Monday, May 13, 2013

One Valenzuela Voted!

One Valenzuela's family has been singing to the tune of Bilog (na Hugis Itlog) for several days now, and she thinks that the catchy song made her more prepared today (and happy about voting since it is a very happy song!). For about a week, One Valenzuela finalized her list to whom her vote shall go, even discussing this with her co-employees and hubby. 

Bilog (na Hugis Itlog), updated version. Credits go to GMA Network

On a letter sent by COMELEC, One Valenzuela should go to Parada Elementary School on Election Day. How was voting in her precinct went? It's a breeze! Well, take a look below.
Parada Elementary School at around 3:10 p.m.

The personnel on the stage helped One Valenzuela find her room. Thank you po!
Some voters rechecking their names on the lists
Time check: It took One Valenzuela less than 30 minutes to vote.
One Valenzuela's Facebook account is flooded with finger photos. Took a photo of  her finger  together with COMELEC's letter which states how one should vote.
Now all she has to do, together with other Valenzuelanos, is to watch and wait for the results. Praying for the best and hoping that every Valenzuelano voted wisely! :)

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