Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thank You, Michael's Bakery

"Hindi ka dumaan nung nakaraan. May ibibigay ako sa'yo." (You did not pass by yesterday. I have something to give you.) Kuya Michael said as One Valenzuela gave him a Php20 bill to pay for some monay she has just purchased.

One Valenzuela later learned that the baker made big donuts for her to take home on that particular day that she did not go to Michael's Bakery. It is a way of saying "Thank you!" for her simple write up about his shop. One Valenzuela told Kuya Michael that he does not have to do that. His donuts are worth writing about.

"Bukas punta ka dito ha. Gagawa ako ulit." (Go back here tomorrow. I will make new ones.). He still asked her again to pass by the bakery the next day.

And here they are! Four big donuts.

150 grams of cheesy donut goodness! 
Michael's Pan De Coco, Ensaymada, and Spanish Bread at Php5.00 each (Up-Down). One Valenzuela buys her monay here (Php13.00). Very soft and with good texture.

In a short talk, One Valenzuela learned that Kuya Michael has been baking since 2005. He opened his humble bakery along A. Pablo St. just last October 2012.

Gracias for the donuts! One Valenzuela hopes that more Valenzuelanos patronize your good bread, Kuya Michael!

How to get there:

When in front of the new City Hall Complex, go to the street at the right. When you reach the end of the street, turn right. You will see Michael's Bakery at your right adjacent to a small store. It is along A. Pablo Street.

The bakery is open as early as 5 a.m. and closes at 8p.m.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

JL's Cebu Lechon Belly at Karuhatan, Valenzuela City: Bringing a Priced Gem of Cebu to Valenzuela

One Valenzuela went to Compuware at Karuhatan to ask about the prices of some computer accessories. She has seen a newly opened lechon store near it yesterday.  It has been a while since she last ate lechon so off she trotted to JL's Cebu Lechon Belly. Knowing more about wifi routers, UTP cables, and RJ45s made her really hungry.

Cebu Lechon Belly goodness in Valenzuela
On display
A customer waiting for her order.
One Valenzuela had their regular budget meal (Php89.00).
Pretty cool sawsawan dispenser

The verdict? The lechon belly was fantastic! The lechon skin was pretty crispy and not leathery. Try dipping the lechon to their spicy sawsawan for a bit of a kick. The regular budget meal that One Valenzuela had satisfied her lechon craving. 

Prices range from Php160 (1/4 kilo) to Php630 (1 kilo) for regular boneless lechon. You can also have some spicy boneless lechon for Php165 (1/4 kilo) to Php650 (1 kilo).

The following information came from JL's brochure:
Address: #279 McArthur Hiway, Karuhatan, Valenzuela City
For orders, please call: (02)444-8976/ (02)475-2146
According to one of their staff, they are open daily from 10am-8pm.

UPDATE: As of December 2013, JL's is now located in front of SM Hypermarket Valenzuela.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Poong Narazeno Procession along Poblacion 2, Valenzuela City

It was past five o'clock and while One Valenzuela is walking near Biosource Drugstore, she saw a procession of Poong Jesus Nazareno. She immediately went to the other side of the road to have a clearer view.

There were many devotees who walked barefoot on the concrete road. Some men carry the Poon while a few women held bunches of flowers. Most of them were wearing yellow orange and maroon shirts. When One Valenzuela tried to read a young man's shirt, written on it were Nuestro Jesus Nazareno and Batang Monumento. Below is a short video clip:

From a far: Poong Narazeno passed by Dr. Pio's statue in front of the Valenzuela City Hall of Justice (also known to many as Old Valenzuela City Hall)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Healot House at Marulas, Valenzuela City

From Brgy. Malinta, One Valenzuela went to BBB located in Brgy. Marulas to visit some resorts in the vicinity (It is almost summer!). But before riding a tricycle at Marulas Public Market, One Valenzuela passed by Healot House which she regularly sees on bus rides bound to Quezon City.

One Valenzuela's “Happy Feet” instinct led her in front of Healot House where she asked for a fifteen minute foot reflex (Php55.00). One Valenzuela was lead to a long sitting area and there she was asked to remove her shoes to begin the dry foot massage. The quick massage soothed her tired feet. The massage therapist advised One Valenzuela to soak her feet in warm water with salt when she goes home.

Feet pampering at Healot House
One Valenzuela went out and took some photos of Healot House. She later pursued her original plan of visiting the resorts in Marulas.

You won't miss Healot House's signage along BBB, McArthur Hiway.
After going to Buenos Diaz and Villa Martha, One Valenzuela headed back to Marulas Public Market to meet hubby. She told him that Healot House’s Php55.00 massage is relaxing. She encouraged him to try it out. Satisfied, he also wanted to have a full massage after!

“Are you sure?” One Valenzuela asked. “What do you think of me, poor?”, hubby said jokingly as we proceeded to the massage beds in front of us.

One Valenzuela and her hubby had Healot House's Signature massage with olive oil (Php350/person). Tea is served after the massage.
The couple were also given brochures after: Swedish and Shiatsu are at Php250 (1hr.), Hilot Wellness and Traditional Hilot are at Php280 (1hr.), and the Signature Massage is at Php350 (1 and 1/2 hr.). You can have your massage at home by adding Php50 to the said rates (Valenzuela Area; ask for more information at Healot House regarding this service).

Healot House also has promos.
Add-on services include: Indian Head with Mask, Indian Head with Candle, Foot Reflexology, Banana Leaf (sometimes they use Tuba-tuba leaves if available), and Ventosa. There are also various creams and oils to choose from.

One of the staff said that Healot House wants to create jobs for the community as well as take care of their clients. He also added that they train their massage therapists so that the massage one will experience is not “mechanical” but more of the caring and soothing kind. Astig.

The place is not that grand but One Valenzuela can attest that the whole massage experience is indeed calming and affordable. As of this writing, hubby is already thinking of a future massage session at home.


Healot House Business Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12noon to 12 midnight
Contact Numbers: (02)3483597 / (0922)8440204
Healot House can easily be spotted at BBB along McArthur Hiway (near Binalot and the footbridge). 

Tiktilaok! Toy Roosters at Marulas Public Market

While mindlessly walking along the sidewalk of Marulas Public Market, One Valenzuela saw handcrafted toys which reminded her of childhood days. She saw two boxes of roosters made from foam. The toys have thin threads on top which one should pull so that they will “walk”. One Valenzuela had a very similar toy when she was younger but it took the form of a turtle made out of paper instead of foam.

Mang Fred is peddling the toy roosters which he call “manuk-manukan” at Php10.00 a piece.
Mang Fred demonstrates how to use the toy rooster. [See video below]

Ung puti, Zamboanga White yun. Yung dilaw, Talisain. Yung pula…” (The white rooster is known as Zamboanga White. The yellow one is Talisain. The red rooster…) Mang Fred discussed as he showed how to play with the foam rooster. Mang Fred claimed that the simple toy is known among cock fighters (also known as sabungero in Filipino).

Mang Fred does not regularly sell his roosters at Marulas Public Market so One Valenzuela guessed it is just plain luck that she has seen him there. She later bought one Talisain for Little One Valenzuela.


You might just see Mang Fred along Marulas Public Market. From Monumento, ride a jeepney going to Malinta/Malanday. Ask the driver to drop you at BBB then traverse the road near 7-Eleven. Marulas Public Market is just a few steps away.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kopi Corner at Puregold Valenzuela: Fraps, Hot Drinks, and more (Part Two)

Ms. Dada and her staff prepared some coffee blends and two varieties of pastas. Whoa, too much to handle. Good thing, One Valenzuela’s hubby came earlier to fetch her. He eventually helped her in trying out the drinks and pastas.

Amazing Mocha is a best seller at
Kopi Corner.
 Perfect for the hot summer days ahead.
 (Tall, 12 oz.)

L-R: Hazelnut Mocha, Cappucino, and Mocha Amaretto
Coffee price range is Php60 to Php125.
Yeah, affordable than most coffee shops One Valenzuela
has been too.

Yey, it's officially summer!
Checking out pools and drinking Hazelnut Mocha
in a very regal glass. (Grande, 16 oz.)

Kopi Corner's version of Cappucino is a new addition to their list. Best sipped with sugar and cream. 
One Valenzuela is very faithful to fraps and rarely 
drinks hot coffee.
But wait! Mocha Amaretto, which has a hint of cherry, just stole her heart away.

Hubby liked the Carbonara for its creaminess.
 One Valenzuela preferred the spicy Red Sauce pasta.

Organo Gold organic coffee
can be bought here.
By the way, various pastries are at Php15-50. Cakes and pastas are at Php100 while nachos can be bought at Php90-100.

After some sips and bites, One Valenzuela continued to ask Ms. Dada more about Kopi Corner (Uhm, One Valenzuela really asks a lot of questions. Right, hubby?).

What are the activities that can be held in Kopi Corner? Private meetings, Christmas parties, seminars, Christian fellowships, and birthdays. Reservations can be done.

Sometimes, they close the shop to accommodate an event. When that happens, orders are for take-out and delivery. Kopi Corner can accommodate up to 30 persons.

What are your future plans for Kopi Corner? This summer, discounts shall be given to students. There will be more cake and sandwich varieties soon. And in two weeks, rice meals will be offered. The non-AC area will also be developed in a short while. All in all, more plans are up on their sleeves.

After a few more minutes of deep conversation, One Valenzuela had to pack her things and leave with hubby to buy some puppy accessories at Pet Discount.

In retrospect, One Valenzuela definitely recommends Kopi Corner to everyone who would like to have some healthy coffee. Kopi Corner’s signature espresso blends are also a must try.

She loves that fraps are served in fancy glasses and hot drinks are in colorful mugs.

One Valenzuela also sees Kopi Corner as a place for intimate coffee dates and barkada gatherings. It is also a place to start a day right with some organic coffee.

It is great to know that the shop got a lot of plans ahead. This is a sure sign of progress and sincere love of the craft.

Ooooh, and that Mocha Amaretto makes her want to go back soon to that quaint coffee shop adjacent to BPI. The one which glowed with a laid-back feel as her watch ticked near seven in the evening.  


Thank you for the invite, Ms. Relizza. Be back soon!

Business hours: 7am-10pm. It can be extended until 1am. (Note: Very accommodating. One Valenzuela saw how Ms. Dada spoke with a customer and she certainly felt genuine concern about the customer’s requests.)

Exact Address: Unit 108 Puregold Valenzuela Brgy. Dalandanan, McArthur Hiway, Valenzuela City

Contact Kopi Corner via landline: (02) 444-5372

Like Kopi Corner on Facebook:

Kopi Corner at Puregold Valenzuela: Getting to Know the Shop (Part One)

One Valenzuela recently went with hubby and Little One Valenzuela to Puregold to check out a television stand and grab computer accessories from CD-R King. She took some photos of establishments outside on that particular Puregold Valenzuela visit. There she first saw Kopi Corner, a quaint coffee shop adjacent to BPI. The interior lights made the shop glow with a laid-back feel as her watch tick near seven in the evening.  

Just this week, she received an invite for some good coffee and great conversation from Kopi Corner owner, Ms. Relizza Fernando. The coffee shop is turning one year old this coming April 15th.

The meet up time is 8 a.m. But since it is a Sunday morning, traffic was so light that One Valenzuela came twenty minutes earlier than expected. As One Valenzuela waited for Ms. Relizza, she took some snapshots of Kopi Corner.

Kopi Corner: The Healthier Coffee

Wifi  connection is excellent.

Guests leave messages near the entrance. 
I can't resist taking a photo of this one.

Coffee bean owl adorn one of the walls of
Kopi Corner

So what shall I have today? A customer looks on. .

OG: Organo Gold

Watch television as you wait for your order

One Valenzuela walked up the staircase and
took a photo from above.

Non-AC area of Kopi Corner

After taking photos, One Valenzuela approached the staff and asked for the wifi password. She opened her e-mail and Facebook account. She uploaded a photo and answered an e-mail query. Surfing the internet here is a breeze. Cool.

In a few minutes, Ms. Relizza came over with a warm smile (which reminded One Valenzuela of her uber sister). From there, One Valenzuela and Ms. Relizza, began their tête-à-tête.

What encouraged Ms. Relizza to go into the coffee business: She came from a family of business minded individuals. Kopi Corner is a realization of a long time coffee shop dream.  Her mom, from whom she draws untiring inspiration and much needed advice, cannot have strong coffee. This prompted them to look for a healthier option which is organic coffee.

Where did Kopi Corner get its name? The name of the shop should have been “Coffee Corner”. But since they do not want many would be customers to get intimidated by an expensive sounding name, Ms. Relizza thought of using the term “Kopi” instead of coffee. This is to tell all, especially Valenzuelanos, that you can really afford having a cup of good coffee here.

Why is it coined the “healthier coffee”?  Kopi Corner offers coffee with Organic Ganoderma Lucidum,  which is said to be ten times better than most of the expensive antioxidants in the market. It helps balance the body’s natural state by strengthening the immune system, regulating the circulatory and respiratory functions. Ms. Relizza added that organic sweetener and organic creamer are in some of their blends. Their coffee also has less caffeine. A steady flow of customers have been coming to Kopi Corner for organic coffee, especially adults who still want to have coffee but without the high caffeine boost.

Other than organic coffee, the shop also boasts of their espresso made from pure Arabica coffee which is a hit for younger individuals. Call center agents and students who review for long exams are their espresso regulars. Kopi Corner also offers chocolate drinks, a known brain booster, to children.

When one makes his/her first visit to Kopi Corner, what shouldn’t s/he miss? For the cold fraps, the best sellers are Amazing Mocha (organic coffee) and Hazelnut Mocha (espresso). For something hot, order Mocha Amaretto.

Ms. Relizza also makes no bake blueberry cheesecake which you can order whole or by slice. They also have iced coffee blends, pastries, pastas, and smoothies.

After a while, Ms. Relizza (who now asked One Valenzuela to call her “Dada”, reminding the author again of uber younger sister Bibi) politely excused herself to prepare some of Kopi Corner's must try offers.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Visiting Puregold Valenzuela

After a visit from San Isidro Labrador Parish, One Valenzuela walked her way to Puregold Valenzuela. It has been quite a long while since she last went to the place. Here are some of the establishments she saw:

Mercury Drugstore is at the right of Puregold's main entrance

Gonna try David's Tea House soon 

To those who might want to order from
David's Tea House

CD-R King: no lines when we came here
unlike other branches in malls.
Thanks for the quick service.

Hardware One

Mang Inasal at Puregold Valenzuela

Kopi_Corner, The Healthier Coffee is beside BPI


E-Games is open 24 hours

HBC: House of Beauty Exclusives

Apologies for some of the blurred photos. Since it is already nearing 7 o'clock in the evening, the photos were a bit dark too (mental note to self: start saving for a better camera).

An Abenson Appliance Center is also in the vicinity but since Manong Guard said that taking photos is not allowed,One Valenzuela opted not to post it. There are two banks in the area: BPI and Bank of Commerce (both with ATMs).  Max Restaurant and Acebedo Optical have already closed shop as of this writing. 

Puregold Valenzuela is located at Brgy. Dalandanan and can easily be spotted along McArthur Hiway after San Isidro Labrador Parish. It is one ride away from Monumento (Jeepney/Bus signage: Malanday/IS Bangkal).

One Valenzuelano hopes that every entrepreneur in the city be successful in their endeavors. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

North Park at South Supermarket Valenzuela

There are times when my family of three would just like to unwind and eat at a nearby restaurant. So after completing our grocery list at South Supermarket Valenzuela, we sometimes drop by North Park to eat. North Park is known for their dumplings and noodles. It is basically a restaurant that boasts of excellent Chinese cuisine.

One Valenzuela has eaten at this particular branch several times. She has tried their noodles in soup (Double Pork Rib-Php109 light; Wanton-Php109 light. You may choose your type of noodle), Taipao (siopao with lots of fillings-Php108), Lechon Macau over Fried Rice (Php253), and their Brocolli in Oyster Sauce (Php108) on different occasions. Her family sometimes orders North Park Special Toasted Noodles (Php273) for a quick merienda. Their lemonade (Php88) is really refreshing and a must try on their menu.

Little One Valenzuela is indulging herself over North Park's Halo-halo (Php123)

Steamed rice served with Double Pork Rib (158) and White Chicken (Php158)
Hubby likes it that North Park serves tea as we wait for our orders to come. It is also a plus for us that some tables have dividers for each group's added privacy. For those who wants to read, daily newspapers and magazines are available. The restaurant also has wifi connection. 
According to North Park's brochure, their landline number is (02)294-0541. Dial 73737 for prompt delivery. One Valenzuela found this site while surfing the Internet: 

North Park is inside South Supermarket Valenzuela.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Going Green and Leafy in Valenzuela: a visit to a vegetable patch

Because of Little One Valenzuela's recent interest on all things green and leafy, One Valenzuela decided to have a visit with her to Camus Garden. Here, they sell several varieties of ornamental plants. At the farther portion of that land are plots of vegetables!
At the other side of the wall is Malinta Elementary School

Rows of veggies excite us both 

Here, she was able to see, touch, and harvest some veggies. They have pechay, Chinese kangkong, and mustard/mustasa. Take note that the only stuff that Little One Valenzuela has ever planted are mongo seeds. Thus, this visit is an eye opener.

After the visit to the veggie plots, One Valenzuela stir fried the Chinese kangkong. And yes, Little One Valenzuela ate it with gusto (knowing that she does not eat greens). 

Crisp Chinese kangkong

Chinese kangkong stir fry over hot rice: heavenly!

Harvested some pechay from the plots
where we got some weeds too.
We used the pechay for nilaga and tinola.
We bought a lot of veggies. Although the caretaker just asks for Php20.00, we gave her Php50.00. She told us that they also sell bunches of their produce at Malinta Market. 
Camus Garden can easily be seen since it is along McArthur Hiway. It is near Bayantel. On the other side of the road is a Mercury Drugstore. Camus Garden is located in Barangay Malinta. 

One Valenzuela is not quite sure if the vegetable plots are also taken cared of by Camus Garden--she will ask about it on a second visit.

Wrangler Jeans and Repair Service: One Valenzuela’s Thoughts

Hubby and One Valenzuela tried to squeeze in a date before February ends. So off they went to SM North EDSA on a Sunday afternoon. Hubby bought a pair of rubber shoes to replace his worn out one. He also asked One Valenzuela to buy what she wants.

“Well, I need a pair of jeans”, she said.

They went to the ladies’ section and a line of branded of jeans is in full view. Hubby stopped by Wrangler and asked her to fit what she like. Wrangler jeans are known for being among the top brands when it comes to jeans and pants. She does not usually buy jeans which go beyond the one thousand mark. But, hey, it is the month of love and hubby’s splurging on her. Ay, she feels like a queen!

They bought a gray pair of jeans named Tina at Php1,399. It is her first pair of Wrangler jeans.

The next day, One Valenzuela wore her Tina jeans. Just after her teaching stint, she went to the comfort room. As she was trying to take hold of the jean’s button, she felt that it was missing. She immediately went to Wrangler in SM North EDSA’s Department store section and told them about the incident. One Valenzuela also reported it on their Facebook page.

Maricar, a Wrangler representative, contacted One Valenzuela via mobile phone and she apologized about the incident. Maricar asked if One Valenzuela can drop her Tina pants at their store in Trinoma which she did. After a few days, Wrangler sent her my jeans along with a token and a letter via LBC. The letter, which came with a red ribbon, said that they “are taking the necessary steps to ascertain that all our products will always be of best quality and that such incidents will not happen again”.

Wrangler Tina Jeans: got my pair back via LBC
New button is intact

Here's their letter: One Valenzuela felt Wrangler's sincerity.

Reading Wrangler's letter

Wrangler token: a key chain made of leather

Realization: Some may think that One Valenzuela can easily replace the button by bringing her pants to a local sewer. But she thinks that by reporting the incident to the company, the customer is helping them improve their products. 

Special thanks to Maricar for her utmost assistance. :)

Lastly, thank you Wrangler for repairing the pants and for being very accommodating. One Valenzuela hopes that you continue your excellent service.  

Valenzuelanos, you may visit the Wrangler store at Trinoma. From Malinta, ride a bus going to Alabang/Cubao/Ayala. Go down at MRT North Avenue Station. Trinoma is just near SM North EDSA. The fare will cost you Php25.00 (AC bus).