is her personal favorite. Nutribar Apple Cinnamon is also chewy! Being cholesterol-free and knowing that it does not contain any trans fat is also a plus for her. For those who are always on the go (like me!), Growers Nutribar can be slipped in the bag and munched on while travelling.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Little One Valenzuela’s Birthday Lunch at Shakey’s Valenzuela

Before checking out from Manila Grand Opera Hotel, One Valenzuela received a call from her uber sister. “Happy Birthday to my niece!” she exclaimed. Later on, hubby and One Valenzuela decided to treat Little One Valenzuela, her aunt, uncles, and grandpa for a birthday lunch. But where?

“Why not try Shakey’s? The one near SM Valenzuela.” Hubby said while packing their overnight bag.

A few texts later, the whole pack met up at Shakey’s. Mmm, this reminds One Valenzuela of her 7th birthday- Tatay and Nanay threw a children’s party for her at Shakey’s Monumento way back in 1990. Laking Shakey’s pala ako! (I grew up with Shakey’s! Mmm, gotta find those pictures now.)
Shakey's Valenzuela
They do not have to wait that long for the food to be served. The pizzas, chicken, mojos (forever a favorite!), pasta carbonara, tuna salad, and iced tea came just in time. They had a great meal, updating each other about life and recent issues.  
Pizza and pasta gone in a few minutes. Burp!

Little One Valenzuela, Lolo, and Tito: Shakey's is a great place to dine with the family

As expected, Tatay told the Shakey’s crew that it is his apo’s birthday. And as a special treat for a very special girl, Shakey’s gave Little One Valenzuela some free ice cream drizzled with chocolate before going home. 
Thank you Shakey's Valenzuela!
The best way for a blogger to show appreciation to great service and exemplary food is to write about them. Thank you, Shakey’s!
Want to dine at Shakey’s Valenzuela?
The restaurant is very easy to spot. Shakey’s Valenzuela is just beside SM Valenzuela and is along McArthur Highway in Brgy. Karuhatan.
A Shakey's restaurant was first built in the vicinity of a Petron gasoline station in Marulas. The existing Shakey's restaurant is now near SM Valenzuela.
Valenzuelanos, you may like Shakey’s on Facebook or visit their website at Delivery hotline: 77-777 for Metro Manila.
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Saan pa kaya dadalhin si One Valenzuela ng kanyang mga paa? 
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

One Valenzuela back at Manila Grand Opera Hotel & Casino

The first time One Valenzuela got into the Manila Grand Opera Hotel and Casino was when she had a seminar workshop on the use of a library database being launched by The National Library of the Philippines. Now, she is back with hubby and Little One Valenzuela. Her daughter is having her birthday and this is the gift that she asked for- a staycation at a hotel instead of the generic children's party that everyone was expecting them to throw.

Well, it's her birthday. Why not grant a little girl's wish?

Wearing their usual street smart clothes, forward they go to Manila Grand Opera Hotel and Casino on a Saturday after One Valenzuela's work.
Manila Grand Opera Hotel's share of history: the inauguration of the first Philippine Assembly

One Valenzuela asked for a Majestic Room with 2 single size beds. It was pretty affordable. It has a window and a television.
The ladies here are very accommodating. One Valenzuela remembers Song. Very warm smile.
Learning history in style.
The room that they got was pretty neat and clean. Little One Valenzuela loved snuggling in her bed and took a quick shower right after resting. She liked the fragrant shampoo and the dots on the complimentary soap which mimicked massage strokes when you rub it on your skin. While Little One Valenzuela was taking her bath, One Valenzuela tried the hotel's wifi connection. Read: Excellent.
Great beds to sleep in (the after good sleep scenario)
The room that they got comes with breakfast. One Valenzuela's family loved the breakfast spread. If she remembers it right, here's what she saw and ate at the buffet breakfast: fish tausi, bacon, hashbrowns, omelet, congee, pasta, kimchi, nori, pudding, chopped green and red apples for dessert. There's also mango jam (divine!), butter, and toasts. For drinks, they served coffee and juice. Yep, One Valenzuela had to let go of her usual diet. 
Buffet breakfast at Manila Grand Opera Hotel and Casino

Plate No. 1: Big Breakfast

Pudding was delicioso!

Hi Kuya Germs!
After breakfast, the whole pack went for a dip in the hotel's pool. What One Valenzuela liked about the pool is that she can easily see Little One Valenzuela at the shallow circular jacuzzi. The water is not cold (even at 10 p.m. in the evening, the pool was not that cold! Perfect for us water babies).
Wonderful pool
By the way, One Valenzuela was not able to try the restaurant and casino on this particular stay. Manila Grand Opera Hotel and Casino also offers free shuttle service to SM San Lazaro, Mall of Asia, and Lucky Chinatown Mall. To add, One Valenzuela also has to mention the hotel's great staff who greet and readily smile to guests. They are very accommodating.

One Valenzuela's family staycation over the weekend at Manila Grand Opera Hotel was a good one. Yeah, Manila Grand Opera Hotel is definitely a divine place to relax. Lastly, One Valenzuela would like to thank Manila Grand Opera Hotel for making their stay a memorable one, especially for Little One Valenzuela.  
How to reach Manila Grand Opera Hotel and Casino:
Valenzuelanos, the best way to go to Manila Grand Opera Hotel and Casino is to ride a jeepney along McArthur Hiway to LRT Monumento (from Malinta-Php10.00) and ride the train up to Doroteo Jose (Php15.00). If you do not mind the smoke, not so light traffic, and bumpy ride, you can take a jeepney all the way to the hotel (signage: Pier; from Malinta-Php19.00). 

One Valenzuela thinks that there are buses from Malinta Exit/Tollgate which you can ride all the way to Doroteo Jose too.

Doroteo Jose LRT Station
Manila Grand Opera Hotel and Casino
Address: 925 Rizal Ave. cor Doroteo Jose St., Sta. Cruz, Manila, 1003
Website: (for updated rates and promos)
Tel. No.: +63 2 3140090 to 99
Like Manila Grand Opera Hotel and Casino on Facebook:

Update as of January 1, 2015: There were several changes on One Valenzuela's second stay here (cold swimming pool, pool pass fees for kids, breakfast buffet, etc.) which were sadly not as good as before. Kindly check out Tripadvisor reviews on the place.

Friday, July 12, 2013

July 11 is Dr. Pio Valenzuela's Day

To pay homage to Dr. Pio Valenzuela (b.July 11, 1869-d.April 6, 1956) on his 144th birth anniversary, One Valenzuela decided to read the book of Isabelo T. Crisostomo entitled "Dr. Pio Valenzuela: Misunderstood Patriot" published in 2001. 

There is much more to Valenzuela than just a name of our city. 
“He [Dr. Pio Valenzuela] left a legacy of integrity and patriotism. He was a patriot of the first order who risked his life and future by joining the Katipunan when still a senior medical student and earned his medical degree and license while waging revolution against the Spanish government. His sacrifices for the Katipunan and the 1896 Revolution were immeasurable.

He was a tireless organizer and recruiter of the Katipunan and official of the society. He initiated and published the Kalayaan and served as Bonifacio’s special emissary to Rizal in Dapitan. He was a prison doctor who ministered to his sick fellow prisoners and a committed nationalist who not only fought the Spaniards but also refused to sign a pledge of cooperation with the United States as a condition for his release from prison. He was an upright and incorruptible politician, a devoted and provident husband and father to seven children, and a generous and selfless public health officer and country doctor.” pp.261-262., Dr. Pio Valenzuela: Misunderstood Patriot

Happy 144th birth anniversary, Dr. Pio! May your deeds remind us always to be exemplary Valenzuelanos.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ang Sarap maging Valenzuelano: Valenzuela City Museum's opening

Nais naming sa paglabas ng bawat tao sa Museo ay hindi lamang siya puno ng impormasyon, kundi may baong karanasan, masaya, at may kamalayan. At sasambitin nila, "Ang sarap maging Valenzuelano". (English Translation: We want that every individual who comes out of the museum will not only be full of information but be bringing with them experience, happiness, and awareness. They will say "It feels great to be a Valenzuelano".)

Those are some of the words that One Valenzuela vividly remembered from Mr. Jonathan Balsamo, Museo Valenzuela curator, as she eagerly waited for the opening of the second museum in Valenzuela right in the heart of the city hall complex last 27th of June. She got an invite and was more than happy to witness the said event.

The opening was well attended. Mayor Win was there, a few other key personalities of the city, and some students. Gemma Cruz-Araneta is invited as the special guest of the said event.

Mayor Win speaks of  a museum's importance to its community.
Gemma Cruz-Araneta is given a book about Dr. Pio Valenzuela by Mayor Win Gatchalian and Architect Valenzuela.
One Valenzuela took Archaeology classes before and was very happy about the tektites found in Pugad Baboy, now  known as Brgy. Gen. T. De Leon. Salamat, H. Otley Beyer.
The opening of the museum was well attended. 
Aha! Now One Valenzuela got to know more about Kapitan Delfin Velilla,  which they passed by  on their way to Mc Domeng in Obando, Bulacan. Locals call the marker "rebulto".
Arkong Bato is a stone arc built in 1910 by Americans to serve as a mark between the province of  Bulacan and  Rizal. Many of the attendees said "Ang bilis ng biyahe!" as they happily walk below the arc.
Products which are proudly made in Valenzuela City.
Jonathan Balsamo explains the role that Valenzuela City played in the movie industry to Gemma Cruz-Araneta and Architect Valenzuela. 
Mayor Win Gatchalian looks on.
Mayor Win being interviewed by television personnel.
Going by the exit door, One Valenzuela would say that the museum definitely served its purpose. Ang sarap maging Valenzuelano. 

How to reach Valenzuela City Museum:
Well, the Valenzuela City Museum is quite easy to locate. Simply go to the Valenzuela City Hall which is situated in Brgy. Karuhatan and is along McArthur Hiway. 

The museum is open from 9am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday. It is free and open to the public.