Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Abe San Japanese Resto at Brgy. Malinta, Valenzuela City

A few months ago, a dining place caught the attention of One Valenzuela as she and a handful of students traversed Gov. I. Santiago Road in their school service on the way to the National Library. It read "Abe San". From there, she took a mental note that she will visit it in the future.

This Good Friday, One Valenzuela went for a joy ride in the city together with hubby and Little One Valenzuela. After stopping by Pasolo Maternity and Medical Clinic, they then went to  Abe San. 

Luckily, Abe San was open. It has a wide open space for parking vehicles. By observation, the place can accommodate a small group of people and she somewhat wished it was a bit cooler especially now that we're in the middle of summer. But after being greeted with a warm smile by Mr. Abe (he even took their motorcycle helmets and placed them neatly at the side of the table), One Valenzuela knew that they are in for a treat.

Abe San Japanese Resto
Kawaii paper lanterns!
The Japanese restaurant was opened five months ago by Mr. Abe and his Filipino wife. Mr. Abe cooks the food for diners. You would not mind the modesty of the place knowing that your sashimi shall be prepared by a real Japanese. This scenario reminded One Valenzuela of Suzuki Japanese Carinderia in Tondo, Manila

You'll find the following in Abe San's printed menu: tonkatsu, gyudon, oyakodon, katsudon, burger steak, fish fry, gyoza, koroke, omurice, tonteki, teriyaki (pork and chicken), tempura, ika ring, french fries, oden, sashimi, and sushi. Most of them are in the 35 to 60 pesos price range. Only the ika rings, tempura, and sashimi are in the Php100-150 bracket. 

Got no idea of what you will get? Look at Abe San's walls
Asking for their bestsellers, Mrs. Abe suggested something which was not on the menu. "Try our ramen.", she said. After a while, the group settled for two bowls of ramen (Php120 per serving), a plate of gyoza (Php35), tamago (Php70), and two bottles of ice cold soft drinks.

Abe San's Ramen (Php120.00)
Tamago (Php70.00)
Mrs. Abe said that one can also order a set of this at Php380.00. 
The ramen's soup was really good! Ang sarap! One Valenzuela definitely enjoyed the ramen. The gyoza is satisfactory. Hubby loved the tamago, especially its sticky rice.  

There's a reason to go back here since Mr. Abe's wife recommended One Valenzuela to try out another type of ramen. This and the other food listed on the menu made her look forward into visiting Abe San on another occasion. Before the group got on the motorcycle, Mr. Abe said "Salamat!". 

You are welcome. Until our next visit! 
There is beauty in simplicity.
Abe San Japanese Resto
Address: No. 5 Gov. I. Santiago Road, Malinta, Valenzuela City
(Infront of St. Louis Compound and right after Bible Institute for the Deaf)
Telephone Number: (02)444-8316 / 0939-1944526 and 0929-3363153 (Updated as of Jan. 15, 2015)
Business Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily

Some readers are asking for directions on how to reach Abe San. Thus, here are some images to help you eatsplore your way to Abe San's humble resto.

From MacArthur Highway
You will find Abe San right after the Bible Institute for the Deaf (red inverted triangle)
Updated: May 9, 2015
Updated: Abe San is already closed as of October 2015. Hope to hear about their whereabouts if in case they open up again in another spot.
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Pasolo Maternity and Medical Clinic at Brgy. Pasolo, Valenzuela City

One Valenzuela's humble beginnings. Born in the1980's here in this modest clinic at Barangay Pasolo.

Took several shots.  While snapping photos, an old lady living across the street said "Lahat ng anak ko, diyan ko ipinanganak."  (All my children were born there.)
Pasolo Maternity and Medical Clinic
152 Pasolo Road, Pasolo, Valenzuela City
Never forget your past, it's the foundation that built your existence and the secret to your future. (Jasmina Siderovski)
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beautiful Churches in Valenzuela City: San Diego De Alcala Church

Located at Barangay Poblacion, San Diego De Alcala Church was the first ever Parish in Valenzuela City. Built in 1632, majority of the church was destroyed during the Japanese Occupation. At present, the belfry and the entrance arch are the remaining structures of the original church.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Paraiso ni Baste at Canumay East, Valenzuela City: A Quick Getaway from the City in the City

Yehey! It is summer once again! For a quick respite from the sweltering heat, One Valenzuela and Little One Valenzuela woke up early on a Friday morning to swim and  have some fun at Paraiso ni Baste Resort. It is a fairly new getaway located at Canumay East. The resort had its soft opening last April 9, 2013. 

One Valenzuela has already asked for directions via Paraiso ni Baste's Facebook page a few months ago, thinking that she will have some free time during the last leg of the semester. Hehe, guess things did not go as expected and so she had to wait (and work, work,work) until the first week of April.

Here's where you pay for the entrance fee and cottage rental. You will also see that a large parking space is available.
One of the many kubos in the resort. It can accommodate 10 to 15 persons. And yeah, they are guarded by dinosaurs! 
Viva Valenzuela! Now wearing Paraiso ni Baste's waterproof wristbands. The day of fun starts here!
There are several types of cottages available for visitors. Paraiso ni Baste has Tables, Cottages, Kubo, King Kubo, and Function Hall. One Valenzuela decided to get a table (Php300.00) since they do not need so much space. She chose a table which has a view of the kiddie pool and the middle pool.

Going around, One Valenzuela took several snapshots of the various cottages. It is a big plus to see a trash can and a metal rack in each one of them.  
Got a table which can accommodate 4 to 5 persons (Php300.00).  The staff were very helpful to the point where One Valenzuela no longer have to ask for help in adjusting the umbrella. They instantly came and offered their service.
Paraiso ni Baste's King Kubo
Meet and greet the King of the Huts
Cottages which can accommodate 8 to 12 persons. One Valenzuela liked that there are trash cans and metal racks.  Lets you focus more on having a great time minus the hassle of  figuring out where the nearest trash bin is or where to put your wet stuff .
There are several life size animal and dinosaur statues in Paraiso ni Baste. Unlike other resorts which have their displays painted so-so, Paraiso ni Baste's statues look more real than One Valenzuela expected. You will also see small laminated cards with information beside the dinosaurs.
Once those vines grow a bit more, this pathway shall be covered with foliage and flowers.
Wonderful attention to detail. See those whiskers?
Rules and regulations of the resort are placed in various areas to inform the visitors. Lifeguards and staff on duty, who wear yellow shirts,  are also visible. From time to time, some of them would check the cleanliness of the pool water and its surroundings.
Visitors are reminded to follow the rules and regulations imposed by the resort. These are actually very generic and are for everyone's safety as well as to maintain the resort's ambiance.
Lifeguard on duty.
One Valenzuela saw how courteous the lifeguards are when they ask visitors to follow the resort's policies.
Yes, she heard them say "po" and "opo". ^_^
Paraiso ni Baste has three swimming pools. One for kids, another one built with batong buhay (that was how the lifeguard described it), and a lap pool. Manong  security guard said that Paraiso ni Baste will be building more pools in the future. 

The middle pool in the resort. One Valenzuela loves how warm the water is. A staff told her that this is the effect of the natural stones which were used here.
The King of the Jungle and a lifeguard take watch. This particular pool has a depth of 4 to 5 feet.
The Kiddie Pool which is 3 feet deep. See the famous Hello Kitty design?
Slide for children. Can't count how many times Little One Valenzuela went up and slid down. Inggit si mommy. ^_^

A short video of the two pools

Paraiso ni Baste's lap pool is 4 feet deep. One Valenzuela did a few laps of backstroke and breaststroke here. 

A short video of the lap pool area.

Shower area and comfort rooms. Another one is located near the kiddie pool. Hands down for the cleanliness! 
Little One Valenzuela in her full water gear. 
Little One Valenzuela stayed much of the time at the pool intended for children. Here, she practiced her flutter kicks in preparation for her swimming class the next day. She even taught her mom how to do some mermaid moves! Alona, is that you? 

Overall, mom and daughter really enjoyed their stay in the resort. One Valenzuela believes that Paraiso ni Baste has a lot more to offer in the near future. She highly recommends Valenzuelanos to visit the resort. After all, who doesn't want a quick escape from the city IN the city? 


Paraiso ni Baste Resort Fees (as of April 2014):
Day Swimming (from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.): Adults (Php180.00); Kids (Php120.00)
Night Swimming (from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.): Adults (Php200.00); Kids (Php150.00)
Day to Night: Adults (Php300.00); Kids (Php220.00)

Check out the image below for Cottage Rates.
Paraiso ni Baste Entrance Fees and Cottage Rates
You may bring your own food in the resort. Grills are also available. Snacks such as siomai, siopao, popcorn, ice cream, cup noodles, etc. are sold at Paraiso ni Baste. Alcoholic beverages can also be bought here. There were some non-food items such as swimwear and accessories as well as some basic toiletries. 
They also have a loading station.

Jeepney ride from Malinta, McArthur Highway to Metrobank Bagbaguin - Php10.00/ head
Tricycle ride from Metrobank Bagbaguin to Paraiso ni Baste Resort - Php10.00/head
Tricycle Options when Going Home:
Tricycle ride from Paraiso ni Baste Resort (walk near Canumay East Elementary School) to Malinta Tollgate/Exit (East Service Road)- Php10.00/head; OR 
Tricycle ride from Paraiso ni Baste Resort gate to Metrobank Bagbaguin - Php40.00 (special ride)

How to reach Paraiso ni Baste via Public Transportation:
Here is the response to One Valenzuela's query for commuting directions from Brgy. Malinta to the resort: "Sakay po kayo ng jeep papuntang Novaliches Bayan tapos sabihin ninyo sa driver na Metrobank Bagbaguin lang kayo. Pagdating ninyo po sa Metrobank, may terminal ng tricycle doon. Sakay po kayo at sabihin ninyo lang po na sa Paraiso ni Baste po kayo. " (Ride a jeepney going to Novaliches Bayan and tell the driver to drop you at Metrobank Bagbaguin. When you reach Metrobank, you will find a tricycle terminal. Ride one and tell the driver to bring you to Paraiso ni Baste.)

Metrobank Bagbaguin
Ride a tricycle to Paraiso ni Baste (Php10.00/person).
Kuya was very alert and even managed to pose as One Valenzuela quickly clicked the camera.
By the way, One Valenzuela saw several children taking up swimming lessons at the resort under Coach Rod Sacdalan
of Modern Aquatic Swimming School, Inc.
Paraiso ni Baste's front gate. Construction of another building is taking place within the vicinity.
There's so much more to look forward to!

On your way home, you may walk a bit to the right of Paraiso ni Baste until you reach Canumay East Elementary School along D. Bonifacio Street to ride a tricycle going to Malinta Tollgate/Exit (Php10.00/head). Or, you can go back to Metrobank Bagbaguin at Php40.00 (special ride).  

Wait for a tricycle at Linda's Store.
Paraiso ni Baste
Address: #46 Molina Street, corner Marton Road, Canumay East, Valenzuela City
Contact Numbers: (02) 456-8587 / (0917)7922728

Like Paraiso ni Baste on Facebook here to know more about the resort. Have a great summer vacation, Valenzuelanos!
Paraiso ni Baste is also on Instagram
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