Monday, June 19, 2017

Finding Rizal in the Library: Nung si Rizal ay Bata Pa... (When Rizal was Young...)

Today, One Valenzuela witnessed the unveiling of the Dr. Jose Rizal marker in the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela, the local tertiary institution in Valenzuela City, during his 156th birth anniversary commemoration. The event piqued her interest and up she went to the Valenzuela City Library to get a brief perspective about the young Jose Rizal. 
Jose Rizal's 156th Birth Anniversary
 Citing from the book Jose Rizal: The Man and the Hero, Chronicles, Legacies, and Controversies by Ronnie Espergal Pasigui and Danilo Hipolito Cabalu (2014):
A book about Rizal from the Valenzuela City Library
"As a local family with enormous business skills, Rizal's parents blended education, culture, family life, and local politics into a new sense of Philippine nationalism. In 1863, the introduction of general primary education in the Philippines contributed to the rise of an even larger class of educated Filipinos. Young Jose Rizal immediately became a top-flight student. At the age of three, he learned the alphabet and the prayers from his mother Teodora Alonso, who was his first teacher. Other early teachers of Rizal included Maestro Celestino, Maestro Lucas Padua, and Francisco Mercado's classmate, an old man named Leon Monroy, who gave introductory lessons in Latin to Rizal. The death of Monroy paved the way to Jose's schooling in Binan with Justiniano Cruz.

As a young boy, Jose was called "Ute" by his brother and sisters. The townspeople of Calamba called him "Pepe" or "Pepito"." (Pasigui & Cabalu, 2014, p.27)

From the short narrative, One Valenzuela saw the importance of the individuals around the child. The parents, through Teodora Alonso, and teachers mentioned above served as Rizal's guide, as his educators, who played key roles in his life. Relating it to the present times, one may see how that concept is not changed. Parents and teachers will always be vital in developing children who can become assets of the community in the future. 

Happy Birthday, Papa J!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Busog Like a Boss: Dining at Bossing's Buffet - SM Valenzuela

One would usually think of going outside the city to eat in a buffet restaurant and that would usually entail a lengthy travel from Valenzuela. Thus, when a new buffet restaurant opened at SM, One Valenzuela was very glad that residents no longer need to be stressed out in traffic to have that sumptuous  eat-all-you-can dining affair with family and friends. If you are a frequent visitor of SM in Karuhatan, you might have probably seen Bossing's Buffet located at the second level of the mall. Come to think of it, since it is within the city, you can spend more time eating (rather than be stuck in heavy traffic!) and save on your travel expenses as well.   
Bossing's Buffet at the second floor of SM Center Valenzuela opened last March 27, 2017. Other than Valenzuela City residents, there are also diners coming all the way from Malabon, Bulacan, Quezon City, and Pasig.
(Credit for all photos: Jane Frades, unless otherwise stated)
Bladimer Usi's Slice of Life drawings give Bossing's Buffet that very Pinoy vibe. His creations are inspired by the great artist, Larry Alcala, 
The Bossing's Buffet cook and supervisor happily welcome every diner in the restaurant.
Bossing's Buffet in SM Center Valenzuela is the second branch of Bossing's Grill, a popular Filipino buffet restaurant (from the known restaurateurs Larry Cortez and Executive Chef Mau Arjona), in Ali Mall, Cubao. A group of Valenzuelanos, composed of a director, an accountant, teachers, and supervisors, pooled their resources to bring Bossing's Buffet in the city. One Valenzuela and her good friend Jane Frades were able to talk with Dr. Ummie Barberan, President and General Manager of Bossing's Buffet, during their visit on a fine Monday evening. Upon learning the story of how the restaurant was established, both of them were clearly inspired with the efforts and perseverance that these Valenzuelanos have to put in to give that good buffet experience to Valenzuelanos and all buffet lovers. 

With the price of Php326.00 (Php299.00 + 10% service charge) per person, eating at Bossing's Buffet won't break the bank. For those wanting to save more, Bossing's Buffet charges 15% less if you eat between 3:00 to 5:00pm and 20% less if you dine from 8:30pm onwards. You also have the option of adding Php25.00 for unlimited drinks. 
Buffet spread at Bossing's Buffet. Fellow Valenzuelanos brought this buffet experience to the city. Eating at Bossing's is one way of supporting the growth of local entrepreneurship in Valenzuela. #supportlocal #eatlocal #eatsplorations in #valenzuelacity
More diners on a Monday evening. Bossing's has a looot of customers on weekends! (Read: Family Day) So for those who want to have the buffet for themselves, Monday is a good day to escape the usual crowd. 
Here's a closer look
The following dishes were on the table spread during One Valenzuela's visit: grilled pusit, fried chicken, calamares, fish fillet, bagnet, different types of Pinoy ensalada, pancit guisado, ginataang langka, halabos na tahong, cream dory in white sauce, sinigang na bacon, kaldereta, spicy chicken, and seafood shanghai. For the soup, hot sopas, seafood tinola, and sinigang na ulo ng salmon were served. The desserts on that night included cake, gelatin, tapioca mango, and maruya. Dr. Ummie explains that the menu is very dynamic for it changes within the day. For instance, if a dish has been consumed, a different dish will be served to replace it. Scroll down to check some of the dishes that Bossing's Buffet offers. 
Various ensalada
Grilled pusit is among the bestsellers of Bossing's Buffet. You should also grab their Bagnet, Sinigang na Bacon, Fried Chicken, and Calamares.
The bagnet was so crunchy and very tasty. Don't miss this, okay?
When your bacon is served differently: Sinigang na bacon of Bossing's Buffet. The bacon is so tender! This one is definitely a winner for One Valenzuela!

Crunchy seafood shanghai  
Sisig lovers, check this out!
The Beef Caldereta was so good too!
What's on One Valenzuela's plate: a drumstick, a slice of cream dory in white sauce, calamares, a piece of bagnet, and a scoop of sisig. 
Ending the dinner with dessert. One Valenzuela particularly likes the Tapioca Mango for it refreshes the palate.

One thing that you will like about Bossing's Buffet is that you can eat there without the usual time limitations commonly imposed by mainstream buffet restaurants. Yes, you can eat at Bossing's even during merienda time, unlike other buffets which are usually closed within the mentioned period. On a related note, Dr. Ummie said that they keep the food fresh and change the spread in less than three hours. By following this rule strictly as well as other cleanliness policies, the Department of Health gave the "Excellent" rating to Bossing's Buffet for maintaining its sanitation standard. And that's great to know! 
Dr. Ummie with teachers of Bagong Barrio National High School, Caloocan City who are celebrating their successful comprehensive examination. Congratulations!
Celebrations at Bossing's Buffet. With a seating capacity of 120 people, Bossing's Buffet can welcome a large crowd. (Photo from Bossing's Buffet Facebook page)
Function room of Bossing's Buffet. It can accommodate up to 50 persons.
Helping out the local community: Bossing's Buffet supported Valenzuela National High School in the recently held Brigada Eskwela last May. (Photo from Bossing's Buffet Facebook page)
One Valenzuela, indeed, felt full like a boss - satisfied with the food that she had for dinner. And she thinks that is what Bossing's Buffet would want every dining guest to experience.

Bossing's Buffet-SM Valenzuela
Address: 2nd Floor, SM Valenzuela, Karuhatan, McArthur Highway, Valenzuela City
Contact Number: (0933)914-9370 / (0933)914-9378
Open Hours: 10:00am to 9:00pm daily
For updates, like and follow Bossing's Buffet on Facebook here.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Finally back! Mang Inasal at Malinta, Valenzuela City

No, it is not just another Mang Inasal branch. It is One Valenzuela's favorite Mang Inasal branch (And nope, she is not being paid to tell this). Other than accessibility, she will always remember the warmth of the crew here. Smiling despite the throngs of hungry people that they welcome everyday. The chicken is also consistently cooked well. After some months of construction, it is finally open! The long wait is over! One Valenzuela and her troop's go-to-place for those times when they just want to grab some grilled chicken and be filled with all the rice they can eat has opened its doors again last May 19 after a major renovation. Tara, let us take a look at what's new at this Mang Inasal branch.
A very busy street. Improved parking area of Mang Inasal.
Mang Inasal in Malinta is now a two-storey restaurant. Since it is located in a very busy spot in the barangay, across People's Park and City Hall Complex, making the place bigger and comfortable to eat in is definitely a wise move. At the ground floor, you can now view your chicken being cooked beside the pay counter.
You can now see your chicken being grilled at the side of the counter. Hi there! Very clear glass!
People at the counter. When One Valenzuela lined up, she found the same cashier in front. Happy, happy.
Although there are some tables downstairs, the second floor of the restaurant has more seats. In fact, Mang Inasal now has a Function Room. One Valenzuela also liked that you can see People's Park across the road, through its wide glass. On another note, she also saw two wash areas on both floors.  

Second floor of Mang Inasal. Having a view of People's Park will make you eat mooore rice.  
"Ma'am, your chicken will arrive in less than 20 minutes." And it did. 
Function room at the second floor. When One Valenzuela called, she learned that you can have it reserved for celebrations and parties. 
Wash area at the second floor. There's also another wash area downstairs. As for the comfort room, she now saw two dedicated comfort rooms on this level. A toilet is also provided for PWDs at the ground level.
With a much improved facility, more hungry Valenzuelanos will be coming for the sisig, chicken pecho, and paa. Lab, lab, Mang Inasal
Mang Inasal (Malinta Branch)
Address: Cecilio J. Santos Street corner Mac Arthur Highway, Malinta, Valenzuela City
Telephone Number:(02)292-1088
Open Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9:00am to 10:00pm
                      Friday to Sunday,  9:00am to 11:00pm