Thursday, July 30, 2015

Something for your Canine Babies: Sawdust for Dogs

One Valenzuela feeds her furkids sawdust. Yeah, you heard it right. If you are new to the woof woof world, you might probably associate it with powdery particles of wood. But then there is that sawdust which is made of scraps of raw meat sold in meat shops. Some feed this to their dogs raw but some, like One Valenzuela, would boil and repack it for easier storage in the refrigerator.

She is not a guru on pet wellness but time and again, One Valenzuela would go to veterinary doctors and they would recommend rotating dog food brands and boiled meat. The friendly veterinarians will also remind furparents to remove the salty and toxic products (i.e. chocolate, onion, grapes/raisins, etc.) off your dog's food checklist.
Fresh sawdust from South Supermarket Valenzuela costs 49.95 per kilo.
Gladly, South Supermarket Valenzuela has sawdust and some other dog food alternatives like Superbite (made of chicken; around Php65.00). Dog food kibble choices are limited to a few brands like Pedigree and Alpo though. She believes that the nearest pet place for a bit more kibble variety, vitamins, and other doggie stuff would be Pet Discount situated along MacArthur Highway at Malabon.

Valenzuelanos, have you tried feeding your dogs sawdust? Or any good alternatives other than the usual dogfood?

June and July have been particularly busy months for One Valenzuela! Whew! Will discuss about this soon.