Sunday, August 23, 2015

For the Valenzuelano Youth: A Poem on Education and Studying

It has been ages since One Valenzuela wrote a poem. Kindly excuse her poem writing skills since it is a bit rusty. This one is dedicated for the Valenzuelano youth.
Wrote this poem just this morning using WPS Office.

Walang kwenta mag-aral
Maniniwala ka ba na
May kapangyarihan
Ang kaalaman
Mas gaganda
Ang buhay?
Makakalayo ka
Sa pagbabasa?
Isang paglalakbay
Ang naghihintay
Gamit ang panulat at libro?
Mabuburyo ka lang!
Di mo masasabi na
Masarap mag-aral.

Basahin pabaligtad nang malaman mo ang tunay na palagay ko.

“Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.”
William Arthur Ward

Friday, August 21, 2015

Mang Delfin's Putong Polo: Pinagsamang Sarap ng Polo at Malabon

Putong Polo has always been dear to One Valenzuela's heart. During her childhood days, a brown paper bag brought home by her nanay (mother) from Karuhatan market would signal that she and her siblings are in for a treat of bite size kutsinta and puto. You dip one of these in some freshly grated coconut before popping a piece in your mouth. Yay, such happy thoughts to fill one's mind.

Thus, One Valenzuela was absolutely delighted to see a new food booth  selling these popular and yummy delicacies at the South Supermarket Food Court. Mang Delfin's Putong Polo offers various kakanin together with their own version of Malabon's famous pancit. She has heard of Mang Delfin's through some of her friends residing in Polo and so she did not hesitate even for a second to go and visit the booth.
Mang Delfin's Putong Polo: Pinagsamang Sarap ng Polo at Malabon
Mr. Delfin Gutierrez (in red apron) was cooking palabok when One Valenzuela dropped by their store. He is accompanied by Sir Chris. 
"Gusto namin na one stop shop siya." friendly Mang Delfin discussed. And that is a good thing. Order some puto and kutsinta. Add to that some pancit and you now have your afternoon snack. You can even bring these yummy food home or at your workplace for a hassle free merienda with family and friends.  
One can buy Mang Delfin's puto and kutsinta from 10 to 50 pieces. They still have those brown paper bags which make One Valenzuela a bit nostalgic. Alternatively, they also have boxes that transform the humble kakanin to delicious gifts. 
Hot off the pan: Mang Delfin's Pancit Malabon. Their solo size (good for 1 person) starts at Php65.00. One can also order pancit in a bilao for sharing (from 5 persons upto 25 persons, depending on the size). 
Craving for some sapin-sapin? Bring home a box for Php130.00. 
Other than Putong Polo and Pancit Malabon, Mang Delfin's also offers sapin-sapin, pichi-pichi, sweet beans in big and small bottles (beans, garbansos, macapuno, nata de coco), leche flan, and halayang ube. 
Regalo? Pasalubong? Merienda? Mang Delfin's also has cassava cake. 
Interested to know more about Putong Polo? Read about the history of Mang Delfin's Putong Polo written by PLV students at Aha! Valenzuela here (Mang Delfin's Magic Putong Polo) and discover what is the perfect match for this delicacy by visiting Valenzuela City's official website here (Putong pulo finds perfect match).
Mang Delfin's Putong Polo
South Supermarket Food Court Branch
Karuhatan, Valenzuela City (near Valenzuela People's Park and City Hall)
Phone Number: (02)861-4835

Polo Public Market Branch
Pulo Public Market, Valenzuela City
Phone Number: (02)514-2657

Go one step further, support our local entrepreneurs.
One Valenzuela was pretty occupied for the past few months. Taking a breather this August, her birth month, she would like to share the Mang Delfin's Putong Polo experience to three (3) lucky Valenzuela City residents. All Valenzuelanos are welcome to join and have the chance to take home some goodies:

Two (2) winners of 
one (1) box of brown and white puto and one (1) box of kutsinta 

One (1) winner of
one (1) box of brown and white puto, one (1) box of kutsinta, one (1) box of sapin-sapin, and a bilao of Pancit Malabon

Please follow the instructions below:

1. Like the One Valenzuela Facebook Page and find the post about the giveaway.
2. Tag two of your friends in the Comments Section of the post.
3. Like and share the post.

The giveaway ends on August 31, 2015, midnight. Hope to see your entries coming, Valenzuelanos!

Please click here to see the three lucky Valenzuelanos.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ree Chichie Special Cassava Cake Valenzuela Branch

Many cassava cake stores have opened in most cities (if not all) in Metro Manila and so it is now easier to grab a box or two. One Valenzuela and her pack had a chance to taste Ree Chichie's special cassava cake this weekend. The cassava cake that you get from the store is baked fresh daily and so expect that it is still hot when boxed. It is not too sweet and is best served with some coffee.
Ree Chichie branch at Karuhatan, Valenzuela City
This is the small sized box (Php100). It is half the size of the big one (Php190.00).
Hot and yummy cassava cake! Ree Chichie also has langka and macapuno flavors which are just Php10-20 pesos higher than the original.
Ree Chichie Cassava Cake Valenzuela Branch
Address: 180 C MacArthur Highway, Karuhatan, Valenzuela City (Landmark: Near FilOil Gas Station and Balanlay Seafood and Steak House)
Ree ChiChie Valenzuela Branch is open daily from 8am to 9pm.
Telephone Number: (02) 749-6876 (From Facebook; More likely the main branch)
Like Ree ChiChie on Facebook here.