Sunday, June 29, 2014

3N Bakery: Bicol's Best Toasted Siopao in Valenzuela City

If you regularly commute along McArthur Highway going to Monumento, you have probably noticed this new bakery along the Our Lady of Fatima University strip of restaurants and shops. One Valenzuela got the chance to line up here (and test her patience! 12th customer po) last week for some toasted siopao.
Source: 3N Bakery's Facebook Page
Each toasted siopao costs just Php9.00. One Valenzuela bought ten pieces so that she can share it at home.

This box contains ten pieces of toasted siopao goodness.

Unlike the usual siopao which is white and steamed, 3N's toasted siopao is much like a stuffed monay and is baked. Their siopao has an asado filling with a slice of egg. It is good to eat on its own-- no sauce is needed. 
This batch of toasted siopao is gone in a few minutes.

Their siopao is delicious and filling. One or two pieces of siopao together with some coffee is a good combination, especially on rainy afternoon breaks.
------ 3N Bakery: Bicol's Best Toasted Siopao (Valenzuela branch)
Baking Hours: 8am to 8pm daily.
Address: 117c McArthur Highway, Brgy. Marulas, Valenzuela City (near Fatima University)
Telephone Number: (02) 432-0907 / (0907)808-4263 (source: 3N bakery flyer)
Check their Facebook page here. For 3N Bakery's list of branches, click here.
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Aling Simang's Quekiam in Divisoria: the KMJS aftermath

One Valenzuela has been into a lot of office work lately. During her free time, she tries to prepare for Little One Valenzuela’s birthday due next month. Like any nanay who would like to make the most out of her budget, she also went to Divisoria to buy some cute toys at Bodega Sale and get a few artsy decors along Tabora Street.

Come lunch time and she was hungry as a bear. One Valenzuela took the cue from Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) and looked for Aling Simang’s. The segment of KMJS as well as some netizens have been raving about Aling Simang’s round quekiam. Why not give it a try?

After buying some glittery cloth along Ylaya Street, she asked a vendor for instructions. “Punta ka sa kabilang side ng kalye. Sa Ylaya-Tondo.” he said. Ehhh!?! He explained that One Valenzuela is at Ylaya Street but nearer Binondo. When you walk along Ylaya going to Padre Rada Street, that is what they call “Ylaya-Tondo”.  Ahhh.

After passing by rows and rows of rubber slippers, she finally saw Aling Simang’s at her left. She did not see any signage that says it is the "Aling Simang's" that she was looking for. She only remembered that blinking signage from the KMJS show.
Aling Simang's: Food Haus Special Mami and Kikiam
See that green toy frog at the entrance? It will greet you! ^_^
She quickly ordered combo meal #1 which includes a serving of quekiam, kiampong, side dish of sliced papaya, and a small bowl of hot soup. This meal costs Php69.00 as of this writing.
Clockwise: (1) Combo treats menu on the wall. (2) Photos of the owner together with some prominent individuals. (3) Dining area.
Aling Simang’s also has lumpia, siomai, siopao, noodles, fried meatballs, daing na bangus, and fried chicken. Their combo meals range from Php52.00 to Php75.00.

Ganun pala ang epekto ng  ipalabas sa Jessica Soho.” (Translation: Guess that’s the effect of being shown in Jessica Soho) an old lady, presumably a loyal customer, exclaimed while eating at the table next to One Valenzuela. She eventually said that more people are dining here now after it was featured in KMJS.

One Valenzuela have to say that the quekiam was really good. If you like your quekiam sweet and savory, Aling Simang’s is a haven. Forget the ambiance, it’s the food!
Combo Treat No. 1: best enjoyed with an ice cold softdrink.
Every time she goes to Divisoria, One Valenzuela would usually end up in Chowking and other fast food establishments to eat. Guess she has another option now.

How to reach Aling Simang’s from Valenzuela City:
From Malinta, ride a jeepney going to Divisoria (Php20.00). When in Divisoria, walk straight ahead, passing by Tutuban Center. When you reach Ylaya Commercial Shopping Center, turn right. You will see a lot of slippers and sandals being sold along the street. Your landmark is Philtrust Bank Padre Rada Branch. Aling Simang’s is just across the said establishment. The service personnel of the eatery said that they are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.
Did this buwis mobile phone shot for you, dear Valenzuelanos! Just walk along this street and you will eventually see Aling Simang's at your left. 
Yummy noms are everywhere! Just got to look for it. 
Nakakain ka na ba rito?
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Renewable Energy and the Library: Radiating Solar Energy Benefits from Lawang Bato National High School Library

This is a long overdue post but still very timely. One Valenzuela made a quick visit to Lawang Bato National High School Library, also known as the Solar Library, last year to know more about the benefits that we can get from the sun.

You can already see the solar panels of Lawang Bato National High School Library from this view.
The First Solar-Powered Library in a Public Secondary School in the Philippines
"...installed not only to provide electricity, but more importantly, to enhance the awareness and appreciation of students on renewable energy."
Many thanks to Mr. Cesar Villareal, the principal of Lawang Bato National High School, for allowing One Valenzuela to visit and know more about their Solar Library. 

Read more about it on an article entitled "Maximizing Solar Energy in Valenzuela" here.