Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Of Joy Rides and a Bit of City History: Old Water Tank at Brgy. Dalandanan, Valenzuela City

While having another joy ride in the city, One Valenzuela has to stop and look at the towering structure enclosed in a small park.

"Lumang tangke yan ng tubig." (That's an old water tank.) a man answered when One Valenzuela asked a fellow Valenzuelano sitting among the benches near the structure. That's all he knew. He shrugged as he cannot give more information.

The old water tank is located at Esteban North Street, Brgy. Dalandanan, Valenzuela City.

Mmm, interesting. Expect updates on this post as soon as she gets more details about it.

Old Water Tank at Brgy. Dalandanan, Valenzuela City
Another shot of the tank
Whew!?! Ang taas! How many steps do you see?
Right beside the structure is a day care center
A pocket park in the vicinity.
Do you know more about this place? 
Would love to hear from you. Kindly post your answer below. Thank you!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Out for Lunch at Little Beijing Chinese Cuisine

Armed with a stash of cash from her teaching stint, One Valenzuela said "Libre ko kayo ng lunch!" to hubby and Little One Valenzuela. Hubby has been picking up the tab lately and so One Valenzuela thought that it was now her turn to take him out. 

Mmm, where to eat? One Valenzuela was eager to eat at Little Beijing Chinese Cuisine, a newly opened restaurant near SM Center Valenzuela. The place has been open for about a month now.

By lunch time, the parking space in front of the restaurant is already a bit full. 
The store's interior is tastefully done. The interplay of ambient lighting and the earthly colors of the walls and fixtures gives a relaxing atmosphere (much like a spa in a way). Well, who wouldn't want to chill while eating good food? 
Look at those pretty earthly shades.
Little One Valenzuela said "Ma, their comfort room smells good!". And it's clean too.  
Checking out the menu, Little Beijing Chinese Cuisine offers a variety of hot soup, dimsum, noodles, congee, rice toppings, seafood, vegetable, meat and chicken dishes. The prices range from Php65 (dimsum) to Php400 (for sharing). Little One Valenzuela was looking for dessert but then they do not have it on the menu. 

Hubby initially ordered Steamed Lapu-lapu while One Valenzuela wanted to try their Camaron Rebusado (Because she loves that dish so much! She will ask for it in any Chinese restaurant.). Sadly, these were not available on that day. Awww. After a while, the group settled for Salt and Pepper Shrimps, Chopsuey, and Chinese Chorizo Fried Rice. They also ordered Shark's Fin Dumpling and Tausi Spareribs.

Complimentary tea is given as you wait for your order.
The food quickly arrived on the table.

The chopsuey (Php150) got lots of liver, shrimp, and several kinds of mushroom. The vegetables are crisp.
One Valenzuela also ate the shell of the Salt and Pepper Shrimp (Php270). ^_^
Tausi Spareribs (Php70): very tender meat! 
Little One Valenzuela ordered Shark's Fin Dumpling (Php70). She finished it in a matter of minutes. 
The group had a lovely lunch at Little Beijing Chinese Cuisine. When One Valenzuela asked hubby on what is his verdict, he said "Masarap naman lahat eh!" (Everything tasted delicious!). Since there are still a lot of dishes to try on the menu, a second food trip is well on its way. One Valenzuela is hopeful that the somewhat elusive Lapu-lapu and Camaron Rebusado will be available on their next visit.

Little Beijing Chinese Cuisine
Address: 186 MacArthur Highway, Brgy. Karuhatan, Valenzuela City
Telephone Number: (02) 782-3924 / (02) 432-1352
Business Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Like Little Beijing Chinese Cuisine on Facebook here.
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Beautiful Churches in Valenzuela City: San Roque Chapel

"Doon po sa amin, bayan ng San Roque, 
May nagkatuwaang apat na pulubi;
Nagsayaw ang pilay, umawit ang pipi,
Nanood ang bulag, nakinig ang bingi."

One Valenzuela visited the San Roque chapel in Brgy. Mabolo yesterday. San Roque is the Patron Saint of the sick and invalid. He is also known  as the Patron Saint of the unmarried in the city, thus, drawing many devotees looking for "the one" to also participate in the street dancing activity which is done yearly.

The feast is celebrated every 12th of May, which happens to be tomorrow. Expect the chapel and the streets near it to be full of merry people. Mano po, San Roque! Happy Fiesta!

San Roque Chapel is located at Brgy. Mabolo, Valenzuela City.
The marker in front of the church. 
A short video clip of the San Roque Chapel.

Bought several snacks here: espasol (Php50), a small slice of sapin-sapin (Php20), and a big jar of roasted cashew nuts (Php250).
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

One Valenzuela Blog Policies

Al fresco merienda at a local barbecue stand.
Sometimes, One Valenzuela would just pop out a question to a fellow Valenzuelano during a joy ride break.  
Salamat po sa inyong pagbisita sa blog! (Thank you for visiting the blog!)
One Valenzuela’s main objective is to promote the various activities and places in Valenzuela City, Philippines. At times, the blog features sites outside the city which also include details on how Valenzuelanos can reach them. Ultimately, this blog is maintained as the author’s tribute to her hometown.   
Posts. The author is also given an alias, "Happy Feet" (after that sweet penguin in the famous movie), by her hubby because she loves to check out places she has not been to. Admittedly, she has visited a number of spots outside Valenzuela but has not explored what her city of origin has to offer. Realizing it soon enough, she made a promise to go around the various barangays in the city to know more about her roots, the people, and the culture which made Valenzuela a unique and lovable city to live in.   

Unless otherwise stated, One Valenzuela finances her escapades and (mis)adventures with her own hard earned money. 

Giveaways. The author sets up giveaway promotions to say “Thank you!” to the visitors of the blog who has shown steady support through time. One Valenzuela will gladly host contests and giveaways for the benefit of the blog readers.
Advertisements. The blog has progressively received page views from its inception and it is growing through time. This blog accepts relevant advertisements at its sidebar from establishments within and around the city.

Terms of UseAll posts and images in this blog belong to the author of One Valenzuela. Please notify the blogger at the e-mail given below to express your interests on using any content from the blog. If you are given express consent, (1) indicate that it came from One Valenzuela, and (2) provide a link back to this site.
Kindly e-mail your queries and concerns at onevalenzuelano@gmail.com.
Again, thank you very much for your interest in One Valenzuela. 

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