Friday, January 29, 2016

Valenzuelanos of the Month: Valenzuela South Alpha Dogs (VSAD)

Just last Sunday morning, One Valenzuela was able to attend Petness First 2016, an activity held by Valenzuela South Alpha Dogs (VSAD) in partnership with Junior Chamber International - Valenzuela and in cooperation with the Valenzuela City Veterinary Office, Philippine Canine Club Inc., and Pet Mania Veterinary Clinic. It is indeed a wonderful experience to be acquainted with Valenzuelano dog owners while learning more about how we can better take care of our canine friends. Let us know more about VSAD, our featured group of Valenzuelanos for the month of January.

1.   How did VSAD begin? Please tell us how the group started and its core values. 

Our founding members initially met when we were still part of another dog group. However, we noticed that we were the only ones coming from the District 2 area. Additionally, we also wanted to meet other dog owners in the same district and conduct regular weekly pack walks. Once our core group was formed, we decided to take it to another level by being advocates of responsible pet ownership and supporting the city's anti-rabies ordinance.

VSAD recently spearheaded the Petness First 2016 event at the People's Park where attendees enjoyed a morning of games, raffle, basic pet care / responsible pet ownership seminar, and dog fashion show contest.
2.       Who are the members of VSAD? How does one become a member? What does a member do in the group? 

The members of VSAD come from all walks of life. We accept pet owners regardless of the breed of their dogs. We do not charge any membership fee but we require prospective members to join us in our pack walks regularly before we accept them. Our FB page does not have as many members for we prefer members who will remain committed to the group. We all make an effort to wake up every Sunday morning for our weekly pack walks.

3. What are the activities and programs that VSAD has accomplished in the past years? Any highlights? Future events? 

In support of the city's anti-rabies ordinance, we distribute flyers to residents during our pack walks to heighten awareness. We coordinate with the City Veterinarian's Office and work with them during their Anti-Rabies Vaccination activity. We also join other pet events such as the PetaPalooza of De La Salle-Araneta University (DLSAU) and LuvUPet Grand Eyeball wherein VSAD won many awards as a group. For our anniversary, we conducted a feeding program at the city pound and has recently worked with Junior Chamber International - Valenzuela for Petness First 2016. We will be featured in the AgriClub segment of the TV show AgriTV sometime in February. As the summer season arrives, we hope to work with the Valenzuela City Vet as the drive for anti-rabies awareness intensifies during that time.

VSAD will be featured in the AgriClub segment of AgriTV. Being featured in this show will help VSAD in driving across their advocacy for responsible pet ownership and championing animal welfare.
4.   What are the advises that your group can give on responsible dog ownership? 

Having a pet is a lifetime commitment. If you can't handle the costs and emotional investments involved, please think twice before getting a pet. Also to reiterate the motto of the anti-rabies ordinance: "Walang asong gala sa taong hindi pabaya."

5.  Dogs for your group... are not for decoration. Like any family member, they have basic needs such as food, shelter, and medicine. 
 In honor of their first anniversary, VSAD gave back by conducting a feeding program for the dogs sheltered in the Valenzuela City Pound.
6. How can they reach the group and know more about VSAD?

They can always visit our Facebook page: Valenzuela South Alpha Dogs and we will message them to let them know of our walk schedules so they can meet and join us.


Visit VSAD's Facebook page here and send them a message to learn more about the group.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Somewhere Near Valenzuela: Coffee Tea Library at Potrero, Malabon

Everyone has their own looong day. Just last Tuesday, One Valenzuela underwent a very tiring enrollment process, thus this gal needed a few moments to unwind and recollect. She dropped by at Coffee Tea Library in Potrero, Malabon to finally chill.

Coffee Tea Library at Potrero, Malabon is very near Brgy. Marulas.
Inside Coffee Tea Library
Coffee Tea Library is wonderfully designed from the wall bookshelves to their chairs. One Valenzuela saw many student customers who are reading, discussing, and writing notes. She also learned that Coffee Tea Library holds free public lectures on various topics such as research, business, and the sciences. It also offers tutorial services and conducts poetry readings. The shop also has tabletop games such as word for word, rubik's cube, and snakes and ladder which customers may borrow.
Enjoying some quiet time browsing the Internet with a half Fullhouse Stack sandwich and a glass of cold mixed berry tea (All for Php170.00). 
Everything you need for better future and success has already been written... All you have to do is go to the library. (Henri Frederic Amiel)
Just looking at the walls of Coffee Tea Library will evoke a sense of inspiration, especially to bibliophiles and those in the field of library science. Being a librarian, who spends most of her waking days with books, Coffee Tea Library feels a bit like home.

Coffee Tea Library
Address: A & S Building, 189 MacArthur Highway, Potrero, Malabon (across Infinima Spa)
Brewing Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 11:00 pm;
                           Friday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 12:00 mn
Contact Number: (02)931-1004
Like Coffee Tea Library on Facebook here. Check Coffee Tea Library on Instagram here.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Morning at Laundry in a Hurry, Tamaraw Hills, Valenzuela City

Holiday vacation is already over and everyone's going back to the routine grind. The family is now left with a huge pile of clothes which needs to get washed and with the weather that we are having right now, clothes dry a wee bit longer. Yay! To lessen the stress before starting work and school, One Valenzuela found Laundry in a Hurry (LIAH) along Tamaraw Hills, Brgy. Marulas to easily tick off "Laba Day" in her To Do List. 
Laundry in a Hurry Laundromat Services at Tamaraw Hills
LIAH  has 5 commercial washing machines and 5 dryers which can load up to 8 kilos of clothes each. Being early on a Saturday, there was no line and so One Valenzuela got to load the clothes in four washing machines all at once. Yes, it was that many. And yehey, "Laba Day" is done in one and half hour! 
Ready for the dryer: Little One Valenzuela enjoys doing the laundry. Mom and daughter also had the chance to play UNO card game while waiting.
As of this writing, the rate for walk-ins is Php65.00 for the washer and Php60.00 for the dryer per load. You may bring your own powder soap and fabric conditioner or purchase some at LIAH. Clients are also encouraged to sort their laundry before loading into the machines, fold their own clothes after unloading from the dryer/s, and bring reusable bags for their clothes. LIAH card holders also get to enjoy discounts when availing of the laundromat services.

It's One Valenzuela's first time to do the laundry here. Good thing, LIAH's personnel is happy to assist walk-in newbies. Salamat!

Laundry in a Hurry Laundromat Services (Tamaraw Hills)
Address: Ground Floor, ADR Building, Tamaraw Hills, Marulas, Valenzuela City 
(From 7-Eleven Fatima Branch along McArthur Highway, LIAH is a few meters walk along Tamaraw Hills. A parking area is available for non-commuters.)
Business hours: 7:00 am to to 7:00 pm for walk in; extends to 9:00 pm for LIAH cardholders 
Check out Laundry in a Hurry's Facebook page here.