Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Afternoon at "Bagsak Presyo sa Balik-Eskwelang Valenzuelano!"

The opening of classes on June is nearing and the event "Bagsak Presyo sa Balik-Eskwelang Valenzuelano!" is very timely. Here, every Valenzuelano can buy sets of uniforms, school supplies, bags, shoes, and many other products. It is a project by the City Government of Valenzuela in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry and Philippine Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (PCCI)-Valenzuela.

One Valenzuela's family decided to visit the booths on the event's opening day.
Bagsak Presyo sa Balik-Eskwelang Valenzuelano!, the announcement at the Community Board
Bags, socks, and shirts
Notebooks and other paper products
School bags
More bags to choose from. One Valenzuela bought a small illustrazio bag for Php200.
Vedasto's Booth
Pretty colorful arts and crafts that many little Valenzuelanos will surely try their hands on
Inno Bayong
After jumping from one booth to another, One Valenzuela settled for an authentic fresh Chinese lumpia from Polland (Php40.00 per piece) and a bottle of calamansi juice from 3A (Php20.00).
Some of the exhibitors/products at the Balik Eskwela event that One Valenzuela saw: Evergreen Ceramic Arts from Karuhatan, Frabelle, Polland, CDO, Purefoods, King Sue, Baker's Fair, Bee Blessings (honey, etc.), Hang Ten, SBM Herbal Products, Amspec (pencils, crayons,etc.), 3A Calamansi, Eycel Wallet, Illustrazio, Tribu, BDO Herbosido Herbal Products, Vedasto, L. Evaristo Shoes, Consolidated Paper Products, Inno Bayong from Malabon. 

Everyone is invited to visit the booths from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m at the City Hall Grounds. The event  runs from May 29-30, 2013.
Update: The event was extended until Friday, May 31, 2013.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Before the Summer Ends: Visit La Casa Antigo at Tagalag, Valenzuela City

Another fishing destination in Valenzuela City that you can visit is Brgy. Tagalag. One of the popular spots there is La Casa Antigo Pavilion and Fishing Resort. The horseshoe sign identifies the place.

La Casa Antigo Pavilion and Fishing Resort
La Casa Antigo's Front Gate
At the right is La Casa Antigo's Receiving Office
See the horseshoe sign as you walk along the bridge

Pretty nice benches to wind down
Dining Area
Some rooms at La Casa Antigo
Calm waters
A wedding reception was taking place here when One Valenzuela visited
How to reach La Casa Antigo:
La Casa Antigo is located at Brgy. Tagalag, Valenzuela City. From Malanday, drive along M.H. Del Pilar Road, then to Poblacion Road. Turn right to Bisig before the Polo Bridge. Go straight. You will pass by La Casa Antigo's private pool and then eventually the pavilion and fishing resort (Note: The private pool and the pavilion are in two different locations in Brgy. Tagalag).

For public transportation, there is a jeepney terminal in Malanday. Just ask which jeepney will pass by Bisig. One Valenzuela saw several pedicabs at Bisig which she thinks you can ride all the way to Tagalag. (For those who know of a more convenient way of going to Brgy. Tagalag, kindly post a comment.)
Brgy. Tagalag, Valenzuela City
One Valenzuela hopes to visit La Casa Antigo's private pool soon because the photos from their Facebook page seem really interesting. Like La Casa Antigo's Facebook page at:

A short talk with Ate Nini. Salamat po! 
Ms. Nini accomodated our queries about La Casa Antigo. A very warm and friendly individual who is ready to answer questions about the place. She also gave us a calling card. Here are some of the details on it:

La Casa Antigo Resort (Private Pool, Pavillion, and Fishing Resort
Address: 181 Tagalag, Valenzuela City
Tel. No. (02) 294-6699
Contact Nini Bautista

Monday, May 13, 2013

One Valenzuela Voted!

One Valenzuela's family has been singing to the tune of Bilog (na Hugis Itlog) for several days now, and she thinks that the catchy song made her more prepared today (and happy about voting since it is a very happy song!). For about a week, One Valenzuela finalized her list to whom her vote shall go, even discussing this with her co-employees and hubby. 

Bilog (na Hugis Itlog), updated version. Credits go to GMA Network

On a letter sent by COMELEC, One Valenzuela should go to Parada Elementary School on Election Day. How was voting in her precinct went? It's a breeze! Well, take a look below.
Parada Elementary School at around 3:10 p.m.

The personnel on the stage helped One Valenzuela find her room. Thank you po!
Some voters rechecking their names on the lists
Time check: It took One Valenzuela less than 30 minutes to vote.
One Valenzuela's Facebook account is flooded with finger photos. Took a photo of  her finger  together with COMELEC's letter which states how one should vote.
Now all she has to do, together with other Valenzuelanos, is to watch and wait for the results. Praying for the best and hoping that every Valenzuelano voted wisely! :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dining at Robredo's in Karuhatan, Valenzuela City

Yes, the restaurant reminds One Valenzuela of the late DILG secretary Jesse Robredo

The very first time that One Valenzuela ever tasted the food that Robredo’s offers was when One Valenzuela’s office bought some binalot (rice, red egg, viand of tapa/tocino/adobo etc., and tomato wrapped in banana leaves) for lunch.

Binalot (Php60.00) take one! Action!
Apologies for the blurred photo: steaming rice!
(Had to take the photo immediately since  One Valenzuela's pretty hungry already after minding all the library database and many other library thingy.)
After buying staples at SM Supercenter , One Valenzuela’s family decided to cross the road and try out some open air dining at Robredo’s. Robredo’s offers Filipino and Chinese cuisine. 

Hello, Robredo's!
Dining area of Robredo's
Yes, a television!
Robredo's menu offers one with many choices. They have sizzling plates, binalot, hotpots, dimsum, salads, soups, and lots of main dishes. It took One Valenzuela and hubby a while to finally place their  order.

One Valenzuela and hubby both decided to have Robredo’s Tocino Binalot (Php60) and Little One Valenzuela ordered the Adobo Binalot (Php60). For their drinks, they asked for some Nestea Calamansi (Php30 per glass). 

The drinks came first. One Valenzuela thought that the iced tea was just made from, well, the powder iced tea that is commercially available at groceries. But then, some calamansi seeds are visible at the bottom of the glass. 

Nestea calamansi
As One Valenzuela waited for their order, more families came to dine at Robredo's.
After a while, the binalot came from the kitchen.

Binalot take two! Action!
Binalot na Tocino
Binalot na Adobo
While eating their binalot, hubby asked One Valenzuela to order some more. “Let us try something different”, hubby said.  Adobong Igat? Tapang Usa? Since they are already a bit full, they ordered Adobong Igat (Eel, Php160) and not have the Tapang Usa (Deer). 

Adobong Igat with lots of garlic
The Adobong Igat tasted good. The fried garlic complements the kick of the chili. By the way, Little One Valenzuela also enjoyed her fruit salad.

Fruit Salad (Php50.00)

After paying the bill and several burps, One Valenzuela's family went home with happy tummies but still thinking of having Tapang Usa next time they visit Robredo’s. And yeah, One Valenzuela might ask the staff on their future visit if the owner is related to the well-loved DILG secretary (curiosity bulb turned on). ^_^
How to reach Robredo's:
Robredo's is just across SM Supercenter Valenzuela and is in the vicinity of Total Gas Station. The restaurant is open 24 hours.

SM Supercenter Valenzuela can be readily seen from one of the tables.
Robredo's is at the left side of Total Gas Station
Like Robredo's on Facebook:
UPDATE: One Valenzuela saw it closed as of July 2013.
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Buenas Diaz Resort in Marulas, Valenzuela City

Summer vacation is still far from being over! This prompted One Valenzuela to go to Brgy. Marulas and visit two resorts there. Posted here are some photos and the rates of Buenas Diaz.

Gate of Buenas Diaz Resort
Buenas Diaz Resort Rates:
Day time: Adult and Child-Php100 per head
Night time: Adult-Php120; Child-Php100
Range of cottages is from Php200 to Php3500 (function hall)
Rates as of March 2013. One Valenzuela hopes that this article be of help to Valenzuelanos' summer swimming plans. Resort amenities are not included since she is still waiting for the owner's permission. 

Have a great summer ahead, Valenzuelanos!
How to get there:
When coming from Monumento, ride a jeepney or bus bound to Malinta/Malanday. Ask the driver to drop you off at BBB. Walk along the street near 7-Eleven. You will eventually see a tricycle terminal (blue). Ride a tricycle and ask the driver to bring you to Buenas Diaz. Estimated travel time: 30-40 minutes.

Tel. No.: (02)444-7274 (from Facebook)

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kalborger's Duper Chicken: One Valenzuela’s HUGE Burger Experience

One Valenzuela has been wondering for quite a long while where she can buy a HUGE burger. As in one BIIIG burger!

While she was browsing YouTube  she found this amusing video entitled “Pinakamasarap na burger sa buong mundo ang Kalborger!”. The branch that they featured there is situated in Tandang Sora, Quezon City. Now, that got One Valenzuela thinking: Do we have a Kalborger’s Branch in Valenzuela City? 

Searching for Kalborger's via Facebook, One Valenzuela found Kalborger’s page. After sending a short inquiry on where she can find the nearest branch, Kalborger’s replied:

“Our first and main branch was located in Concepcion, Malabon po but last December 2012 we decided to transfer to a bigger place for expansion. Our commissary and office is now located in Mapulang Lupa, Valenzuela City. We have 3 existing branches in Valenzuela City: (1) Gen. T. De Leon branch which is located beside Iglesia ni Cristo; (2) Malanday branch which is located along McArthur Hi-way beside Meralco; and (3) Malinta Branch which is located near Malinta Market, beside Mightee Mart.

Whatda!?! There is a branch nearby!

After a few days, off she went with Little One Valenzuela at Kalborger’s Malinta Branch. A long and demanding day at work was over. Lifting books here and there! A 9 inch burger is literally a big reward!

Kalborger's Malinta Branch
There are basically two types of home made burgers at Kalborger’s: beef and chicken. They have three sizes: the regular size, super size (5 inches), and the duper size (9 inches). Prices vary from Php35 to Php150.

One Valenzuela ordered a Chicken Duper at Php150. The patty was very juicy and quite thick. Unlike the typical dressing of mayonnaise and catsup, Kalborger’s uses mayonnaise and mustard. Lots of fresh tomatoes and cabbage are placed inside the soft bun. Love the cheese! 

One Valenzuela's Chicken Duper (9 inches) vs. the Beef Super (5 inches)

By the way, One Valenzuela requested that ¼ of the burger be without veggies since Little One Valenzuela is still not that into tomatoes and cabbage (One Valenzuela now murmuring a silent prayer: Hoping that, someday, Little One Valenzuela would eat lots of veggies!)

Dressing: mayo and mustard
Slice that huge burger, please!?!
Little One Valenzuela said “Sarap!” on her first bite. One Valenzuela just had two slices and she was already full. They had some cold Pepsi and Mountain Dew soft drinks as their panulak.

While eating, One Valenzuela observed that most of the customers that go to Kalborger's Malinta Branch get their burgers for take-out. Some order beef burgers, while some have chicken burgers. Most of them had the Super size (5 inches).

Kalborger's Regular sized burger vs. the Duper (9 inches)
Just out of curiosity, One Valenzuela asked when did this particular branch open. The staff answered that the branch is about to reach seven months.

Since the tandem cannot finish the whole Chicken Duper, they had the other half for take-out as pasalubong for hubby.

HUGE burger experience has already been crossed off the “To Try” list. The next week, look at what surprise One Valenzuela made for her co-employee:

A Kalborger's burger cake! Why not!?!
Happy, happy birthday!
After the 5th Fun Fishing Tournament at Kap. Larry's Pond in Coloong, One Valenzuela's group also did a quick stop at Kalborger's Malanday Branch:

Kalborger's Malanday Branch
While waiting for the Duper Chicken Burger

Best shared with a wacky group
Kalborger's gives a unique burger experience na babalik-balikan (which was pretty obvious, after eating at Kalborger's thrice!). Sa uulitin!
How to reach Kalborger's Malinta Branch:

From Malinta, McArthur Hiway, just walk along Gov. I. Santiago Road.

Landmarks: Petron, 7-Eleven and Jollibee
Gov. I. Santiago Road
You will find Kalborger’s beside a Generics Pharmacy and Mightee Mart. It is open 24 hours.

Kalborger's Malinta Branch

Like Kalborger’s on Facebook:


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