Monday, October 28, 2013

A Simple Poem for Father

Tatay is turning 55 today. Dusting off the cobwebs from the boxes of pictures (thanks Byby!) and removing the rust on her Filipino poem writing skills, One Valenzuela veers away from her usual articles and dedicates this post to her father.

Para Kay Tatay: Isang Tula ng Pagmamahal 
(For Father: A Poem of Love)

Tiyaga at sipag ang kaagapay Di alintana ang hirap sa buhay Masayang ngiti at manibela ang naging kaakibat Upang kami’y mabigyan ng higit pa sa sapat Dahil sa tatlong makulit lumapad ang noo Kahit na ganoon sa amin ika’y nag-iisang guwapo Nakamit marami nating mithiin Diyos at pamilya sa puso’t isip ay kapiling Bagama’t subukin man ng panahon Nananatiling matatag sa bawat pagkakataon Isang astig at kwelang ama Wala na kaming mahihiling pa Ikaw ay sadyang walang kapantay Ikaw sa amin ang DA BEST tatay.

I am a proud daughter of a hardworking taxi driver.

Raising three naughty kids is tough. Salute to you and nanay!

Happy Birthday, Tatay! 
Mahal na mahal po namin kayo. 
(We love you so much.)
To every Valenzuelano daughter/son, kindly hug and thank your tatay/papa/dad/erpat. Try to always show him how much you care, even if it is not Father's Day.  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Doggy Day to the Vet: Animal Shop Veterinary Clinic, Pet Shop & Kennel Supply at Paso de Blas, Valenzuela City

Ooooops! Almost forgot about Bell's yearly 5 in 1 vaccination. We went to the Animal Shop Veterinary Clinic at Brgy. Paso de Blas. Dr. Esteban was also the veterinarian of my old pal aspin, Kulit.

Bell is being extra friendly to manong jeepney driver
Dr. Isagani S. Esteban giving Bell her vaccine.
Animal Shop can be easily seen near Malinta Exit/ Tollgate with this big signage.
 It is open daily from 9a.m. to 7p.m.
A treat after the vet visit. Good girl!
Her two cents: One Valenzuela has observed that a few would just acquire a pet and show them off to people. Once their pet gets sick, they would suddenly scrimp on giving them proper medication.  She believes that every pet animal must be given ample care and love.
Animal Shop Veterinary Clinic, Pet Shop & Kennel Supply
Address: #121 Paso de Blas, Valenzuela City (across CVC in Malinta Exit/Tollgate)
Tel. No. (02) 292-7255
Who is your vet? 
One Valenzuela is planning to make a mini-directory of pet clinics in our city on a separate post. Can you help out? 
Details such as the (1) name of the clinic, (2) veterinarian, (3) clinic hours, (4) exact location, (5) contact numbers, (6) specialization (opt.) are needed. She will be calling the clinics too to ask for permission to post. Kindly drop a message at the Comments Section.

These details shall be very helpful to our fellow Valenzuelanos, especially to those who are new to taking care of animal friends. 

One Valenzuela hopes that you will support the said cause. :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Quick Visit to Great Falls Resort in Maysan, Valenzuela City

Flashback to November 2004: One Valenzuela plunges into the cool pool of Great Falls Resort early in the morning. She was trying her best to swim up to the other end of the pool but only managed to reach just one fourth of her goal. Yay!

On her last semester in college, instead of just settling down with her grueling thesis writing days, she still enrolled in a swimming class because of two reasons: (1) the P.E. class was free (required number of P.E. classes was just 4, she was already on her 6th; thank you College of Human Kinetics!), and (2) she does not know how to swim. (-_-)

“Swim-ins” (sit-in) in the next swimming classes were not enough for One Valenzuela to pass the final examination of 5 minute threading, laps of breast stroke, free style, and backstroke. That is when the nearby pool along Maysan came to help as her secondary pool practicing area.

Great Falls Resort is located at #205 Maysan Road, Valenzuela City
Great Falls Resort: A Quick Visit on a Ber-month morning

Praktis ka?” (Translation: Are you going to practice [swimming]?) a familiar voice said. It is that kuya way back in 2004! Though One Valenzuela cannot really remember his name (apologies), he is still as helpful and hospitable as before.

"Hindi, Kuya. Kukuha lang po ako ng pictures para sa blog." (Translation: No. I'll just take photos for the blog.) But how One Valenzuela wish that she could take a dip in the pool again! Haist, need to go back to the office right after this 7 a.m. visit. 

Front of Great Falls Resort
"Sige, libot ka lang." (Go ahead and look around.) he said. After quite a number of years, so much has changed! Swimming here is still affordable though, especially for those groups working on a budget.

Swimming rates and Cottage Price List
Great Falls Resort Swimming Rates and Cottage Price List (as of October 2013):

Day time swimming (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.): Php80.00 (adults) and Php50.00 (kids)
Night swimming: 7:00 p.m. to 12 m.n. - Php100.00 (adults) and Php80.00 (kids), min. of 15 adults
                         7:00 p.m. to 3 a.m. - Php150.00 (adults) and Php100.00 (kids), min. of 20 adults

Cottages range from Php500.00 to Php300.00.

Reminders for swimmers
One of the cottages
Children's pool

Main pool where One Valenzuela learned to swim laps

One of the pools inside the private area
Swimplus Philippines: Learn 2 Swim
The children's pool is a new addition to the place as well as several big cottages which can accommodate big groups. One Valenzuela believes that the place will be offering Valenzuelanos more in the years to come. Going back here reminds One Valenzuela of her swimming bloopers and, of course, good old memories with her family and friends. 

Thank you Great Falls Resort!  

(What was One Valenzuela's grade for her swimming class? Aced it! Hihihi.)
How to reach Great Falls Resort:

Great Falls Resort can be easily seen along Maysan Road. It is just one jeepney ride away from the city hall (Jeepney signages: Novaliches Bayan, Tollgate, Bagbaguin) at Php8.00. In about 15 minutes, you will reach Maysan Bridge and see Great Falls Resort.
Telephone Number: (02)383-2752

Right after Maysan Bridge
Like Great Falls Resort on Facebook to know more about the place and their latest promos.
UPDATE: Check out One Valenzuela's most recent Great Falls Resort experience here: 

UBE at Great Falls Resort, Brgy. Maysan, Valenzuela City

Thank you for dropping by this post! 
Kung nakapag-swimming ka na sa Great Falls Resort, may makulit ka bang kwento? Pa-share naman, ka-Valenzuelano!
Please feel free to leave your message below, especially if you would like to suggest a place to visit here in our city. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nom de Plume: Madlang Away

Lucky enough to catch the last show of "Nom de Plume: Madlang Away" by Valenzuela City Center for the Performing Arts (VCCPA) today at the City Auditorium.

The Valenzuela Facebook page describes it as "... a musical based on the life of Dr. Pio Valenzuela and his roles in the Katipunan revolution and post colonialism town of Polo, Bulacan that now bears his name."

It was well received by the audience, hearing numerous claps and "Ayiiiii..." responses when the young Pio Valenzuela and his bride were about to kiss. One Valenzuela has read some pages of a book about Dr. Pio. Watching the play capped the experience. It is definitely a virulent play that enriches and empowers every Valenzuelano.

Salute to VCCPA for a job well done.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shoe Sale!!! Marikina Visits Valenzuela

Here are a few snapshots from the Sapatos Festival 2013 which were held at the Geronimo Angeles Building Grounds, Valenzuela City Hall Complex.

I feel good sa Marikina shoes!

Love the smell of new shoes straight from the box.

A lady trying out some sandals.

Cinderella might ride this one.

The shoe festival ran for 3 days starting September 30, 2013.