Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thank you, U.P. Veterinary Teaching Hospital!

In the middle of February, One Valenzuela noticed that their furball, Bell, has cloudy eyes. This was quite unusual and so she googled for some information regarding the said condition. The internet did gave answers, a looot of answers, which definitely made her a bit uneasy and worried about their canine bunso.  

Notice those cloudy eyes? Bell was still as active as ever but then her "cataract like" eye condition is troubling. A week before this happened, One Valenzuela observed Bell having an increased amount of muta (eye secretions). 
With no further delay, off they went to the University of the Philippines Veterinary Teaching Hospital. They travelled via public transportation. Good thing, Bell is used to travelling and meeting other people. 
Getting nearer U.P. Vet. 
Front of U.P. Veterinary Teaching Hospital

We had a long night hunting for food. Don't disturb us. :)
Cases are handled by veterinary students under the supervision of a veterinarian. Can I insert "awesome" somewhere in the middle and in the end of the first sentence?
After checking on Bell's body and a complete blood count (CBC) test (consultation fee is Php150.00; CBC test is at Php300.00-got the results in less than two hours), the veterinarian explained that One Valenzuela's furkid has a low platelet count which is caused by tick bite/s (garapata in Filipino). It is called ehrlichiosis, a dengue like disease among dogs. An article from the Makati Dog and Cat Hospital site discusses more about the symptoms: "the most common signs that owners observe are weakness, loss of appetite (even with their favorite meal!). There are a number of dogs with a lot of eye secretion aka ‘muta’. If you check their gums and the inside of their ears, you could see that it’s relatively pale from the original pinkish color. All these signs are brought about by low red blood cell count and its components, low platelet and most of the time high white blood cell count." 

"Bestfriends", monument in fiberglass, by Glenn A. Cagandahan. It depicts a man sitting on his knee while caressing a dog. The design conveys that man and animal are created equal. This connotes that while animal provides unconditional love and companionship, owning them means taking on the responsibility to care for them throughout their lives. 
Bell was given medications which she took for 14 days. On their second check up, her blood test has improved yet she has to continue her antibiotic together with a supplement. On their third visit this March, Bell is given a clean bill of health. Hooray!
"O, graduate ka na!" the vet said. See how happy Bell is after her third visit.
One Valenzuela would like to thank the soon-to-be veterinarians of U.P. Veterinary Teaching Hospital who handled Bell's case. She also want to extend her special appreciation  to Dr. Rouchelle, a super friendly and zealous veterinarian whom Bell definitely got cozy with. Salamat po ng marami!
Getting there:
From Brgy. Malinta, ride an EDSA bound bus (Php23.00). Go down SM North EDSA and find the jeepney terminal. Hop on a jeepney going to U.P. Diliman (Php11.00). Ask the driver to drop you at Checkpoint. Turn right at Emilio Jacinto Street. U.P. Veterinary Teaching Hospital can be found a few meters near the College of Fine Arts.

Ride a jeepney at SM North EDSA with the signage U.P. Diliman.

Go down at Checkpoint.

Turn right at Emilio Jacinto Street.
You will see this sign which points to the direction where you can find U.P. Vet-Med.

U.P. Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Schedule of U.P. Veterinary Teaching Hospital as of March 2014. Every furparent is reminded to keep their dog/cat in a leash or carrier.

U.P. Veterinary Teaching Hospital
University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
Contact Number: (02) 928-5436 
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

JE Hapag-Kainan at Barangay Marulas, Valenzuela City

Aching to try something new on the last week of February (still having computer problems, huhu), One Valenzuela's happy feet and hungry tummy led her to Barangay Marulas. As she was wandering along the road, she found JE Hapag-Kainan which is just beside Chowking. One Valenzuela remembered her brother saying that he has eaten here and liked the food. Ah, it's now her turn!
JE Hapag-Kainan
Toripork, Crispy Bagnet with Ensaladang Mangga, Cheex Platter, and Sea Wonderer (Php129-149) listed under JE's Forte are the must-haves in their menu
Asking the staff, One Valenzuela learned that JE Hapag-Kainan opened last October 2013 and was recently renovated. They have budget meals, barkada meals, vegetable and meat dishes, several coolers and desserts.
Budget meals start at Php79.00
After ordering, One Valenzuela observed that the restaurant is really clean. The color combination of the paint and furniture is easy on the eyes. She also liked the native chairs in front of JE's. 
Al fresco dining at JE Hapag-Kainan. By the way, JE Hapag-Kainan also has free WiFi. 
One Valenzuela tried JE's Heart's Month Promo- a combo meal which include chicken cordon bleu with supreme cream sauce, truffled mashed potatoes, served with rice. For the dessert, she got an ice cream mousse instead of the eton mess which was not available during that day. A glass of lemon iced tea is included in the combo meal.
Love is in the air...also in the plate! Php143 Combo Meal
The chicken cordon bleu was cooked the way she liked it- crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Their mashed potatoes also tasted delish. The dessert was quite simple. It was composed of crushed graham crackers, cream, strawberry ice cream and chocolate drizzle. How she wished that there were real strawberries in it too!

Dessert included in the 143 Combo Meal: a simple and sweet way to end a good meal.
There are many places where one can chow in Barangay Marulas and JE Hapag-Kainan is one of those restaurants where one can have a good dining experience. Will be back here again to try their crispy bagnet soon.
JE Hapag-Kainan
Address: Unit 104 #9 Sampaguita Street., Barangay Marulas, Valenzuela City
Telephone Number: (02)709-8532
Business Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Congratulations to our Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations, Cedrix!

Cedrix received his basket of goodies and movie tickets last February (so this is a late post, having pc problems). Hope you enjoyed the movies!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

List of Resorts in Valenzuela City

Staycation in the city? Here you will find a partial list of resorts located in Valenzuela, together with past articles and links to Facebook pages, if available. One Valenzuela did some research and here is the product of her work. She hopes to help Valenzuelanos in planning their recreational activities and, of course, to show support to the entrepreneurs in the city.

This page is updated from time to time. Last Update: April 2017
Arkong Bato
Trisha Land Garden Resort
Villa Blessie Private Pool (a.k.a Villa Blehtot) (see Facebook page)

Blue Oyster Villa Dolores
Lanzones Resort (Bilog, Balangkas)(see Facebook page)
Le Rinell Resort (see available post) (see Facebook page)

Aquarius Swimming Pool (see Facebook page)

Tierra Buena Swimming Pool (see Facebook page)

JAN Resort (see Facebook page)
Pisces Resort and Hotel (see Facebook page)
Sebastian Private Resort(Coloong 1)
Claro's Pavillion Resort (Coloong 2)

Gen. T. De Leon
Ten-Ten Private Pool (see Facebook page)

Lawang Bato
Marco Pool and Events Place (see Facebook page)

Ading's Resort (see available post) (see Facebook page) 
Emy’s Pool 

Villa Angelina Resort 

110 Resort (see Facebook page)
Blue Oasis Private Pool (see website)
Great Falls Resort (see available post 1 / see post 2) (see Facebook page)

Buenas Diaz Resort (see available post
Concepcion Ville Martha Resort (see available post) (see Facebook page)

Pontemar Resort 

La Bella Villa Resort (see Facebook page)

La Casa Antigo Resort (see available post) (see Facebook page)

Good Deal Resort (see Facebook page)
Rolling Hills Resort (see Facebook page)
Villa Engracia Garden and Farm Resort (see Facebook page)

Know of a resort which is not on the list? Any update or correction? Let us complete the list together! Send One Valenzuela an e-mail at onevalenzuelano@gmail.com, a message at the One Valenzuela Facebook page, or post a comment below. 

Salamat po! (Thank you!)