Friday, September 26, 2014

McDonald's South Supermarket Branch is now open!

The long wait is finally over! The McDonald's South Supermarket branch located in Barangay Karuhatan has re-opened today, September 26, boasting a new look. If you have been following this blog, a write up was posted on how this particular McDonald's branch was sorely missed by many.
Lower right image shows the new take out counter.
The new interiors of McDonald's is both modern and very welcoming. Good thing, the Playplace is still there since a lot of kids love that area. The branch now has a dedicated space for parties. Lastly, the take out counter is a new addition. So if you are in a hurry, you may now avoid the long lines inside, making it easier for you to buy meals and snacks on the go.
New interiors of McDonald's South Supermarket Branch
The  McDonald's crew were selling tickets when One Valenzuela went there today. You will get a chicken meal and umbrella for each ticket which costs Php150. See how many people went there today? Ang dami!(Translation: So many!)

Will be eating there soon. Kitakits sa Mcdo!

McDonald's Delivery Hotline: 86-2-36
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More About Having a Children's Party: Tarpaulin, Photography and Video Coverage

Affordable Tarpaulin Printing Services in Valenzuela City 
After comparing the prices and quality of nearby printing stores, One Valenzuela and hubby settled to print the 6 x 6 tarpaulin for the birthday party at Hyram Digital Printing. A good friend of One Valenzuela prepared the layout of the tarpaulin and so it only needs to be printed (Thank you!). For those who do not have skills for this just like One Valenzuela or do not even have a friend whom you can plead for a layout, Hyram can already do that for you.
6 x 6 Tarpaulin by Hyram Digital Printing
Printing of tarpaulin is at Php12/square feet.

Hyram Digital Printing
Address: 281-B McArthur Highway, Brgy. Karuhatan, Valenzuela City (near Banco De Oro Karuhatan Branch)
Contact Number: (02) 443-4728 / (02)384-0471

Photography and Video Coverage by Lei-Onne Studio

To lessen the stress of taking pictures and video clips during the party, One Valenzuela contacted Lei-Onne Studio. Though some may settle to just ask a relative or friend to capture images during the event, One Valenzuela believes that a professional photographer has this knack to really "capture the moment". Unless, ofcourse, your relative or friend is also pro.  You are very lucky then!

Little One Valenzuela is surrounded with balloons!
"A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away." (Eudora Welty quote)
It was like everything was happening spontaneously that there were instances that One Valenzuela was a bit puzzled on what to focus on (i.e. welcome the arrival of new guests or watch the program). After the party, her family was so happy to go over the photos and video. Though they know that they had a lot of fun during the event, it seemed that they still missed on some details just like the scene captured above. Hehehe. 
Derek of Lei-Onne Studio
Video shots were continuously taken during the party.
The simple package that One Valenzuela availed at Lei-Onne Studio included a video coverage of the event, unlimited photos burned in DVD, and a leather album wherein the images were chronologically arranged. For rates, you may get in touch with Derek of Lei-Onne Studio using the contact details below.

Lei-Onne Studio
Address: Marulas, Valenzuela City (across Mercury Drugstore in BBB)
Contact Number: (0907)965-9044

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

One Valenzuela Food Trip: Jhun Native Lechon on the Table

One Valenzuela thinks that many Valenzuelanos would agree that having a lechon in an event makes it even more special. By Filipino tradition, it is commonly believed that a delicious roasted pig is the star of a joyous celebration's feast.  
Here's the lechon still warm and all wrapped up. 
The roasted pig shown above is from Jhun's and it costs Php5,700 (25 kilos of lechon goodness!). It comes with free dinuguan and sarsa (lechon sauce). Hubby asked Jhun's to chop it already since Max's cuts the lechon in their kitchen and already serves the pieces in plates (Note: Max's has a corkage fee of Php500 for lechon). Seeing a whole lechon on a table is better. Other than the "Whoa, may lechon!" factor, you also get to choose what part you want to eat. 
A Max's crew member prepares the lechon on the table.
An invited friend told One Valenzuela that the lechon meat was really tasty. And with the overflowing good food by Max's, One Valenzuela was even able to bring home some lechon which she cooked with pepper, sugar, and Mang Tomas. Guests also took some pabalot too in several plastic bags. Yey, lechon paksiw for everyone!
This mouth watering lechon is now ready for the feast!
Just want to end your lechon craving and do not need a whole one? You can visit Jhun's at South Supermarket Valenzuela. Their stall offers lechon, lechon paksiw, and dinuguan together with hot rice. 

Jhun Native Lechon
Proprietor: Alberto Fernandez Jr.
Address: South Supermarket Valenzuela (food court area) Brgy. Karuhatan, Valenzuela City
Contact Numbers: (02)385-2733 (South Supermarket) / (02)445-0354, (02)496-9423, and (02)440-0447 (Office) / (0920)422-9339 (mobile phone)
Note: Information taken from the official receipt and business card.
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Monday, September 8, 2014

On Little One Valenzuela’s Birthday: Cake, Cookies, and Sweets (Part 3 of 3)

More Sweet Treats on the Cookie Buffet Table
Instead of just settling with a candy buffet supplier, One Valenzuela opted to create a DIY treats buffet table. Little One Valenzuela requested to lessen the candies and focus more on cookies and other pastries.

You will notice in Part 1 of this post that the buffet table already have Under the Sea themed cookies and shell shaped chocolate pops by BakeEat. Other than that, One Valenzuela bought several pink frosted cupcakes from Brownies Unlimited (SM Valenzuela Branch) and topped them with Ariel and Flounder images that she found online. 
Cupcakes from Brownies Unlimited
To resemble sea treasures, a pack of chocolate gold coins from South Supermarket Valenzuela are placed near the small brown chest that she found along Tabora Street in Divisoria.
Sea treasures! Various shells were bought along Tabora Street in Divisoria.
M.Y. San butter cookies are also good additions to the buffet spread since the design mimics shells that you find along the seashore. Who could resist those all time favorite buttery and crisp cookies?
The design of the butter cookies looked like shells! Kawaii!
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Monday, September 1, 2014

On Little One Valenzuela’s Birthday: Cake, Cookies, and Sweets (Part 2 of 3)

Fortune Cookies by Ms. Fortune Cookie

To add a bit more spice and surprise to the birthday party, One Valenzuela also looked for fortune cookies. Who wouldn't want to know their luck by simply breaking open a crisp cookie? Through the web, she found Ms. Fortune Cookie, an online store selling customized fortune cookies. It is owned by Mara Ciencia and Elisha Samson. One Valenzuela asked a few questions to Mara and Elisha about Ms. Fortune Cookie:

One Valenzuela (OV): How did you start Ms.Fortune Cookie?
Ms. Fortune Cookie (MFC): Growing up together in Davao City, we are inspired from childhood memories of selling goodies from a street stand and baking cookies at slumber parties. And about three years ago, we decided to make some for our friend's baby shower as giveaways. Then eventually friends of friends wanted some and it took off from there. We are a small online seller which make fortune cookies at home here in Davao City.
Flyer posted with permission from Ms. Fortune Cookie
OV: Can you tell us more about the cookies?
MFC: Ms. Fortune Cookie treats come in various colors at Php12.00 each. Custom-made creations can be chocolate-dipped or caramel-coated, topped with sprinkles and fancy designs that range from Php15.00 each and up. Discounts are given for bulk orders. We are proud to say that our cookies are preservative-free and handmade from scratch.

OV: How can one order fortune cookies from your online store?
MFC: Our clients usually pick-up their orders or have it shipped if they are not from Davao. All cookies are made manually. Right now, we are still developing our production so as to accommodate orders of large quantities. We are also trying out new recipes for our clients to enjoy.  

Miss Fortune Cookie's minimum order is two dozens. One Valenzuela ordered 40 blue vanilla flavored fortune cookies and 20 red strawberry flavored cookies. She also sent a list of messages to be placed inside the cookies, deriving some of the quotes from a file sent by Ms. Fortune Cookie. The payment for the cookies, packaging, and delivery via LBC costed around Php800.00. 
One Valenzuela received the goodies in a sturdy polystyrene foam box. 
(Or what we generally know as Styrofoam, it's a brand name).
The cookies arrived days before the party. The crispy treats are "guaranteed fresh and could last up to three (3) weeks if refrigerated". These are placed in a polystyrene box with strips of newspaper for cushion. The colors of the cookies are so vivid and the sweetness is just right. Davao residents are lucky to have Ms. Fortune Cookie within the vicinity since they can order the dipped and decorated varieties! (As of the moment, Ms. Fortune Cookie only accepts plain fortune cookie orders outside Davao.) 
Upclose: Strawberry flavored red fortune cookies by Ms. Fortune Cookie
The blue vanilla flavored fortune cookies were placed in red pails which held the Little Mermaid inspired table names (i.e. Ariel, Prince Eric, Flounder, Sebastian). The red ones are put in a jar together with other treats on the cookie buffet table.
The fortune cookies are placed in red metal pails. Please get one! 
Thank you Ms. Fortune Cookie! Keep on baking to make more events and people luckier! ^_^

Ms. Fortune Cookie
Owners: Mara Ciencia and Elisha Samson
Address: Davao City
Contact Number: (0933)721-0222 and (082)286-6671
Check out Ms. Fortune Cookie's Facebook page here.
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