Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Real Grill Burger at Barangay Lingunan, Valenzuela City

With all the requirements submitted, One Valenzuela can now breath and smell freedom and Christmas in the air! A good friend told One Valenzuela of this weekend burger place named The Real Grill Burger in Barangay Lingunan. Why only open on weekends, you ask? 

One Valenzuela learned that this burger hub's owners are both employees during the weekdays and so their grilling days fall on Saturday and Sunday. 

Al fresco dining at The Real Grill Burger.
The Real Grill Burger's best seller is the Inside Out Cheese Burger which has melted cheddar cheese on top of the patty and mozzarella cheese inside each patty.  Another burger variant which you must try is the BJ burger ("Binurger ni Jack Daniel").

"There are a lot of things to be happy about."-Joy, Inside Out
Yes, One Valenzuela agrees. For those who just cannot have enough cheese in their burgers, you have to try the Inside Out Burger (Php92, ala carte; Php128, meal)

Paired with American fries, The Real Grill Burger boasts of their home made beef patty and sauces. Must try sauces include the garlic mayo, smokey barbecue sauce, honey mustard, and cheese sauce.

Found this All In- The Real Grill Burger (Triple Patty) on their Facebook page. It has three patties: a quarter pound beef burger filled with mozzarella cheese, a quarter pound beef burger filled with real honey glazed bacon bits, and a third quarter pound beef burger infused with Jack Daniel's Whiskey (Php258.00, with Juice and American fries).
(Photo credit: Rom Melo Isleta)
  The Real Grill Burger Menu:
The Real Grill Burger provided their list of burger choices to One Valenzuela. 
Check them out here:


With the price range of Php58 to Php258, The Real Grill Burger is a promising place to dine in. Who knows, with a good burger lineup and consistent flavor, their burger business might just boom and they will be open even on Fridays. #supportlocalentrepreneurship

(Note: All photos provided by The Real Grill Burger)


The Real Grill Burger
Address: 143 P. Gregorio Street, Barangay Lingunan, Valenzuela City (near Lingunan Elementary School)
Travelling Notes: The Real Grill Burger can be found on Waze. A parking space can also be found nearby.
Grilling Hours: Weekends (Saturday and Sunday), 3:00pm to 11:00pm
Contact Number: 0917-8381276 (They deliver to nearby barangays)
Find The Real Grill Burger on Facebook here for more information. 

The Real Grill Burger

Monday, October 31, 2016

Eatsploring Valenzuela City People's Park this Season (2016 edition)

The Halloween at the Park Year 2 is another successful event with lots of attendees yesterday night. The whole park was full of people watching the ongoing activities, taking photos with park personnel and visitors in full costume, kids playing and teens strolling everywhere, and families having late night picnics. 
Halloween at the Park Year 2
Photo op with spooky but friendly  park personnel is a must!
Photo booth at the park
More places to take photos inside the park
You will easily get hungry with all the dynamics in the park! Good thing, five food stalls can satisfy that hunger: Rhose's Puto Bumbong, Polomig-Polo's Samalamig, Mang Delfin's Putong Polo, Bibingkahan sa Pio Extension, and Arra's Barbecue of Pasolo.
Mang Delfin's Putong Polo
Bibingkahan sa Pio Extension

Polo Samalamig (drinks) and Rhose's Puto Bumbong
Arra's Barbecue
It is a breeze to walk from one stall to another. A stall owner said that they will be there until January 5. It's really great to find all these favorites in one place. Tara, eatsplore tayo sa park!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

It's Halloween! Events in Valenzuela City (2016)

Want to join a Halloween event nearby? One Valenzuela rounded up all the Halloween events that she could find on Facebook and the Internet so you will be right on track. It is advised to directly contact the event organizers to have the fuller details of their activities (i.e. who may join, time, and place). So get your costumes ready and enjoy!

October 30, 2016 (Sunday)

October 31, 2016 (Monday)

November 5, 2016 (Saturday)
Max’s Restaurant Puregold Valenzuela
(Kindly wait for the update or better yet call this Max's branch at (02)287-6600)

Monday, August 8, 2016

It's that Pink Burger Place! Reyes Patty Burger at Brgy. Malinta, Valenzuela City

For people who have this insatiable craving for burgers and colorful things (specially those preferring hues of pink), it is time to celebrate! A new burger place has recently opened this June at a quiet street near the Old Valenzuela City Hall (now Valenzuela Hall of Justice). 

Reyes Patty Burger is a simple dining spot which can be easily recognized with the Hello Kitty-inspired tarpaulin signage that you will find near the Donesa Building. Some of One Valenzuela's friends who have eaten there have vouched that the burger patties were good and flavorful. 

Reyes Patty Burger's front door tarpaulin with that oh so familiar Kitty, saying "Hello!".
Have a chat with a friend or watch some tv as you wait for your orders to come.
Reyes Patty Burger serves their burger ala carte or as a meal (together with some fries and drinks). They have several varieties: the regular burger, cheese burger, bacon cheese burger, double cheese burger, and the double bacon cheese burger. Price range is from Php75 to Php185 for the ala carte and Php105 to Php215 for the burger meal. The patties are grilled and their buns have very cool colors too.
Had a cup of buko pandan (Php30.00) while waiting for the burgers to come.
Reyes Patty Burger's Bestseller: Double Cheese Burger meal (Php185.00). Customers may choose the color of the burger bun. One Valenzuela got hers in black.
Other than the burgers, they also have buffalo wings (solo meal for Php120.00 and the family meal for Php320.00) for those who long for something spicy. For a sweet ending (or beginning, as One Valenzuela's case), you may get some buko pandan (Php30.00) or Cre-Mi-Chee (ice cream cake with marshmallows; similar to the graham cake; Php49.00). Other quick fixes in the menu are the nachos, fries, and some frappes. 
A closer look at the Double Cheese Burger meal. It has two good-sized grilled patties, tomato, lettuce, onion, and melted cheese. Mustard and pesto mayo complete the burger.
Bacon Cheese Burger meal (Php155.00). This burger bun rocks a cool red hue! Reyes Patty Burger's bun formulation is said to be premium and has been carefully developed according to their display in the dining area.
One Valenzuela shares a similar busog experience with the rest of the customers who left reviews on Reyes Patty Burger's Facebook page. Guess it is now your turn to grab some burgers and say hello to that cute kitty that many love.
Reyes Patty Burger
Open Hours: 12:00nn to 9:00pm daily
Address: Oreta Street cor. Maysan Road, Poblacion II, Malinta, Valenzuela City
(Landmarks: Near the Old City Hall; Corner of Donesa Building and Bulaklakan Flower shop)
Like Reyes Patty Burger on Facebook here.

Reyes Patty Burger Location Map from Facebook
Salamat po (Thank you) for dropping by on this blog. Still hungry?Check out this eatsploring guide in Valenzuela City Eatsplore, Valenzuelanos!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

An Authentic Taste of Japan: Aki Oishi at Brgy. Coloong 2, Valenzuela City

If you have been to Japan, you more likely have fallen in love with their local cuisine other than their sakura blossoms, picturesque parks, and the very comfortable train rides. One Valenzuela can still remember how good the food was from their miso soup to their ramen and bento meals in a short trip that she had several months ago. 

Thus, it is indeed a welcoming treat to find Aki Oishi at Coloong II. It is owned by the Sato family, led by Chef Aki, and is on its ninth month of serving wonderful Japanese dishes. It has become popular to many Valenzuela residents looking for authentic Japanese cuisine. Their menu is pretty extensive for they have several starters, maki, sushi, donburi, gyoza, sashimi, shoyu and miso ramen, a variety of bento meals, burgers, tempura and takoyaki platters. They also have milkshakes and kakigori (shaved ice) for dessert.
Aki Oishi's red door invitingly welcomes everyone to sample their dishes.
Vibrant lanterns and kawaii food images greet and surround diners at Aki Oishi.
One particular dish that One Valenzuela really aimed to eat here was their Ise Ebi, or Japanese spiny lobster. Eating lobster has been sitting in her bucket list for so long since it is quite expensive, reaching Php1,500 to Php3,000 a piece at Seaside Macapagal. Who would have known that a Japanese restaurant in Coloong would offer such wonderfully baked lobsters?

The lobster takes some time to cook and so ordering something else on the menu will help you tide over your hunger pangs. One Valenzuela also got a few more staples to eat together with her group. One Valenzuela has eaten a ton of california maki in several places within and outside the city and she has to say that Aki Oishi's california maki is highly recommended. On the other hand, their bowl of hot miso ramen is quite big and is good for sharing (as what they did). The texture of the noodles is smooth, chewy, and renders a firm bite. Very Japanese. 
Do not miss ordering some california maki at Aki Oishi. (Php60 for 4 pcs.; Php120 for 8pcs.) 
A bowl of miso ramen can already be shared by two hungry Valenzuelanos. (Php190.00)
The ebi tempura bento meal and lobster dish eventually followed. The bento meal was bigger than what One Valenzuela expected. The set includes some egg soup, veggies, nicely fried ebi tempura, rice, and a scoop of what she believes is chocolate ice cream. The lobster dish was the showstopper! It was nicely baked with creamy bechamel sauce and topped with some melted mozzarella cheese.
The ebi tempura bento meal will leave you with a very happy tummy. (Php195.00)
Aki Oishi's baked Japanese spiny lobster. The one in the photo is worth Php750.00. Aki Oishi also has small ones which are priced at Php250.00 (200grams).
Dining at Aki Oishi was another great opportunity to experience good food with fantastic people in tow. The Land of the Rising Sun may be around two thousand miles away from the Philippines but through Aki Oishi, Valenzuelanos can recreate their own little Japan experience without leaving home.

Gochisousama deshita.
Aki Oishi
Address: #198 Coloong 2, Valenzuela City
Open Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10:30am-10:00pm (closed on Mondays)
Contact number: (02)277-0662 / (0975)789-3667 (accepts reservation)
Like Aki Oishi on Facebook here for updates on their menu and more.

How to get to Aki Oishi via public transportation: 

From Brgy. Malinta along McArthur Highway, ride a jeepney going to Malanday (Php7.00). Then take any of the following options:
Option 1: Look for the terminal of jeepneys going to Paco. Ask the driver to drop you at Brgy. Coloong II (Php7.00). Then ride a pedicab to reach Aki Oishi (Php10.00).
Option 2: Ride a tricycle at Malanday. Give the exact address of Aki Oishi. (Estimate: Php36.00-40.00 for a special ride)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Isang Pangarap: Reflecting on the Alternative Learning System in Valenzuela City

Schools are quite busy again. It has also been several months since One Valenzuela, together with a classmate, visited and interviewed Valenzuelanos who form part of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) in Valenzuela City for their Reading class project. To give you readers a general perspective, ALS is a program for individuals who were not able to finish their elementary and secondary school studies. After completing a series of class sessions and passing an examination, they are then allowed to pursue higher levels of education.
The Alternative Learning System Building of Valenzuela City
There, One Valenzuela and her classmate learned that there were 148,968 students from kindergarten to secondary school in Valenzuela City in 2015. Other than that, 1,814 are studying under the ALS Program in the city and from there, 168 are in the elementary level while 1,646 are in the secondary school level. Upon further online research, they also gathered that Valenzuela City was also able to top the Accreditation and Equivalency (A and E) test given to ALS learners (see article: Valenzuela City Tops Accreditation and Equivalency Test for ALS Learners).
ALS learners are asked to write essays about their ambitions in life.
One Valenzuela and her classmate were able to interview Ms. Charry Villanueva of DepEd-Valenzuela. Here, they learned that there are 33 ALS centers in the various barangays of Valenzuela City. Literacy and livelihood skills are taught in class which are useful in their daily needs. It is also worth mentioning that adult learners who were able to pass and get excellent remarks in the A and E test are given incentives by the Local Government Unit of Valenzuela City for doing a job well done. Additionally, they visited two ALS centers- the class of Sir Henri in Valenzuela City Jail which is composed of male inmates and then the class of Ms. Aurora Ocampo in Malanday which is composed of a merry mix of teenagers, adults, and senior citizens. Both ALS Centers cater to unique sets of learners which have different learning needs. One Valenzuela and her classmate interviewed several learners from both classes to get a profounder glimpse of their goals in learning and experiences while undergoing the program.
A day in the ALS classroom with Mam Au and her students in Brgy. Malanday.
Sir Henri prepares his lesson for the day at the Valenzuela City Jail.
Surface information about the Alternative Learning System is all what One Valenzuela has before proceeding with the activity. Hence, immersing in the said field was indeed an enlightening one. A deep connection between the teachers and the learners was also present. One Valenzuela sensed the learners’ earnest desire to learn and the ALS instructors’ yearning for the learners to reach their educational aspirations. The commitment to reach their dreams, which together with the whole group form one collective goal, is spirited and certainly inspiring. 
Mrs. Zenaida Macapagal, 71, took ALS classes in Malanday to get her long sought diploma. One Valenzuela is happy to announce that Mommy Aida passed the recently held A & E test and will be pursuing a course in Valenzuela Polytechnic College.
The Alternative Learning System in Valenzuela City is a prevailing proof that adults who dream that they finished their education when they were younger can still pursue their studies and get their diplomas. Together with the support of the local community, one’s determined pangarap can,without doubt, turn into reality.
Sincerest thanks to DepEd-Valenzuela,Valenzuela City Jail, the ALS instructors, and learners. To all ALS Learners, keep striving. To all who passed the recent A & E Test, congratulations!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Staying at Meaco Hotel, Brgy. Karuhatan, Valenzuela City

There was no review whatsoever on Meaco Hotel, thus this piqued One Valenzuela's interest. The only comments she found are from those few people who have uploaded photos of the hotel and a few hints here and there that the hotel is worth staying with the family.
Meaco Hotel
One Valenzuela got a deluxe room to stay in for the night. A short flight of stairs brought her to the third floor of the hotel.
Meaco Hotel lounge area
Drinks and some snacks available at the lobby.
The room has the basic amenities that one will expect in a common hotel room. It is quite spacious which comes with a good sized bed, a cable television, WiFi connection, and  a remote controlled air-conditioning unit. She had to commend the use of the gold color on the head board and the gold rimmed mirror for these add pizzazz to the deluxe room. Other than that, the bathroom is also sizable where you can take a warm shower. Having the said amenities, One Valenzuela sees that the room rates are quite reasonable.
Meaco Hotel Deluxe Room (Php700 for 12 hours and Php900 for 24 hours)
Cable television at the hotel (Drinks not included in  the room).
Being just along MacArthur Highway has its pros and cons. It is definitely strategic in terms of transportation and being near key food spots in the city (Little Beijing is a few meters away! Yellow Cab, Shakey's Pizza, and SM Valenzuela are very near.). But if you are a very light sleeper, the noise from the highway may not be very pleasant. To address this, One Valenzuela suggests that you ask the front desk to be situated in a room which is not on the highway side.
Bathroom slippers. One Valenzuela did not fit in this pair since she is a size 9. Ask for bigger slippers if you need a pair.
A night or two at Meaco Hotel is recommendable for people on short trips in Valenzuela City, especially if you want a bit of comfort during your travel. It is definitely pocket friendly for the budget traveller. Being a few meters walk to SM Valenzuela, key food spots, and a brief jeepney ride away from the Valenzuela City People's Park and City Hall, the room rates are of good value. 

Meaco Hotel
Address: McArthur Highway, Karuhatan, Valenzuela (very near SM Valenzuela, Shakey's, Little Beijing, and Yellow Cab; just beside Novo)
Telephone Number: (02)443-9321
Meaco Hotel room rates (as of January 2016) are very affordable.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Somewhere near Valenzuela: The North Riverside Resort and Leisure Park at Meycauayan, Bulacan

One Valenzuela went to the North Riverside Resort and Leisure Park at Meycauayan, Bulacan to conduct an ocular visit and reserve the slide cottage near the main pool for their upcoming summer gathering. Despite going there three weeks earlier before their swimming activity, the cottage was already reserved for another group (Awww!). Good thing, there is still one big nipa hut left near the slide and main pool.

Here are the photos that she took when she visited this March.
The North Riverside Resort and Leisure Park at Meycauayan, Bulacan
One of North Riverside Resort's main slides
A slide for kids
This slide cottage (Php1500) is just beside the staircase going up to one of the main slides. The private pool of the resort is at the back of this cottage (Php8,500, daytime; Php9,000, night time; 40 pax free entrance) 

Nipa hut near the pool (Big, Php700)
Another view of the pool
The "Pabebe" wave ball pool
The second major slide of the resort. A schedule is followed for the operations of the dragon slide, long slide, and wave ball.  
One of the shower and comfort rooms
How to Get to the North Riverside Resort and Leisure Park:
According to the resort's Facebook page, there are two (2) jeepney terminals in Monumento, Caloocan. There is one in front of MCU Hospital beside the 7/11 convenient store and another one at the back of LRT Northmall which are both going to Meycauayan Exit via NLEX. From Meycauayan Exit, look for a nearby tricycle terminal and hop on a tricycle going to the resort.
North Riverside Resort and Leisure Park entrance rates as of March 2016
Photo taken from the North Riverside Resort and Leisure Park's official Facebook page
When One Valenzuela called the resort for directions coming from Malinta, Valenzuela City (Valenzuela City Hall), they said that resort guests may ride a jeepney going to Bulacan (i.e. SM Marilao signage; Meycauayan). Go down at the Meycauayan stoplight. From there, you may (1) ride a tricycle from the terminal or (2) go to Fortune Market and ride a jeepney which will pass by the resort.
Location map from  the North Riverside Resort and Leisure Park's official Facebook page
North Riverside Resort and Leisure Park
Address: No. 305 Cordero Street, Villacor Village, Brgy. Langka, Meycauayan, Bulacan
Contact Numbers: (02)984-1930; (02)984-6769
Visit North Riverside Resort and Leisure Park's Facebook page here for updates.